Hate crime?

Apparently the consensus of “experts” (hmm… political scientists?) and cops is that some people demonstrating with someone else hanging in effigy is a hate crime.

In a previous commentary we noted the current effort to make lynching people a “federal hate crime.” Apparently it is closely related to this.

It “threatens” each other’s safety and is “physical intimidation” and a “threat to everyone’s quality of life.” This is all according to an article in StateoftheNation.co, about an anti-vax protest in front of British Columbia’s legislative assembly building. This was back in December, before the truckers’ Freedom Convoy was established and the recent “uprising” was taking place in Canadian provinces and the capital Ottawa.

Even more interesting, the article condemned a comparison of the current COVID-19 “vaccinations” as experimental and therefore is in violation of medical ethics codes developed after the fall of the Dritte Reich and the Nuremberg Trials. A University of Virginia “expert on radicalization and extremism” found the entire protest “disturbing” because it directly connected actions of current politicians and officials to the execution of Nazi doctors.

So let me see if I understand this. It’s even wrong to claim someone is evil. (Unless, of course, that someone is Vladimir Putin.) Or compare them to anyone who was executed. Apparently, to state someone is evil is to dehumanize them. I find that amusing, since even those who believe that humans are just another animal think that only humans have the mental ability to do something evil.

From 2019, 2022, or 1973?

Maybe the “natural” Canadian politeness and this incident a few weeks back is why we don’t see more traditional symbols, like hanging and burning effigies of politicians, judges, and cops – especially not in the three weeks of intense protests in the Provinces up north.

Of course, the rhetoric AGAINST the Freedom Convoy 2022 members and supporters (and its American counterpart now underway) is allowed to run wild. A BC “Grand Chief” last week claimed the Convoy is a “national insurrection” and should be put down using heavy-handed tactics by the RCMP. As he claims the RCMP has done to “indigenous” protests. And members of Congress are screaming “danger, danger” and ordering National Guard troops to DC to protect them from the truckers now heading that way.

Of course, like so many things that social justice warriors and other enemies of liberty get hyper about, it is WHO does something, and not the action itself, that getting their dander up.

A few years ago, a comedian Stateside got away with carrying a bloody severed fake head of a sitting president. Others had life-sized effigies of the man, and were praised while we were told it was protected by the First Amendment. But that was in 2017. In May of 202, a vicious series of articles appeared condemning a man for putting up an effigy of Kentucky Gov. Andy Bashear, who whined because it was “an act intended to create fear and terror” at a rally in support of 2nd Amendment rights and against COVID-19 mandates.

Wikipedia reports “Hanging or burning the effigy of a political enemy to ridicule and dishonour them is a very old and very widespread practice.” Notice it is NOT to encourage people to kill them.

(It occurs to me that because Trudeau is well-known for dressing up in black-face, he is considered an honorary black person and so the threat of hanging that is supposedly implied by the BC event is not just a “hate crime” but a “racist hate crime.”)

All of this amounts to massive attacks against free speech, and demands that governments control “unacceptable” speech (while, of course, protecting politically-correct speech, however vile and threatening it might be).

In a The Hill commentary, discussing Trump effigies, there is: “Americans have a long history of citizens committing violence against president effigies to voice political dissent. James MadisonJohn TylerAbraham LincolnWoodrow WilsonRichard NixonGerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter were all burned in effigy during their presidencies. And each time this happened, the offending party leaders repudiated the distasteful and disrespectful actions of their constituents.” The article also mentioned Bush II and Obama.

But that is so old-fashioned, right?

Unless you can get Left and Right all together!

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