More about propaganda and making poor choices

As discussed in a recent commentary, when the truth is not told, or is buried and hard to find, people make bad decisions because they are not fully informed of the actual situation. This is true for individuals and families and businesses, and MORE so especially for governments. (Who have lots of other reasons to make bad decisions.)

Which is why, practically, propaganda is a really, really bad idea. We talked about the myths concerning federal student loans last time.

Now lets talk about the Pandemic Panic… some more.

This was written by Dave Gonigam over at Agora: “Along those same lines, “arbitrary public health rules are a way to break the public’s trust,” Harvard epidemiologist Julia Marcus tells The Boston Globe.

Marcus is speaking specifically about Massachusetts Gov. [King] Charlie Baker’s recent edicts to mask up outdoors — which even many of the worst nanny-state “public health” authorities say makes no sense.

“Baker has justified his outdoor mask mandate by saying it sends a message,” writes Faye Flam in a Bloomberg opinion piece. “The message I heard was that the rules are not chosen for our health and welfare but to make our political leaders look like they are doing something…

“Harvard’s William Hanage, who studies infectious disease dynamics, told me that people don’t need more rules. They need more information about how the virus is transmitted so they can take steps to avoid it. ‘When you phrase things in terms of rules, it leads people to try to come up with ways to get around those rules.’”

Of course, what would you expect from a columnist at Bloomberg? Yes, these are supposed to make our “leaders” – the elite – look like they are doing something. But more to the point, this is yet another form of propaganda and brainwashing.

And it is brainwashing that is working. I see more and more people wearing masks while they are alone in their cars – with the windows rolled up. A couple of days ago, I saw two panhandlers (apparently a couple) huddled on the side of the free ramp with no one near them, and their begging cardboard sign – wearing masks. (Interesting, isn’t it? Tne ANTIFA thugs fit right in…)

The monarchs in our States – and the Massa that is planning to take over the Oval Office in January – want more than just to be seen “doing something.” They want us – the public – to FEAR. And they have done a smash-up (pun intended) job of that for the last ten months. People are fearful that they will catch COVID and DIE. That their grandparents and their children will DIE.

Of course, there is MORE to the propaganda than that: despite what Faucet and others said over and over at the beginning, and which data has shown to be true, “Masks” (face coverings) do NOT prevent the spread of COVID-19. They do NOT keep grandpa and the kids and poor cancer-ridden Aunt Helen from getting the beer flu. NOR DO LOCKDOWNS. But like so many other lies, the propaganda has won out. So we get attacked by people in stores for not wearing them. And increasingly, in response to terrified people and the businesses’ fear of losing customers, they actually start enforcing those signs they put up months ago about mandatory wearing of masks. The Karens (or Mrs. Grundy’s) are in the pilot’s seat!

And as we are seeing more and more, the wearing of masks – and the demands, the begging by more and more people for governments to mandate them – have serious sociological impacts. Damaging social impacts, starting with two-year-olds whose families get thrown off airliners because she wouldn’t keep the mask on, and continuing right up to 90-year-old women who choose to commit suicide since they only thing they had to live for was the family they couldn’t even hug. And as a number of lovers of liberty have pointed out, mask-wearing is incompatible with anything but a slave society, in which we the people do exactly and ONLY what we are told to do.

And because of the propaganda, because truth is being buried, withheld, or drowned out by lies, we make poor choices. Our government “leaders” and elected officials (whether honestly elected or not) make WORSE choices than usual, and they virtually always make poor choices. And we have only a dim and cloudy vision of what the consequences of these poor choices will be in six months, a year, and longer.

The old tradition is that “three strikes and you’re OUT!” Well, the Pandemic Panic, fueled by propaganda and lies, was STRIKE ONE. The economic collapse, triggered largely by the Panic, was STRIKE TWO. Again, driven by poor choices made due to lies and propaganda. And the botched, cataclysmic election, still on-going, was (is?) STRIKE THREE. Again, largely the result of MORE propaganda, more lies, more denial and hiding of the truth.

So, at this point, it appears that we, the Fifty States, and we, the people, are OUT.

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