… Folks, the bad dream is NOT over

Yesterday (3 AUG 2021) I looked at the perhaps unexpected robustness of the Fifty States. Our society, economy, and political system have survived the last year and a half. Read that here.


“The bad dream is over.” That is what we were told, wasn’t it? Back in January? All the rhetoric of Inauguration Day about how (to paraphrase) our national nightmare was. over. Despite the “flight” of The Donald into exile in Florida. Despite the massive witch hunt since then, of the “insurrectionists.” Despite the relative lack of mass violence in the Fifty States’ capitals and in DC. (Except for Seattle and Portland (which are NOT State capitals). Despite the apparent fact that AntiFa does NOT want Uncle Joe to be massa. (Who’d have thought it?) Despite the vomiting forth of imperial decrees. Not just from Uncle Joe, but from many of the tyrannical State rulers: Empresses and kings and more. Despite the failure of our economy and society to collapse.

But the nightmare is NOT over. Indeed, it is only just begun. However resilient our societies, our economy, even our “governmental” system seems to have been until now. There is MORE to come.

NONE of the factors that have stressed our nations have gone away: political and social and economic and medical and monetary problems are GROWING. Not shrinking, not bein solved. At best, they are being kicked down the street.

It is just going to get worse and worse, unless we stop it. And we can.

Yes, the Deep State is definitely in power – if they ever really were OUT of power. The thickness and strength of its tentacles are growing as we watch.

No matter how “centrist” and how incompetent and how out-of-touch with reality Biden and Harris are, they are only shills. No matter how they have demonstrated that time and time again in the last six-plus months. No matter how pretty their speechifying, what they say is not nearly as important as what they are doing. (And their speeches are getting worse.)

Now, with hundreds of imperial decrees (“executive orders” and “reinterpreting” the laws and the regulations) published, the new massa seems to be following the extreme-statist, SJW pathway to the future. BUT what we are really seeing is the growing power of the Deep State – NOT the wholesale Marxist revolution many predicted and still fear.

X Keystone XL AND MORE gone – while fuel prices climb and climb, and shortages are appearing across the nation. We have not begun to see all the effects of this – but average fuel costs are already well over $3/gallon nationwide.

X OIL GAS AND COAL PRODUCTION ON FEDERAL LANDS GONE – as power outages and brownouts and more happens. This is related to the above stress, but makes the situation worse, as well as killing more and more business and jobs.

X BORDER WALL WITH MEXICO GONE – as border jumpers proliferate and the fedgov plays the same games they condemn Trump for when it comes to treating those people and making things a mess at the border. The same problems that we saw for decades are present and growing: not just who and what comes across the border, but what happens economically and socially in every State.

X ABORTION RESTRICTIONS GONE – as the fedgov seeks to crack down on States trying to stop the killing of babies. The moral corruption of such massive killing, and the devaluing of ALL human life, both children and elderly AND everyone else, is present and growing. Together with the related “epidemics” of abuse (child and spouse, especially of women) and suicide, the stress on society AND the economy is profound.

X FREEDOM OF SPEECH (AS TO WHAT YOU CALL SOMEONE) GONE – pushed by big business (and small) as much as by government decree and social media pressure damages and destroys communications between people: an essential element of a normal society as well as peace and prosperity. This is a strike at the fundamentals of civilization, not just a republic (or for that matter, a not fully corrupt democracy).

X BUSINESSES HURTING – by a combination of shortages of employees, rising inflation, breakdowns in the various supply chains, and the various COVID-19 measures, and all of the above items. For centuries, small businesses have been the primary source of economic growth and a stable economy (and dollar – even a fiat dollar). Now, the last year’s pressure is sluicing away those key elements of our economy.

X A SEEMINGLY-PERMANENT STATE OF “PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY” – at the FedGov and in many States and many more localities, as they continue to slant the news and push for more control. More than once I’ve compared this to the situation in the Soviet zone, and the comparison just gets stronger: more and more government control and more and more suppression of liberty.

X RISING TENSIONS WITH RUSSIA, CHINA, AND OTHERS – even while giving up the very things that Trump was castigated for, as more and more senior Administration and military pound the drums. This in turn drives government printing of money and therefore inflation, with all their evils.

After more than a half-year of this wonderful Democratic Party regime, it seems like Joe and his sidekick are just shills for the various enemies of liberty and humanity – whom I call the Tranzis: transnational “progressives” or socialists. And not even honest socialists but people who believe in socialism because it can maximize their power, wealth, and survival of them and their families indefinitely. Because under the guise of socialism they can lord it over the rest of humanity, practice and expand their perversities, and more.

Is it any surprise we must prepare ourselves for more and worse? That we must really think about the stress that is ever more impacting our economy, our society, our peace, and especially our liberty?

Are we prepared? More on that later. For now, think on these things.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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