Corrupt government: bribery in America

For decades, the FedGov – Congress – has instigated one of the most corrupt practices of American government in general.  That is the constant and wholesale bribery of state and local governments through federal funding tied to “voluntary standard” – the federal purse strings. It is a disgusting tactic which is heartbreakingly effective.  It steals away the sovereignty of the States, and the liberties of their people.

The latest example of that hideous action is taking place right now – doing so at the expense of yet another freedom of Americans. 

On 30 November (a day soon to be forgotten, without doubt), 80 Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted with every Democrat to fund the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act as I was notified by a reader (thanks, Scott!) forwarding me an article by Patty McMurray.

As I discussed with Scott, who told me these were Republicant Traitors:

What are they betraying?  The party? Ha.  Their supporters (donors)? Ha Ha. Their principles? Ha Ha Ha.

They are voting to expand governmental power at all levels, and voting to waste taxpayer (stolen) money, and voting to appease the nannies (of whatever claimed political persuasion) to try and get their votes. And no doubt Faucet gets another diamond on his demi-god crown to elevate him to full deity, for every GOP vote. (As if he needs one – he got the bell-ringing franchise months ago.)

Why is this bad? It creates and funds a federal vaccination database. A system defined as “a confidential, population-based, computerized database recording immunization doses any health care provider administers to persons within the geographic area that database covers.” Yikes! And then it bribes governments into doing the dirty deed.

As Breitbart News reported,This is an expansion of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Public Health Department capabilities (State and local) and the ability for state and local health departments, as well as public and private health care providers, to share health data with the federal government. Yes, Orwell’s Big Brother, whether it is the smiling orange-topped The Donald or sleepy creepy Uncle Joe (or despised Kammy) as the talking head on the screen. How nice!

The bill’s main sponsor, New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Ann Kuster, said the system would be used to “remind patients when they are due for a recommended vaccine” and identify areas with low vaccination rates to “ensure equitable distribution of vaccines”. Notably, the bill has 4 Republican co-sponsors. All glorious supporters of “health justice” (like environmental justice and racial justice).

Just 130 Republicans voted no. Not a single Democrat did. One of the naysayers (who wants us all to die because the government won’t be able to remind us to get stuck) was Mary Miller (R-IL). She Breitbart News that the legislation would enable the FedGov to “track” unvaccinated Americans who “will be targeted and forced to comply with Biden’s crazy ‘global vaccination’ vision. (Visions, huh? Like the Empress-Mother Helena, the jetsetter of the AD 300s who is blessed by even con-artist and tourist guide in a half-dozen countries because her visions told her where all these holy shrines were that are not worshipped even in the 21st Century world?

Anyway, Mary told Breitbart, “These systems are designed to allow for the sharing of crucial information and maintenance of records. Do we really trust the government to protect our medical records? …This was clearly a legislative tool to enforce vaccine mandates and force their Orwellian rules onto those not complying.”

Out of the 80 GOP self-identified (self-condemned?) Republicans voting with Democrats to pass the bill, three stuck out to me:

  • 11. Liz Cheney (WY) – as expected: every her “fellow” GOP types have booted her out of the Wyoming GOP. No doubt she aspires to join the ranks of currently-reigning Empresses of various States, by poisoning the minds of Wyomingites. And of course, watching them constantly and browbeating them into submission.
  • 14. Dan Crenshaw (TX) – Dan Crensaw must surely come as a great disappointment to many. Someone suggest that he may (“temporarily?!”) have gotten mixed up. This does seem contrary to many of his votes as well as his words.
  • 15. John Curtis (UT) – Not a total surprise, to be sure. (He represents Moab but mostly his slice of the Wasatch Front in Utah.) He talks pretty, but he is more and more of a kind with Mitt Romney – well down the scale from even Orrin Hatch. (And what – THREE GOP House-rats from Utah voted for it? What’s with that? Romney got that much control of campaign purse-strings?)

Yes these and the rest of the 80 ARE traitors, but not to the GOP. And just not to their constituents. Because the GOP continues to betray fundamentals of liberty. It is as corrupt as the other big party, and as the federal, state, and local bureaucrats. Why?

This (as Miller noted) paves the way for the FedGov to give blue states millions in taxpayers funds to enforce vaccine mandates. Government could award grants and cooperative agreements to health departments or other local governmental entities for agreeing to adopt the new data collection guidelines. Any agencies hoping to receive a grant must agree to comply with security standards to protect personal health information.

Which brings up back to the headline: bribery.  Just as happened back in the 1970s with the infamous 55-mph speed limit, mandatory seatbelt laws, the 21-year-old drinking and smoking laws, and probably hundreds of other FedGov “voluntary” standards. All tied to federal handouts of money to let State and local governments grow fat and powerful. Fatter and more powerful, of course.

And also, of course, more corrupt.

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2 Responses to Corrupt government: bribery in America

  1. Mike-SMO says:

    Note that the vaccine mandates target productive employees and exempt Illegal Aliens and “Welfare Queens”. That looks like they are trying to disable or eliminate a certain class of people.


  2. Darkwing says:

    As an elected official: When I get federal money for my district, I am bring home the bacon. When you get money for your district, it is PORK.


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