The next phase of the Forever War is here

With all due respect to Joe Haldeman (author of the SF novel Forever War), we have just entered the next phase of the Forever War being fought by the FedGov under various names and for various reasons.

Apparently, virtually immediately after Biden was inaugurated as massa in chief, various news sources (including Syrian and others) reported that small numbers of American vehicles and troops (less than 500, apparently) began moving into new positions in Syria, in support of groups trying to overthrow the Assad regime.

Clearly we have to take ANY media report with a large grain of salt these days. Especially highly-politicized media which is little more than a mouthpiece for various political and government groups. (Like the mainstream media here in the States, and all the media in the Middle East.)

Trump never ended all the various occupations and brushfire wars in which the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force (and all the black ops outfits) are involved. But he did withdraw a lot of troops, slowed down operations, and NEVER started another war. (That I am aware of.) But we know that the Deep State Pentagon and military brass hats lied to Trump, hid operations and troops and involvement here and there.

And now, it appears that the shiny new (same as the old) Democratic regime at 1600 PA is living up to what many people suspected. And a few people spoke openly about. The tempo of overseas, often immoral and completely unsupportable, military operations seems to have picked up immediately.

The rapid pace, if this is true, indicates some very disturbing circumstances. Such an action should have required presidential authorization. Right?

This is a very short time for such a mission to be ordered and executed. So, was Biden’s team lying when they claimed that Trump’s people would not let them have information and contact Pentagon officials. Apparently, they worked back channels to authorize this – and people in the Pentagon (or the theatre of operations) obeyed Biden and may have disobeyed Trump while he was still in office.

Or the Brass hats were doing it anyway in disobedience to civilian command (or at least to the top of the civilian command: the outgoing SecDef could have done it). Either way, it stinks of corruption and double-dealing.

It assumes that the Syrian press is reporting all this honestly, and that the photographs are not faked (or old or from some other location). Who knows? None of the sides and actors are trustworthy. But it would not be any surprise to hear that the warmongers in both old parties – and their shills in suits AND/OR uniforms – were playing games. And sending American soldiers into harm’s way yet again on worthless tasks that do not defend the States, or liberty or freedom.

But don’t expect this to be the last time something like this happens. Both the “work-around” AND the launching of new military operations to stir up trouble for the supposed cause of liberty. Remember the Libya mess? Remember the Yemen stupidity? Remember the Bay of Pigs? Trump may still have been a warmonger, but compared to what we can expect from Biden and gang, he’s a piker.

Why? Power, profit, and control: the so-called military-industrial complex that Ike (Eisenhower) named (and of which he was a member). It isn’t about Great Power competition or helping other people win liberty (though once in a while, that actually happens). (To their great embarrassment, to boot.) It is about continuing to spend money – with rake-offs in various ways; of keeping full employment of bureaucrats (especially lawyers), and of having a force-in-being to use as a hammer. But mostly, I believe, it is the money.

They are willing to risk (and take) American lives for the sake of money: look at the riverfront of Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, across the river from DC. There you see the wealth of the defense industry and lobbyists and their hangers-on (legal firms, etc.) You usually can’t see the political side of that kind of wealth: they live in compounds like the Clintons, Obummers, and most former, senior members of the Senate and the House.

As long as they have the money they crave, they are willing to take the risk that the guns they allow the rest of us to own won’t be turned on them. Even though they fear that, as the events in DC two weeks ago show. They just have to work harder to make us keep on thinking that we are free, even while they rob us blind of both money AND liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to The next phase of the Forever War is here

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  2. Hypothesis: Biden wants some kind of early “military victory” to preempt the inevitable Republican claims that he’s a lily-livered pacifist who’s going to gut the military. His administration will gin up some kind of “incident” to use as an excuse to re-launch the Syria misadventure in hopes of overthrowing Assad by mid-year so that Biden can be a “victorious” “war president.”


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