Liars and criminals in charge – when will it end?

Bluntly? It will end when we decide it must – and do something about it.

Let me explain.

Some of the latest news in the Pandemic Panic and Lockdown:

I could go on and list a good many more States and foreign nations. But you see the point.

All of these actions – even in Northern Ireland, are done without ANY legal authority, no matter what the proponents, apologists, and those frightened out of their mind by the Beer Flue may claim. It is a violation of fundamental constitutional rights – rights GIVEN BY GOD and NOT “granted” by the Crown, the Constitution (written or unwritten), the United Nations, or majority rule. Among those rights are:

  • The right of free speech – to speak your mind, to whom you will (and of course, who will listen)
  • The right of free exercise of religion, including congregational singing in the assembly
  • The right to assemble – that is, to associate with others, whether for religious purposes, to petition to address grievances (protest), or to buy and sell.

More, virtually all of these actions have been imposed by the will of a single official – often not even an ELECTED official. Governors have proven themselves, by and large, to be tyrants willing to impose totalitarian edicts at their whim, and willing to thereby ignore constitutions, charters, laws, regulations. And common decency. Unelected officials, in particular the health Nazis and their minion bureaucrats glory in their ability to call the shots. Legislatures, from State legislatures down to county commissions and councils and city and town boards, have demonstrated their willingness to exercise tyrannical rules of their own, without recourse or remorse. And at the same time demonstrated their cupidity (all that “free” money for COVID) and their pusillanimity, bowing low to governors and health thugs.

And judges have, time and again, demonstrated their cowardice, their gutlessness, in refusing cases, in finding for the tyrants, in siding with the karens and the nannies and the whimpering fearful public. AND the looting, racist, vicious rioters – and their enabling protester buddies. Several people have pointed out that the reason 7 of 9 Nazgul demonstrated NO MORAL COURAGE in taking up the Texas case, instead denying a clear constitutional provision, was fear. Fear of the half of the nation that would immediately go out and protest and riot and burn and loot at the agitation of the SJW and woke extremist Democrats. Fear for their families, if not themselves, at being doxxed and intimidated, and perhaps even physically attacked. Fear of a civil war. Fear of how history will judge them. (Even the two that did NOT reject Texas’ appeal for justice are cowards for not loudly and properly pointing out the fearfulness of their colleagues. Perhaps in some morally-corrupt version of “respect for their peers.” The entire Court, all Nine Nazguls, deserve nothing but contempt.

If the Congress itself, and virtually every member of it, were anything but a den of criminals, ALL nine would be impeached and tried for violation of their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution. And indirectly, for their total lack of moral courage.

To those charges of law-breaking by seizing power that Caesar and Augustus themselves would not have dared to grab? In addition to the avarice shown by virtually all of them, we can add conspiracy to deprive Americans – virtually ALL Americans – of their rights and liberties, not just with other government officials but with “private” business and foreign powers. Businesses like Twitter and Google (Youtube) and Facebook. Foreign powers like China. And, of course, we add the straightforward charge of lying. Lying in their official duties, on official documents, in speeches, and more.

This points out that when it comes to government officials, elected or appointed or hired, private morals are indeed important when it comes to public responsibilities. Anyone who has developed evil habits like lying, betraying wedding vows, cheating, stealing, and more can NOT be trusted in ANY office, from dogcatcher and code inspector up to POTUS and SCOTUS.

But finally (and you know I was getting to this), it shows the incredible stupidity of Americans in giving such power to ANY government official – and to ANY government. Power to take away our liberties based on their whim – and their fear that some part of the public might initiate violence against them, their families, and the public. And because we have given such power to government, it uses that power to convince us that we, people of these several States, are helpless and should not be able to defend ourselves, and therefore must accept government as our master.

It is time for that to change: time to regain power over our own lives. Freedom not just of ourselves and our families but of our communities and States. Time to take away the power: not just from the Newsoms and Luhan-Grishams and Cuomos, but from the Noems and Abbotts and Gordons. And the McConnells and Pelosis and ALL their ilk. Time to tell these “I Won’t” and “No!” and “Never again.”

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Liars and criminals in charge – when will it end?

  1. A Landsmeer says:

    Great article. 56 men signed their death warrants in 1776 but gave us the great nation the world has ever seen. And today we have whimpering transgendered losers who would not risk two cents for liberty nor freedom unless their fortunes are guaranteed.


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