Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-52B: Funny-stupid and more guns

Nathan: This week has not been a good one, nationally.  The nation, here a few days before Christmas, has found another issue to tear itself apart.  The Congress and White House continue to play stupid PR games about “fiscal cliffs” and Europe continues to mess around and crumble.  Japan and China are squaring off, North Korea is undoubtedly getting another nuke ready, Muslims are killing Muslims at a rate which should make us all realize that recent events here in the US are “not unexpected” if not “normal” (or what we wish was normal), and…

So I thank Bear for sending this one:  He said:

Hey, Nathan,
What with all the bad stuff in the news recently, I thought maybe you’d like a little comedy for your news commentary.

New Hampshire: Naughton may run to replace herself for Nashua’s Ward 4 House seat
“NASHUA – A special election to fill a House seat in Nashua’s Ward 4 vacated by State Rep.-elect Stacie Laughton could have a familiar ring to it. Laughton said Thursday that she plans to run in the District 31 race to replace her.”

Bear: A little background to make this…. “clear”. Sort of.
Barry Charles Laughton, Jr. was convicted of several felonies a few years ago. He then underwent “gender reassignment therapy” and changed his/her name to Stacie Laughton. Ms. Laughton then ran for the New Hampster state legislature, and, in a demonstration of exactly why the rest of the state would be happy to cede Nashua to Massachusetts, won.
Sadly, for the Democrats (you just _knew_ Laughton was a Democrat, right?), NH has a state law that bars convicted felons from running for or holding a state House seat. Apparently someone saw a news mention of Laughton previously being male and connected her to her former criminal identity.

Laughton then announced she would resign. Then she announced that she wouldn’t resign. Then she resigned. Now… She’s going to run to replace herself.

No word on how she expects to get around the state law barring her from running or holding the seat. Possibly another sex-change operation; I know our state Attorney General has a penis he isn’t using.

Popcorn sales in southern New Hampshire are up 127%.

Nathan: This plot would NEVER sell as a B-grade comedy (at least not before 1960 or so).  As a novel?  Self-published, maybe, but any decent vanity press operator would slit his wrists first.  But I expect it will win; voters are so vile.

On to other news: This next story has its funny elements, as well.  Anyone who has been to a standard Little Caesar’s can just picture this fight!

Self defense?
Man shot at Florida pizza shop for complaining about slow service
(Digital Journal) The Tampa Bay Times reports that the alleged incident occurred around 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Little Caesar’s pizzeria on Fourth Street North in St. Petersburg. Customer Randall White, 49, was growing tired of waiting for his thin-crust veggie pizza to be prepared. White complained about the slow service, much to the annoyance of customer Michael Jock, who was behind him in line. Jock, 52, told White to quit whining. The latter allegedly took offense, “prompting them to exchange words, and it became a shoving match,” according to police spokesman Mike Puetz. When White raised his fist, Jock allegedly pulled out a .38 Taurus Ultralight Special revolver and fired one round, which struck White in his lower torso. The two men struggled and Jock allegedly fired again, striking White in the same area.

Mama’s Note: NOT self-defense. Makes me wonder, really. What better way to discredit CC “permit” holders and self defense?

Nathan: If the story is correct, the headline is wrong, and maybe this guy DID shoot in self-defense. White (a vegetarian) was complaining about the slow service, and Jock, the guy behind him in line told him to stop whinging, but they started arguing, shoving, and then when White escalated things to fisticuffs, Jock pulled out a gun and shot him. Jock may have been the reason that the fighting escalated to a raised fist, but we know very little about the two of them.  The police claimed that he didn’t have reason to escalate to deadly force, but that is the police – and who can believe them?  Seems like this is why we have courts: hear the witnesses (at least three, counting the clerk), the two plaintiffs, and let the jury decide. Jock certainly should have (IMO) shut up after he made the one comment (if indeed, that was the time and place).  In a rational society, the clerk would have been armed and ordered BOTH customers to go outside and fight it out; and there would have been someplace safe (perhaps via a Boy Scout project) if they felt a resort to arms was necessary (and probably, it being Florida, a retired person or two to act as referee/umpire).

Mama’s Note: Well, all that is certainly true enough. I was just thinking about the fact that all who carry now are under a microscope and that any such situations will be used against us.

Nathan: Right, of course – EVERYTHING, even legitimate self-defense with no question about initiating aggression is suspect.

Which of course brings us to the news dominating the week, and the latest reason for the nation to continue to tear itself apart:

This one in particular is worth commenting on:

Newtown slaughter: End prohibition of self-defense in schools, say Libertarians
(Conservative Action Alerts) On Sunday, families throughout the nation mourned the horrific deaths of 26 people, including 20 young children, killed Friday during a Newtown, Conn., mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, said a political leader, who believes that government is not the solution to a problem, but government is the problem. “It’s impossible to imagine the depths of despair and grief that the victims’ families are experiencing right now,” said the chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, Geoffrey J. Neale.

Nathan: Interesting connections here: does this mean that the November 2012 loss is making at least SOME conservatives consider closer ties to Libertarians?  Also, this IS a good statement that Geoff Neale put together.  Hitting hard (for an LP national press release, that is) but NOT going to name-calling or esoteric discussions.

Mama’s Note: Some really hard hitting questions about all this here:
Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control
( The traumatised Newtown community deserves the facts without the spin. Everyone touched by this brutal event deserves to know what really happened, so let’s fix our eyes on what remains unseen…

A 20-year-old ‘tech geek’ named Adam Lanza is supposed to have snapped early last Friday, December 14th, shot dead his mother Nancy Lanza, loaded her car up with her guns and ammo, then driven it across town to his former school, the Sandy Hook Elementary School, shot dead 27 people in two classrooms and an adjoining hallway, then turned one of his guns on himself.

That’s how most will now remember the shooting, but is that actually what happened?

Of course, the mainstream news is playing its spin-game even more this week: you never heard about this one, did you?

Texas: Two wounded in theater shooting
(My San Antonio) A recent breakup set off a shooting spree that ended with the suspect wounding a man at the Santikos Mayan Palace 14 movie theater Sunday night before being shot by an off-duty deputy, authorities said. Police are shown questioning men outside the theater Sunday night.. Jesus Manuel Garcia, 19, an employee at a nearby China Garden restaurant, apparently became upset Sunday night after his girlfriend broke up with him.

Nathan: Thanks to Jeffrey for this: you were right: no MSM reporting at all.  The problem is, “if it bleeds, it leads.”  NOT getting a bunch of folks killed is viewed as dull and boring – it don’t sell the advertisements!

But then again, look at the coverage and the screams.  When it is WESTERNERS getting shot up, the hubbub seems to quickly die down.  Columbine, the Chuck-E-Cheese and the Aurora theatre killings got MUCH less coverage over a shorter period than the Virginia Tech killings or now the Sandy Hook murders.  Easterners are, of course, the elite (Californians and other Left-Coasters being honorary Easterners and not “flyover country.”  We wild barbarian uncouth dirt-daubers and animal herders are not worth as much to really civilized people, whether we are talking New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, London or Paris.  As an example of us hick, stupid Westerners, consider this from Texas, THAT evil place.

(Dallas Libertarian Examiner) Hollist, a Dallas resident and 2012 LibertarianParty candidate for US Congress, launched “Teachers protection of children in schools!” on the activist website,…. Texas Teachers To Carry Guns – Reality vs. Political Correctness …His “Cause” features a poster of Israeli children being watched over by their teacher with a rifle slung over her shoulder.

Nathan: Actually, that is disinformation, as the following motivation poster (provided by pro-Palestinian supporters who obviously can be trusted to tell the truth) proves:

Note that the two teachers are blond, white “Aryan” types (who are claiming to be “Jews” – no doubt Ashkenazim) while all the children are “people of color” – surely, enough said.

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