Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-46A: Politics 2012 and Storms

With panic and wrack and ruin in the Northeast, and the final seven-day countdown to election defeat (we ALL lose, no matter who wins), the week is business and busy and – lovely weather!  But for some of us, the days are not so great, like this next guy.

NOT Self Defense
Arkansas: Father shoots a man he found under his child’s bed

(KSPR News) “Police say no charges will be filed against an Arkansas man who they say shot someone who tried to break into his home. Officers say a man who lives on Fick street came home today to find Ryan Gingerich hiding under his child’s bed. Wtnesses say Ginerich had a wrecking bar and a screwdriver in his hands. The homeowner ran to get a gun and Gingerich jumped out a window. Police say Ginerich didn’t stop when the homeowner told him to, so he was shot.” (10/26/12)

Mama’s Note: Whole different story if he’d been shot breaking IN… but he was
running away. I’m astonished they didn’t press charges against the shooter.

Nathan: No, it is not self-defense, and the father clearly lost his temper: the crisis was over, no further harm was possible.

Notice the writing though: something doesn’t make sense or the writer is an idiot:  “someone who TRIED to break in” – he was under a bed in the house for crying out loud!

The “messiah” – Politics 2012
Obama on ‘Flexibility’ with Putin: ‘It’s Hard to Negotiate Additional Treaties When I’m Off Campaigning’

Nathan: Ah, he makes a strong argument for a one-term limit for the White House, doesn’t he? Exactly how much work did we get out of this man?

Mama’s Note: Well, that depends on what sort of “work” one actually wants such a person to do, doesn’t it? Personally, I’d have been much better pleased if he’d spent all of his time on the golf course, or in bed with the covers pulled over his head. Every speck of “work” this man (or any of the rest of them) does leads only to more tyranny, more destruction of the economy and hopes for peace everywhere.

Politics 2012 – The “messiah’s” minions
Rahm Emanuel to 4th Grader: ‘After The Election, I’ll Tell You Some Funny Stories’ About Obama

Nathan: Funny, ha-ha?  Or “funny” as in queer and twisted?  Probably “ha-ha,” but with people like Biden (next story) and Emanuel, you never know.  Is this an indication that the “messiah” will be more open about himself if he is reelected, or has Emanuel decided that the current Administration is toast?

Politics 2012 – The “messiah’s” chief minion
Biden to Slain Navy Seal’s Father: ‘Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size of Cue Balls?’

Nathan: Biden’s crudity, contempt for others, and apparent inability to know what is true and what is not continues to be a minor irritant to the Administration, but it also serves a distraction from more serious issues.  As the latest in a long line of “funny” (not “ha-ha”) Democratic VPs, he maintains their stellar reputation as a pack of idiots.

Mama’s Note: Seems to me this moron is very fortunate that he’s not already had an “unfortunate accident”… Insulting the memory of a Navy Seal does not seem to be particularly good for longevity.

Culture wars: killing babies
Philadelphia Archbishop on Abortion: ‘We’re Catholics Before We’re Democrats … Before We’re Republicans’

Nathan: Which raises the point – when did a majority of Catholics become Democrats? And why? Catholicism has been a political religion since its formation in the 600s,  and has been that way in the US for a long time.

Mama’s Note: No question about it, really. Regardless of the names given the factions, organized religion has always been political in nature because the very core of politics is the same: control of the people. The only contest is which of them is to be “the boss.”

Politics 2012
Gallup Asks About ‘Greatest Strength’ of Romney, Obama; 3% Say ‘Good Liar’

Nathan: Only three percent?  Of course, maybe more people believe that they are good liars, but don’t consider that actually to be a strength.

Home front – Tyranny
For DHS, Cybersecurity Education Begins in Kindergarten

Nathan: Cyber security?  Why not?  Cyber sex ed already begins in Kindergarten in many states.  And just as sex education often teaches them how to do what they should not be doing, expect the same on Cybersecurity classes: a new generation of hyper-hackers is being educated!

Mama’s Note: Forgetting for a moment here that government control of education is the problem no matter what is being taught. And, at least for now, it is fairly easy to remedy. The children must be removed from these “schools” and educated privately, one way or another.

Broken Windows Theme
Insurance may soften blow of storm’s impact

(NBC News) The economic hit from Superstorm Sandy may have a big silver lining. It will be offset by the boost in spending that will accompany insurance-fueled clean-up and rebuilding efforts.

Mama’s Note: Too stupid to come in out of the rain. Why don’t they advocate leveling the cities with nukes if “rebuilding efforts” are that wonderful? Idiots..

Nathan: Based on the rapid collapse of things for some of those eastern cities, I will bet that a lot of this doesn’t get fixed for years, if ever. But the FedGov will borrow billions to give out and loan to the various “victims.”  The “messiah” will use this for the next few days to wale on RR and GJ-JG and “show” how much he cares..

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, far, far too many people simply can’t see the forest for the trees. A friend this morning mentioned the “silver lining” in this storm… that it would create many jobs for a long time…

I suggested she go out and wreck her car, tear up the carpet or even burn down the house… and asked how many “jobs” she thought that would “create.” And who she thought would pay for the repairs.

There was silence for a few minutes… and then she changed the subject. But I think she got it.

I think that the core problem is the fact that far too few people truly understand that the government does not have anything to “give” that isn’t first stolen from everyone else… not to mention the even worse problem with what the government considers “borrowing,” which is theft from the unborn – if the next generations don’t resist and refuse that debt eventually, of course.

They don’t understand private property, self ownership or much about freedom and prosperity at all. But things like the East Coast disaster may teach some… God willing.

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