“Public schools” and their dangers

Do Schools Kill Creativity?
(TED via Huffington Post) A friend (thanks, Steve!) sent me the above with these thoughts: “The link above is from a group called ‘TED’. In the video the speaker does, I THINK, a good job of explaining how public education messes up kids by robbing them of their creativity. I am not saying I agree 100% with him, but I do believe he makes some excellent points. I thought it good enough to pass along.”

Nathan: Thanks again. TED has a wide variety of speakers and the universe for topics. Usually good. This is one of the oldest talks they made available on-line. The updated comments at the website are also worth reading. His points about modern educational systems doing three bad things (promote standardization, promote compliance, and demand rigid, linear processes) are even more true six years later. Most of his talk addresses “public schools.”

I would like to share my reply to my friend:

I think you know that I am totally opposed in virtually every way to public schools. I like Marshall Fritz‘s term: instead of public schools, “government-run, tax-funded schools” or GRTF schools. (I often go one further and call them “government-ruined, theft-funded schools,” same acronym.) Schools, like churches, should be totally separated from the state in every way: funding, ownership, management, you name it. That was the way it was for the first half-century and more of American independence, and even until the late 1800s, “public” meant that the local families got together and built a schoolhouse and paid a share to hire a teacher. Then the Prussian system was introduced – UNDER THE REPUBLICANS and BY REPUBLICANS – more of those refugees from the failed Socialist rebellions in 1848, and the same people that introduced the modern reservation system for AmerInds.

Today, GRTF schools are as bad as jails and prisons, in part because they are so hypocritical. They warehouse children so that both parents can work and produce taxes for the state. They claim to educate according to certain standards and others claim that they spend 90% of their time on the top 5% of students. In reality, they teach almost nothing: at best children have some chance to learn. Not only is creativity destroyed, but so is independence, the ability to do multiple things at once, and then lets talk about morals and self-respect and self-responsibility and reasoning ability. Each of these things is replaced by some ersatz: usually called the same thing. Creativity is now letting students spell and do math however they please, and praising them for it. They are taught to have “Self-esteem” which makes them more and more of a coddled and privileged group entitled to everything from the state: true self-respect is non-existent, so girls enjoy their “liberation” and “self-esteem” by sluttishly submitting to boy after boy and then either having abortion after abortion or welfare child after welfare child. Of course, their “self-esteem” is validated by the school offering day-care for their infants, and a speedpass through the nurse’s office for the abortions (and for the birth control). (And a box behind the nurse’s desk has free condoms for the boys, to use once and then knock their girl-friend (of the day, sometimes) up.

Even those things the Prussian system was supposed to teach: loyalty to the state, regimentation and discipline (from above, not self-discipline), and how to be a good, docile worker and cannon-fodder, the modern American school system fails to do.

What GRTF schools ARE good at is:

  • creating jobs (deputy vice principal in charge of busing, deputy under-superintendent for vocational counseling, school psychologist, school nutritionist, director of janitorial services, director of grounds maintenance, and on and on), which are almost all union jobs;
  • spending money ($10,000+ per student per year or MORE), plus billions in capital spending for new buildings “because students learn better in new buildings,” as two supporters told me once;
  • producing propaganda to convince voters to cough up more and more moolah for more jobs and newer and ever more secure and grandiose buildings and grounds and all the rest,
  • producing propaganda to convince students of the legitimacy of the government, the green movement (both environism and global warming), deviant lifestyles (not just homosexuality but much else), and the rejection of parental authority, plus the destruction of creativity and other vital character traits, and of course;
  • as many new babies of the right kind to ensure this farce goes on and on.

There is no alternative, either for liberty or godliness, than ending the unholy alliance between school and state – together with unions, big business from textbook publishers to contractors to milk producers, and the transnational progressives who are well on their way to tearing down all elements of a free society to then rebuild it into a monolithic global system of control.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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