Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-51B: Home Front

Home Front: TSA Thuggery and Congress in Action
Is TSA dead?

(Huntington Post) One by one, panelists took turns excoriating the agency charged with protecting America’s transportation systems. It was plainly clear why Pistole was a no-show, and it had nothing to do with jurisdiction; it would have been an openly hostile crowd. Charles Edwards, the Department of Homeland Security’s acting inspector general, described the TSA as bureaucratic and dysfunctional. Stephen Lord of the Government Accountability Office, suggested the agency was ignoring the thousands of complaints from air travelers. And Kenneth Dunlap, who represented the International Air Transport Association, criticized the current TSA as expensive, inconsistent and reactive.

Nathan: Thanks to Jeff for this. Notice that of the four witnesses cited in the HuffPost (hardly an enemy of government), THREE were from government agencies, including one from the Department which is (nominally) the superior headquarters of TSA (apparently, TSA is a rogue agency).  These aren’t disgruntled passengers upset because their kid’s milk bottle got empty or because they got their breasts fondled.  These are bureaucrats who are saying that there IS (incredibly) a limit.  But Congress will do nothing except surrender what power they have left to the “messiah” and his security apparat.  Can you say “SPQR” and “Augustus?”

By the way, no matter what the HuffPost writers may think, I suspect that TSA is far from dead.

Home front – Stupid people
Polling Firm: ‘Values Gap’ Between Young Americans and Europeans Is Narrowing


Nathan: In other words, the propaganda effort of decades of government-run, tax-funded schooling is WORKING.  Or the PTB want us to think it is, and are just giving more disinformation with polls like this.

Mama’s Note: A third possibility… the young people of Europe are starting to smell the burnt coffee…

Home front – War on some drugs
Poll: Americans Favor Legalization of Marijuana 51-44%


Nathan: If you REALLY think that this is a democracy, then PLEASE explain this and the statements coming out of the White House and DOJ and FBI and Congress.  Show me where ONE congressman or senator has introduced a bill to END the cannabis part of the War on Some Drugs.

Home Front – Local tyranny
Gun Rights Leader: 470 Murders in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel ‘Has Some Blood on His Hands’


Nathan: Oh, yes, just a wee bit of blood.  Nothing like what he had from being the “messiah’s” chief of staff, but a bit.

Stupid people – Home Front
Gallup: 53 Percent of Democrats Have ‘Positive Image’ of Socialism

( In a poll conducted Nov. 18-19, Gallup asked, “Just off the top of your head, would you say you have a positive or negative view of each of the following? ”Fifty-three percent of Democrats and “leaning Democrats” said they have a positive view of socialism while 23 percent of Republicans said the same. When asked the same question about small business, free enterprise, and entrepreneurs, 94 percent, 88 percent, and 84 percent of Democrats and “leaning Democrats,” respectively, responded by saying their image was “positive. On the other hand, Republicans and “leaning republicans” view of small business, free enterprise, and entrepreneurs was 95 percent, 94 percent, and 91 percent positive, respectively.

Nathan:  The headline is misleading, isn’t it?  TOO many Americans are in favor of socialism and/or don’t understand what it is.  As I commented earlier, the propaganda in the “public” schools is working.

Theft by government
CBO: Current Law Brings 55% Increase in Annual Spending, $4.25T in New Debt–And Record Taxation

( – If Congress allows current laws signed by President Barack Obama to stand and follows the fiscal path they have set for the next decade, federal tax revenues will rise to a record level as a percentage GDP, according to the Congressional Budget Office, but annual federal spending will also increase by 55 percent and continuous deficits will require Congress to lift the federal debt limit by another $4.25 trillion even as the government rakes in unprecedented tax revenue. Under the so-called “fiscal cliff” scenario, in which all of the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire and “sequestration” of some anticipated federal spending takes place, the federal government still will not balance its budget. In the “baseline projections” published in its latest update on the budget and economic outlook for the period from 2012 to 2022, CBO assumes that “current law” will remain in place.

Nathan:  Well, when will we get fed up with the constant lies?  BOTH sides are lying in this “fiscal cliff” talks, and there is NOTHING that they will do (or even propose) that will stop the spending.  Although it is too late, STOPPING the increases in spending that the CBO talks about would be more productive than either of the two sides in the talks (actually three: apparently Boehner is arguing with himself as well as with the White House).  The nation is toast.  (The excuse always given for having to increase spending is that “inflation” and population increases makes that necessary.  Well, we know who is to blame for inflation: government.  And a strong argument can be made for the government being to blame for increased population -at least of the population that sucks up money from government, at least: not just poor border security but the REASONS so many people are willing to jump the border.  And the reason that so many of the welfare-dependent underclass have so many children.)

Mama’s Note: Immigration of any kind is a very small slice of this thing. The destruction of the economy, constant job loss as businesses contract or quit – or never get started, and the increasing disincentives to save or even look for a job… these are the things that are driving the crisis. There are not too many people, of any kind… there is far, far too little freedom. And the government is simply too stupid or arrogant to face the truth… I really wonder from whom they expect to collect all that “revenue.” If it isn’t generated, they can’t collect it.

Crash of 2009 – Stupid government (2 stories)
73% of New Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government

( – Seventy-three percent of the new civilian jobs created in the United States over the last five months are in government, according to official data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In June, a total of 142,415,000 people were employed in the U.S, according to the BLS, including 19,938,000 who were employed by federal, state and local governments. [In November, that climbed to20,559,000. according to the next story, and that doesn’t include military.]

Nathan:  Well, here we have it clearly stated just what the problem is:  1 in 7 employed Americans WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENTS!  The other six employed Americans (including those who pay no taxes, or about 20%, so really, the other FIVE people) are expected to support the government employees, who for the most part make a LOT more than the average American does.  And we wonder why we are in financial trouble?  Why the economy is toast?  Why the NATION is toast?  Of course, even the “conservatives” don’t get it, as the next story points out.

Unemployment Plunges to 3.8% for Government Workers; Government Adds 35,000 Jobs in November, 544,000 Since July
( The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts someone as a government worker if they are not in the military and they are currently employed by any level of government—local, state or federal—or they are unemployed, they are looking for work, and their last job was for any level of government.

Nathan: These are not really government workers – they are just unemployed.  But I understand the reason to break these out, I guess.  The problem is, the number is TOO low, and in a nation really trying to get its fiscal house in order, this number would be GROWING rapidly.  What is a reasonable number of government employees which are UNEMPLOYED?  How about 100%.

Our right to self-defense
Smith & Wesson Posts 48% Increase In Second Quarter Sales As Demand Surges For All Firearm Products

( The press release also shows that the company now anticipates higher net sales from continuing operations.  The latest projections estimate between $550.0 million and $560.0 million in net sales for fiscal year 2013, which would represent year-over-year growth from continuing operations of approximately 35.0%.

Nathan: The increase is understandable.  And one I encourage: the more weapons in private hands the better – but I am worried that some of these purchases are for governments!  (By the way, if the average price is, say $500-$600 for an S&W (unlike other, cheaper brands), this amounts to a million new weapons on the streets (well, in homes and cars and businesses, really) in 2012.  I can live with that!

Theft by government – Stupid Congress in action
John Boehner: Raise Taxes on the Rich


Nathan: And just WHO is the socialist in these talks?  Or rather, who ALL are the Socialists.  Clearly, Boehner is.  Yeah, I know that this is to make the Dems look bad and show everyone how stupid this is.  But the truth is, NO ONE will state the obvious: taxes and government spending are poison to economic development, prosperity and liberty.

Mama’s Note: Nobody in love with government will even entertain the fact that all taxes are theft, and everything they spend is stolen from those who earn it – who create the wealth.

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