Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-52C: Home front

Do we all see the effects of laws and government trying to do what is impossible, given our collapsing society, increased immorality, and other failings?  Sadly, too many people are blinded to the truth, and scream for what is not possible.

Men and women can be and often are evil.  Laws do not stop crime, they often do not even punish crime.  And all too often attempts by “society” (that is, government pretending to be God) backfire.  We have seen this in Connecticut, and probably in Utah, Oregon, South Dakota and other places in the last two weeks. This is worth pondering:

Blame the Drugs, not the Guns
(Godfather Politics) Dr, David Healy, founder of, spends much of his time researching and reporting on prescription drugs.  In his research, Healy has found that nearly 90% of the school and other mass shootings in the past couple decades, were carried out by someone who was taking some form of psychotic drugs or anti-depressant.  These drugs are known to alter a person’s personality and can make them become violent.

It has been reported that Lanza was taking prescription drugs for a personality disorder, but what drugs he was taking has not been released yet.  If shown that he was taking drugs that fit into the category Healy is referring to, then it is very possible that they may be partially to blame for his actions.  Healy also says that we should not be comfortable with knowing that 90% of school shootings involved these personality altering drugs.

Nathan: Debby first pointed this out, last weekend, noting that this “coincidence” dates back to at least Columbine (a bad event in our family’s history, unrelated to the school killings and suicides: her mother died that day just a few miles away).  We have been aware of the dangerous nature of many “antipsychotic” and mind-altering drugs, such as Ritalin (in essence just a prescription and somewhat purer form of meth).  We have been involved in fights on that and the impact on children, even those who do NOT go truly off the deep end and kill or suicide or both.  Many people have now noted this.

Perhaps this is the actual way that we have to deal with a “Zombie Invasion.”  Is that the reason that DHS is also going off the deep end – or are they just too drugged-up?

DHS: Ammo and more ammo, for what?
(Freedom Outpost) Click here for a list of ALL the ammunition purchases since 2009. For a grand total now of 1,140,618,530 or 1.1 BILLION rounds… for 50,000 employees of DHS.

Nathan: Hmmm.  That is a LOT of fun range time.  What next?  Maybe we all ought to be buying more ammo.  Freedom Outpost thinks it is gearing up for a civil war, but if that is the case, ain’t nearly enough: if one in ten Americans each buys 2 boxes of 9-mm (100 rounds), that is 3,000,000,000 rounds: 3 billion.  Those of us who like Cheaper Than Dirt or Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops and buy 1,000 at a time are outliers; still it adds up.  Throw in a few billion .22-cal rounds and a couple of hundred million 7.62/.30-cal and 5.56/.223-cal and keep in mind that people who buy their own ammo (instead of having their employer – even Uncle Sam do it) are generally better shots than the “public forces” like the 137 rounds 13 cops fired to kill a couple in Ohio (under suspect circumstances) a few days ago.  But even if it takes 100 rounds per DHS employee, that only requires 5,000,000 rounds.  So maybe they SHOULD be worried that they don’t have enough.  After all, they can’t all be as good at killing as the next story relates:

Home front – Stupid people
South Dakota: Pierre teen dead in shotgun shooting

We can’t and don’t know the details, but given recent events and the analysis, I will not be surprised if the guy was on a drug regime to keep him “sane.”  Was that also the problem with Helleson (or is “Hell’s Daughter” a more appropriate name?) in the next story?

Texas – Stupid cop tricks
Texas Cops sued over on-highway body cavity search

(Freedom Outpost/Dallas Morning News) According to Dallas Morning News and Texas Trooper Dash Cam, Texas trooper Kelley Helleson is suspended with pay pending an investigation into a roadside cavity search on two women. Using the same glove, trooper Helleson allegedly entered first the anus, and then the vagina (a HUGE no-no for any woman trained in health care or personal hygiene) of two women after a routine traffic stop.

Nathan: Gross and disgusting, and nothing less than rape – public rape.  Texas can do some good things, and it allows people to do some very STUPID things.  A necktie party should have taken place the next day, starting with the two jack-booted thugs (yes, ESPECIALLY the woman) and continuing up the chain of command to the Director of Public Safety.  And the Rangers should have led the party.

Perhaps it is a lack of trust in cops due to nasty things like this one that caused the results of this national poll in the next story:

National Poll:  Weapons ban not most effective in preventing school shootings
A recent poll
conducted by Gallup shows that more Americans believe that several things would be more effective at preventing mass shootings at schools than a weapons ban, including having at least one school official carrying a firearm.

Nathan:  Blinded as people are in their belief in laws and government, this is quite a surprise.  And must anger the hoploclasts and other Tranzis, as they are seizing this opportunity to strike down liberty and self-defense once and for all.  The media is FILLED with screams of how people are changing their mind.  This poll shows that ain’t necessarily so.

The entire situation vis-a-vis guns and the hoploclasts (gun-haters) and hoplophobes (gun-fearers) is going to remain in transition for a long, long time.  If you are still searching for that last minute gift, let me suggest a few:

(a) More ammo – ammo prices are actually down right now from highs the past several years.

(b)  A new weapon – especially battle rifles and “assault” rifles.

(c)  New magazines for existing weapons, especially larger-capacity.

(d)  Training – new or refresher, on every weapon they have, especially defensive handgun use.


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