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Stop foreign aid? Are you nuts?

The headline is the typical response from virtually every politician, including the vast majority in Congress, to anyone that dares to challenge the idea that because the States are “rich” we have a moral obligation to transfer billions of dollars … Continue reading

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The planetary China problem

The planet has a problem, and that problem is called China. The Middle Kingdom is toxic to the rest of the world, including its near neighbors (and, in essence, enemies) and the outer rings of enemies. Starting with the Koreas, … Continue reading

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Pandemic approaching? Taking the world’s pulse

Publisher’s note: after a week’s hiatus, the Price of Liberty is back! Travel and work prevented updates, but we now resume commentary. Please share with your friends as we seek additional readers. On to the commentary. The death toll continues … Continue reading

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Is It Spring Yet?

By MamaLiberty I know, I know… it’s only the middle of February and spring is at least six weeks away from reality. But it got to 60 degrees here today, I can see tiny tips of green grass starting to … Continue reading

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