A beautiful summary of guvmint beer flu “mis-statements” (lies)

HARD at work!

Again this year, we see government – and all the enemies of liberty – eating their own. One of the latest examples of seeming cannibalism in the beloved Centers for Disease Control and its Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. Even NPR was there for a serving, attacking Walensky as a “bad communicator.”

Thanks to Tom Woods for posting this lengthy quote, from Professor Todd Zywicki, of the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. (Evidence that some attorneys are less… problematic, shall we say, than the norm for the profession, I guess.) Professor Zywicki sued his university when it demanded he get jabbed despite having natural immunity. And won. (The fact that he had to fight it shows again that academic institutions once known for supporting liberty and freedom and real education can and usually do decay into enemies of liberty.)

This is a Twitter posting the professor made the week of the 9th of January 2022.

So the story is [that CDC director Rochelle] Walensky is just a “bad communicator.” But how would you like to be the one who has to communicate the new talking points?

“Yeah, well, we’ve been telling you for a year that getting vaccinated will prevent you from getting infected and transmitting Covid. Which turns out we were wrong about that. While it might reduce your chances of getting Covid, it won’t reduce transmission if you get it.

“Well, turns out we were wrong about that, too. With Omicron you are actually 
more likely to contract and transmit Covid. But trust us, we are certain that even though getting vaxxed will make you more likely to contract and transmit Covid than someone who is unvaxxed, we know it will protect you from serious illness. Trust us. We are certain it is safe in both the short term and long term. So get your booster!

“Well, actually, check that — it turns out that you are really only at risk of serious illness and death from Covid if you are older and unhealthy with multiple serious comorbidities. And the risks of some serious side effects, such as myocarditis in young men, are actually higher. But even though it increases your risk of contracting Omicron, is unnecessary for those who are young and low risk, is unquestionably harmful to everyone with natural immunity especially against Omicron, and side-effects are higher than we thought, trust us. Get vaxxed and boost.

“Oh, by the way, did we mention that boosters are far less effective than initial vaccination, have cumulative risks of adverse effects, and wane by 10 weeks?”

That is the message that Walensky is being blamed for not being able to sell to the public? Really? The solution is she just needs more media training to sell that message?

This brings up a mental image of a tower of lies, at the top of the commentary. It is also important to remember this:

Foundation of lies, too.

Not that I can see much in the way of “truths” in the CDC’s pronouncements in the last two years.

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  1. Tricia says:

    Enjoyed this post immensely, thank you!


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