Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-46C: Politics

Yes, I know the election is in just a few days.  The ballots have been mailed in, the mail box and post office box is filled with political junk mail, the in-boxes are filled with even MORE political spam.  I’m getting “personal” e-mails from all my “good friends” – Mitt and Newt and Anne and Barack (not “Barry” – a disappointment) and Michelle and Harry, as well as a few from people who really are friends (at least somewhat) like Gary and Jim and Michael.  And from a few friends and even co-workers (like the one I responded to and posted as a “rant” here on TPOL) like Ron and Denny and Casey and Margaret.

I’m sick of it.  The ballot, except in very rare cases, offers nothing but a choice of the least of two (or maybe three) evils. It should come as no surprise that evil has been on my mind this week.

And the term “evil” increasingly describes the choices:  I am not saying that every one of these individual names on the ballot, whether it is an incumbent or a “transplant” (someone term-limited in the House who is running for a Senate seat or vice versa) or a “new face” in that particular venue, is individually and personally evil, but they are vying to become a PART of a set of institutions that ARE evil and becoming MORE evil: city councils, county boards of commissioners, state legislatures, and especially the Federal legislature, administration (including the bureaucracy and not just the elected and appointed officials), and judiciary.

I don’t buy into the idea that we are “opting-in” or “legitimizing” governments and elections by participating in elections, by campaigning, rooting for, or voting for (or against) someone or some referred or initiated law or constitutional amendment or tax increase (we never seem to vote for questions that REDUCE taxes, do we?).  No, it is no different than being accused of “legitimizing violence” by using force to defend ourselves against force, or “legitimizing tyranny” by obeying a cop’s order to put our hands up against the wall when he has the drop on us.  It is common sense to seek EVERY possible way to defend ourselves, and if that includes voting AGAINST the various evil choices, and voting AGAINST evil laws.  (Yes. evil laws: in SD this year there is a proposal to RAISE taxes – sales taxes – by a penny a dollar to have more money to WASTE on government-run, tax-funded schools and worthless union teachers.  Evil.)

But I don’t have to like it.

Yes, I’ve seen all and read many of the articles saying “Romney is the best hope for the future of liberty” in the nation, and I’ve read many saying “Obama is the best hope for the future of liberty” in the nation (like Doug Casey’s here).  The logic is convoluted and may actually be reasonable.  Who knows?  What we DO know is that (a) neither will solve any of the fundamental problems with the nation and the federal government today, (b) neither will actually INCREASE liberty of Americans, no matter what they say, and (c) both will continue most of the policies of the last 4, 12, and 20 years – tinkering here and there and crowing about how they are better than the other guy because stamp prices only went up one penny instead of five, or because now we can deduct gerbil food instead of only deducting cat food.  And we’ll have spent somewhere around $20 billion dollars to do it.  Sorry, I see neither the rationality or morality of that.

More on this later, but first some real news commentary:

Natural Disasters – Stupid government tricks(2 stories)
Sandy aftermath
: Lights back up in New York, but fuel rationed


Sandy’s aftermath: The latest stats – CBS News Video
(CBS News) The latest stats – The death toll from superstorm Sandy is now at 82. Also, about 3.8 million people remain

Nathan:  If I recall, the “damage” is now estimated at 80 BILLION dollars – expect that number to climb: there isn’t near enough graft built into that figure.  Expect the “messiah” and Romney to continue their bidding war to the “survivors” (sorry, but 82 dead in a population probably in excess of 30 million in the region hit isn’t even a blip on the statistics radar).  And looking at the damage from a population point of view, the total (if it is really 80B) is only about $2,700 per person: significantly LESS than the federal taxes paid per year by those people (on average of course)  And less than the average cost of a traffic accident in vehicle damage, these days.

But WE can figure that the FedGov will go out and borrow twice that amount to pay for the “rebuilding” – plus whatever the insurance companies have to shell out.  And our children and grandkids and great-grandkids will pay for it just as they paid for Katrina and Rita in ’05 and Bloody Tuesday (9-11) in ’01: later rather than sooner – in gold or silver, or blood, eventually.  As do all debts ultimately get discharged.

But of course, the media and the politicians point out how VITAL government aid and government control is, because otherwise the utilities would not repair the power lines (unless Bloomberg and the various governors FORCE them to do so, according to pronouncements this week), private businesses would intentionally hold back critical supplies from sale and then jack up the price to gouge people mercilessly (unless anti-gouging laws and rationing – if not government-sanctioned and -performed looting (excuse me, “confiscation and/or commandeering”) are in place and enforced at the point of a gun.  Bloomberg has his own private thiefdom – excuse me, FIEFDOM, and wants only NYPD cops on the streets to terrorize and wound and abuse and kill NYC citizens: even the National Guard of New York must stay out.  (Is a unilateral declaration of independence next on his agenda now that the sodas and high-salt foods and guns are under control?)

The truth is, government CAUSED and continued to cause much of the problems associated with Sandy, just as was done with Rita and Katrina and other storms. Jeff Tucker points out that it is government meddling with the markets that creates much of the problem.

This is a similar problem with unions:  Godfather Politics tell us:

Home front – Union stupidity
New Jersey: Unions more important than people
(Godfather politics) A crew from Decatur Utilities from Alabama answered the call [from New Jersey] and traveled up to Seaside Heights [NJ] and started to work on the downed power lines.  However, it was not long before they were told to pack up and go back home.  It turns out that the Decatur company received paperwork requiring them to have union affiliation before they would be allowed to work in New Jersey.

Nathan: “Might makes right” is NOT a motto for a free people: just because the unions have so much power in New Jersey does not give them the right to deny the community the benefits of having people travel hundreds of miles to assist, just because they aren’t union members and haven’t done the paperwork.

Local tyranny – death by cop
Video shows Omaha man’s dog ‘executed’ by police

(Rawstory) A home surveillance camera in Omaha, Nebraska filmed police officers earlier this year arresting a man for walking too close to a search area, then shooting and killing his dog in what the man now calls an execution.

Nathan: The police state is not satisfied with killing people: pets are automatically put down both for the convenience of the officer and to further terrorize the person(s) who didn’t immediately fall to their hands and knees and lick the officer’s boots.

Politics 2012 – Theft by government
To blunt ‘fiscal cliff’ pain, administration could assert broad powers, experts say

(Washington Post)  The Obama administration could blunt the economic harm caused by the “fiscal cliff” at the end of the year by using its unilateral powers over spending and taxes, for instance, by freezing how much in taxes is taken out of payroll checks, according to former senior officials and other tax and budget experts.

Nathan: This SHOULD be sounding an alarm bell that the White House has accumulated such power – more than Caesar Augustus, THAT worthy dictator, ever had.  If the White House can waive some or all taxes for ALL the people, they can certainly do it for SOME people – and probably keep it hidden.  AND THAT is yet another abuse of power, as even the work to “blunt'” the harm of the fiscal cliff is.

Commentary of the week:
Rampant INjustice Exposes Federal Abuse of Power
By Jan Morgan
This documentary exposes the blatant trampling of the Constitutional rights of Americans during white collar crime investigations by the Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service.

More a libertarian point of view than a conservative one: the abuse has gotten intolerable.  But NO ONE will do anything about it.  Clearly, the feds and local police are WORRIED that someone will, one day, snap and fight back: otherwise why use 50 heavily armed cops to raid a place with only 20 or 30 workers?  If this bottling company had known and prepared and been willing to fight, they could easily have killed everyone of those fifty cops with little or no loss of life on their own.  One day, someone will be desperate and fearful and frustrated enough to do just that.

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