Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-46B: This and That

How much longer, O Lord, how much longer must we live in such a time and condition as this?

Local tyranny – Evil in our land
Suit: Officer shot boy, 10, with
stun gun

‎) TULAROSA — A New Mexico 10-year-old is suing police after he was allegedly shocked with a stun gun during a career fair. [for not washing the cop’s car] Officer Chris Webb is accused of saying to the boy he would be shown ‘what happens to people who do not listen to police’ during the event at Tularosa Intermediate School in New Mexico.

Nathan: Is this a hanging offense?  In New Mexico, it once was – even if the boy was a tribal member or a despised wetback.  It should be, again.

Mama’s Note: Where was this child’s mother, let alone his father? Why wasn’t this thug taken down and beaten within an inch of his life by the MOTHERS present for this little horror show?

Why was this child put into a position to be tortured and damaged by this copscum thug in the first place? Good old “public school?”

Why do so many women spend their entire lives emasculating their husbands and sons, and creating helpless victims of their daughters? And that didn’t just start last generation…

Why are so many people seemingly content to be helpless victims – regardless of who the predator might be or what sort of costume he/she wears?  Why are people so stupid as to allow this sort of aggression, against their own children?

Theft by government
Feds Say No Dice in Retrieving Your Data Seized in Megaupload Case

( ) Federal prosecutors are proposing a process that would make it essentially impossible for former Megaupload users to recover their data following the government’s seizure of the file-sharing service’s servers and domain names in January as part of its prosecution of a criminal copyright infringement indictment of Megaupload’s employees. That’s according to Julie Samuels, an Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney representing an Ohio man seeking the return of his high school sports footage.

Nathan: So who is doing the thieving now?  Two wrongs do NOT make a right – they are just more evil.

Mainstream Media – Politics 2012
MSNBC Attacks Romney’s Charity as Offensive

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir poses the question to Ana Marie Cox as to whether she finds it “strange” that Romney is helping with relief efforts, and she responds, “I found that sort of fake relief rally, whatever it is, to be pretty offensive, and also wrong-headed.”So what other alternative does Romney have? He could have decided not to help out and instead continued campaigning. Bashir would have asked the question, “Do you think it strange that Mitt Romney continues to campaign through all of this?” and Cox would have responded, “Yes, I find it to be pretty offensive, and also wrong-headed.” Of course, Romney could have done absolutely nothing, neither helping nor campaigning. But then the question from Bashir would have been, “Do you think it strange that Romney isn’t helping out with relief efforts?” and Cox would have said, “Yes, I find it to be pretty offensive, and also wrong-headed.”

Nathan Readers know that I am no fan of Mitt Romney, but this goes way overboard.  With the media, Romney cannot win, of course, just as the “messiah” cannot lose.  This will, of course, continue even if the current occupant has to move from 1600 PA – assuming he is willing to.  What kind of scum do we have working in the media that they turn doing good works into something that is WRONG?  That is just purely evil on the media’s part: their hatred is so vicious that anything is used against him.  Even  evil people can do some good things.

East Asian Front – Killing
China to stop using organs from executed prisoners

(Democratic Underground) China to stop using organs from executed prisoners Beijing says current transplant sourcing system is both unsavoury and inefficient
Associated Press in Beijing, Friday 2 November 2012 03.33 EDT

Nathan: Now they will harvest the organs BEFORE they are executed.  Seriously, I really don’t believe this: they think that they can control what goes out well enough to keep their own people and the West from knowing.  Given the medical technology available, I suspect that most organs – possibly even the heart – can be removed before actually letting the convict die.

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