Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-43A – Politics and War!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Politics 2012
Gallup Polling in Post-Debate Period: Romney 47%, Obama 47%

( Well, the real results must be pretty bad if this is the best Gallup can do to support the “messiah.”  As noted, even CNN last week gave him a low score, and the media is therefore questioning if Romney can continue to be the well-spoken, decisive, and knowledgeable person who showed up in Denver. Sadly (though as more people have pointed out) electing Romney is NOT going to do anything for the future of the nation or to restore liberty.  As even Ron Paul is starting to admit, with the hint that he might vote for Gary Johnson.

American front: Liberty in retreat
Venezuela: Chavez’ Election Victory Paves Way for 20 Years in Power

( I am sure this is no surprise to anyone, despite the disinformation regarding how some Chavez supporters feared retaliation from neighbors and the new government if he lost.  More than one person has pointed out that this election victory is an encouragement for the American “messiah” – and I have seen people talking about how this 2012 election might be the last one – assuming that even this one means anything.

New religions: environists
EPA Celebrates ‘Children Health Month,’ Encourages Recruiting Students for ‘Energy Patrols’ at School
( The EPA – New Age Gestapo?

Home Front
Chicago Sees Increase in Coyote Population; Wolves and Bears Next?

( It seems to me that Chicago has ALWAYS had more than enough wolves – oh, we aren’t talking about the two-legged kind here?  I know that the number of coyotes (no matter what definition you use for the human kind) is increasing in Chicago.  Can we expect MORE bears or are people just blind to the perilous state of the economy and will continue to be bullish?

Islamic wars
Turkey, Syria trade fire; border tensions mount

(MSNBC) “Turkey and Syria fired artillery and mortars across their volatile border for a fifth consecutive day on Sunday, in one of the most serious and prolonged flare-ups of violence along the frontier. The exchange of fire stoked fears that Syria’s civil war will escalate into a regional conflagration drawing in NATO member Turkey, once an
ally of President Bashar Assad but now a key supporter of the rebels fighting to topple him.” (10/07/12)

Well now, these two peace-loving Muslim nations are again going to do what Islamic nations have done for centuries: kill each other’s soldiers and civilians over really meaningless events and issues.

Philippines, Muslim rebels agree on peace pact
(Palm Beach Post) “The Philippine government and the country’s largest Muslim rebel group have reached a preliminary peace deal that is a major breakthrough toward ending a decades-long insurgency that killed tens of thousands and held back development in the south.” (10/07/12)

Decades?  Try centuries:  the christian Philippines (as a colony of Spain) fought the Moros in the 16th Century when the Moros moved into the southern islands, and when the US won the islands from Spain in the 1890s, it was the Moro Rebellion that made quelling the Philippine Insurrection such a bloodbath.  But it appears that the “peace” of being part of the Ummah is not YET to overwhelm the Philippines.


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