Libertarian Commentary on the News, #12-43F: Police state and winter in America

A cold, damp morning in the Four Corners, after a day of thunderstorms with rain and a little hail: not so nice in the Black Hills and West River: no moisture at all, though warm enough for mid-October.

But the political and social climate are wintery:  the two idiots rush down the last three weeks or so of campaigning. The “messiah’s” campaign has now raised (and presumably is spending) more than a billion dollars in an increasingly-desperate attempt to not have to pay rent or lease a place and have four more years of never-ending golf games and jaunts around the world for him and his family.  And Romney is doing what most GOP candidates at national level seem to do: missing opportunities and floundering and being beat up by the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, Gary Johnson and Jim Gray are drawing bigger and bigger crowds and more signs and bumper-stickers are popping up.  Their supporters (even the fringe-lunatic crew that the LP shares with the GOP and Dems) know it is a forlorn hope, but I understand why they feel they have to try.  Who wants to face God and say, “I didn’t really do anything to stop the Collapse?”  (Or for those who don’t want to believe – Who wants their grandkids to curse their memory because of the messed-up world they got left?

One example of the wintery conditions hails from Billings.  Montana is supposed to be one of the freer states left in this defunct Union, but you wouldn’t think so from THIS story:

Local Tyranny
Grenade burns sleeping girl in SWAT attack on wrong house

(Billings Gazette) …[The mother] questioned why police would take such actions with children in the home and why it needed a SWAT team.

“A simple knock on the door and I would’ve let them in,” she said. “They said their intel told them there was a meth lab at our house. If they would’ve checked, they would’ve known there’s not.”

She and her two daughters and her husband were home at the time of the raid. She said her husband, who suffers from congenital heart disease and liver failure, told officers he would open the front door as the raid began and was opening it as they knocked it down.

When the grenade went off in the room, it left a large bowl-shaped dent in the wall and “blew the nails out of the drywall,” Fasching said.

[Billings Police Chief] St. John said investigators did plenty of homework on the residence before deciding to launch the raid but didn’t know children were inside.

“The information that we had did not have any juveniles in the house and did not have any juveniles in the room,” he said. “We generally do not introduce these disorienting devices when they’re present.”

Nathan:  THIS is heartbreaking on so many levels.  Check out William Grigg’s column at for an excellent analysis. I might point out that William’s column was posted hours before the local newspaper (the Billings Gazette) published anything: he took his information from the Missoula Missoulan, a newspaper based 350 miles away and which perhaps considers itself safe from retribution by St. John and the Billings City and Yellowstone County fathers. (The Gazette did have a brief article posted Wednesday about the raid, almost certainly taken from a police press release and a drive-by reporter: nothing at all about the actual raid or wounds or damage.)

It is worth reading both the comments to the Missoulan and the Gazette stories. In a total of 107 comments, only SIX were supporting the cops. Six: about 1 in 20. And one of the comments told readers about LEAP. That is the good response. Another couple of good responses point out that this sort of action is nothing but terrorism – state-sponsored terrorism.  Montanans should be proud of people willing to respond like this, even if safely doing so through essentially anonymous postings.

But what dismays me the most is that this is MONTANA. Yellowstone County has all of 140,000 people. What need is there for this sort of Gestapo? What excuse is there for this sort of tactics? But worse: where are the tens of thousands of Montanans who claim to be lovers of liberty and freedom and haters of tyranny and injustice? It has been three days now, and there are not (that I can see) any widespread, much less formal, calls for investigations, suspensions, filing of charges, or any of the other dozen PEACEFUL things that would be the response of a truly free (and peaceful) population. And not ONE protest?  Not even one LONE person willing to carry a sign in front of the police headquarters or the Sheriff’s office saying “JUSTICE FOR THE FASCHING GIRL” or something like that?

And this is MONTANA. Why has not someone (even the usual nutcases, to be honest) called for the elimination of the danger of this City-County Special Investigations Unit (CCIU) by whatever means necessary? Where are the Montanans who CLAIM to be Libertarians?  Where are the people of Billings who CLAIM to be Libertarians, or even the ACLU types?  Where is the Sheriff? First, in breaking off all cooperation and participation in the CCIU, and second, in investigating the BPD to protect the citizens of his county? And no indication at ALL of special meetings of the Billings city council or the Yellowstone County commissioners to deal with – or even make a statement about it!!!

Face it, Montana is as worthless and dangerous a state to freedom as California or Illinois or New York: it is as filled with gutless people who pay lip service to liberty and American ideals as the pieces of trash that live and work in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and across the Potomac in the Pentagon.

The Russia Today story reports in its last line that three days later, NO charges have been filed against the Fasching family.  But no charges have been filed against the negligent and imcompetent cop that set off the flash-bang (inside a building which was supposed to have a meth lab!), nor the incompetent investigators that did not know children were present, nor the incompetent interrogators who determined the false fink was lying about a meth lab.  As one of the RT commenters noted: “The STUPID Americans don’t realize that their so called “free” and “democratic” republic is the most despotic and totalitarian police state that exists on this planet. Its even worse than 1984. And they still think they are free… LOL”

Winter in America.

Home front:  Bizarre case: Texas
Parker County Teen Kills Mother and Sister
“Parker County officials said that both Jake Evans and his younger sister were home schooled.”

Mama’s Note: Bizarre indeed. I fully expected this youngster to be filled to the gills with the drugs forced on kids by the “schools.”

In any event, I wonder if he was taking anti-depressants or any of the rest of it. They are involved in MOST such crimes, at least in this country. Of course, we’ll probably never know. Sigh.

Nathan: It is bizarre and heartbreaking.  There HAS to be something – as you say, we’ll never know – that triggered this:  medication, pressures, something.  Hormones alone certainly would not seem to account for it.  But I am sure the home-school aspect will be played up big time, especially in Dallas-Fort Worth.

This sort of thing is NOT new or even that uncommon: Lizzie Borden and her little ax are part of American folklore.  Indeed, this sort of thing seems to be increasing:  mothers killing their own children, children killing parents (and each other), sometimes with years of plotting, sometimes with “reason” and sometimes without.  And always, “why?”

Parker County is named for one of my ancestors, a Texian family established the first settlement (Parker’s Fort) in the region before the Revolution. A lot of people died in the early years:  they killed each other over cattle and horses and water and even politics; they killed each other because they were invaders and the people who had controlled the land for more than a century and made their living by raiding and stealing and kidnapping as much as hunting.  Sometimes they killed over jealousy or because they got drunk and angry.  The killings, for the most part, had a reason.

But Parker County is no longer a frontier settlement: it is twisted and warped by the world around it and in this case, it seems that a young man snapped.  It didn’t have to be a .22-cal pistol: it could have been another ax, or a kitchen knife, or a piece of wood or a piece of rope or wire.  It might be medication or hormones or even (according to some people) demonic possession.  The cops, the courts, the county, the parents, did not stop it, could not stop it.  And will not stop it.  No doubt, this young man will be sentenced to life in prison, maybe even executed:  he and his father are both very likely to kill themselves in relatively short order.  And life will go on for the rest of us, wondering why.

But today, with winter in my heart and on my mind, it is just another way in which we are indeed enduring “Winter in America.”  Perhaps it is because we have all been so damaged by the stresses of government and its destruction of our lives and families and society and economy that such stresses cause anyone to crack and lash out.  Perhaps we are like two (or two million) scorpions in a bottle, like rats crammed into a cage with no room to stretch.  Perhaps we are so influenced and corrupted by modern media and attitudes that we have turned our backs completely on God, and this is part of the self-inflicted punishment:  God does not need to push to punish us here on earth: we do it to ourselves so well.

For fifteen hundred years, Israel and Judah rebelled against and returned to God, time and time again, but ultimately, He left them to die and be scattered.  With America, the process  is much faster, because of course we are NOT the chosen people.  But winter is here, and the days grow shorter and colder and the dark night is approaching.

Winter in America.

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