Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-52A: Shootings and guns

Here are a series of stories related to the attack in Connecticut:

Once more, the evil found in people is exposed to the world, but sadly, most of the evil is not challenged: that is the evil of people who think that “one more law” or “one more ban” will stop this sort of thing.  And that we have to just let children die instead of protecting them.

Since the killer supposedly also killed himself, and the news stories and “authorities” are contradicting themselves hourly, it is worth noting the overall theme, taken from various websites and e-zines:

Nathan: Why not just introduce it right now?  I’m sure they’ve had it written and with the stuff ready to print for months waiting for this “perfect storm” to blow up.

Nathan: This idiot, Donne Warwick, is trying to replace Jesse Jackson Jr., (a failed liberal) and is liberal himself:  do as I say, not as I do version.  Was he afraid that Sandy Hook was part of a conspiracy and he was on the list? But he works for a security company (which is itself hypocritical, is it not, for an anti-gun State Senator) and says he “forgot.”

Nathan: Of course: they have no understanding of cause and effect, believe in aggression and revenge, and since they do not believe in a real God, no understanding of justice or anything else: they are liberals, in the modern sense.  They are what the old Law of Moses “eye-for-an-eye” was all about, because they are the kind of the people who kill someone for stealing something. They are the reason that Jesus advised His disciples to go out to preach and teach armed.  They are the ones that caused the Founding Fathers to include the Second Amendment.

Nathan: For the answer to that, I cannot do better than quote JPFO:

“Let’s get something straight — no amount of legislation can ever prevent bad people from committing bad deeds and no amount of “gun control” can ever prevent bad people from acquiring firearms. It must be accepted that in this current age defense is the answer and not deprivation of that means for the majority law abiding citizen, which should include suitably trained school staff members. When will people wake up to the fact?”

    Nathan: This is the same idiot who also said that only the United States has these mass shootings because we have the Second Amendment.  How convenient it is to have a memory like his:  he can’t remember Norway (what was it, 52 dead?), nor Mesopotamia, nor Afghanistan, nor Pakistan, India, Syria, Egypt?  Nor Breslan (Russia)?  But worst, he can’t remember Mexico, where this is about average in the drug-cartel killing fields?  The point about almost ALL of these places: especially Norway and Mexico, is that gun ownership by private citizens is ILLEGAL and has been for years in those places.

    Nathan: Seems to be doing a pretty good job of it so far.  Of course, it lets him be in full campaign mode, which seems to be his default setting.

    Nathan: This sort of comment or news story totally disgusts me.  To paraphrase Patton, you aren’t a hero to die for your students.  These people: the principal and the psychologist weren’t heroes, they were ENABLERS together with the administrators, faculty, staff, and school boards of EVERY public school district in the nation: too cowardly to stand up for what is right and necessary to protect the children in their care.  As for the teacher who hid with her children: she is beyond disgusting:  she did nothing but die foolishly and as a result cause more children to die.

    Nathan: Even lunatics can be evil.  Especially when they are drugged to “help them,” as so many of the killers seem to be these days.  But the evil resides in the hearts and minds of congressmen and other government officials, right down to school boards and superintendents who will not stand up for what is right.

    From my correspondents:

    (1) My first instinct on hearing about the Connecticut shooter being “disturbed” was to ask – what medications was he on.  This video, reported as being released in July 2012 is very chilling, very disturbing and underlines some concerns I have had for years about the overuse of psychotropic prescription medicines for all ages.  There are some interesting correlations between INCREASE in overall Violence and Psychotropic Prescription Medications…

    (2)  To the gun banners: Barbaric acts of murder will always take place and were not invented with the advent of gun powder.  Ceding all gun ownership to the State is a dangerous move that can result in MORE death in the future.  If you’re truly in a mood to ban things that cause harm, then be consistent and start with abortions, alcohol and all pornography.  You might even go so far as to ban the private ownership of automobiles and motorcycles.  Do you really want to trust every facet of your life to the government?  When two thugs break into your home with knives, why not meet them with a gun.  We love our law enforcement, but remember what has been stated in the past, “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.”  We must take responsibility for some of our own defense.  If you want something done right, do it yourself.

    Darryl Treat, Arkansas

    Monday news related to the Sandy Hook killings
    Colorado: Massive spike in gun purchases after Sandy Hook killings

    (Vision to America) The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says it received 4,154 requests for background checks from potential buyers on Saturday. That was so many the CBI couldn’t process them all and the backlog grew to nearly 18 hours. The Unit could only process 3,001 checks on Saturday. Extra staff was brought in over the weekend and workers are still trying to clear the backlog.

    Oregon: Gun owner stops shooting spree
    ( On Tuesday night, a complete idiot walked into a Portland, Oregon mall and began firing. Obviously the shooter, Jacob Roberts, was an imbecile to start with, since he managed to kill only two people before turning a gun on himself, but that’s not the whole story. As it turns out, 22-year-old Nick Meli was at the mall, and walking with his friend and their friend’s son. Nick said: “I heard three shots and turned and looked at Casey and said, ‘are you serious?'” Nick then directed his friend to a safe location and took up a position behind a pillar away from the shooter. Being a legal Concealed Carry permit holder in the State of Oregon, Nick determined that he should try to prevent more deaths. He said: “[The shooter] was working on his rifle, he kept pulling the charging handle and hitting the side,” as the shooter dealt with a jammed gun. Nick drew down on the shooter as they made eye contact, and Nick prepared to fire. However, he determined (like any conscious firearms owner should) that there were other people behind Roberts, and his shot was not safe. The only shot fired after this point was Roberts taking his own life.

    Oregon mall shooter had sold belongings, acted ‘weird’
    (CNN International)
    The gunman in last week’s Oregon mall shooting acted “weird” and had talked about moving and selling his possessions, his roommate said.

    Nathan:  Nothing in the mainstream news about Nick Meli, of course.  Am I surprised?

    Congress in action – Stupid hoploclasts and hoplophobes
    Feinstein Introducing Gun Ban; Durbin Holding Hearings


    Nathan: As mentioned elsewhere, I’m sure she had this written before the Sandy Hook murders  Durbin holds hearings on whatever his staffers find in the daily newspapers.  I am sure that these will try and use this to ban ALL guns (in private ownership, of course).  But I think we’ve come to the point where even law-abiding gun owners will NOT obey any such law, no matter if the SCOTUS finds it legit or not.

    Michael Moore: Killing Is ‘Who We Are’ As Americans

    Nathan: If this were the case, it is something that American “civilization” shares with a good many civilizations in the past, around the world:  Hittite, Akkadian, several of the Canaanite cultures, Roman, Carthagian, Hunnish, Islamic Arabian, Celtic (Irish and Scots), Prussian, Aztec, Iberian (Reconquista), most Plains AmerInd nations, and more.  But Moore is ignoring the better parts of American society because he hates the idea of individual liberty and freedom in all but a very few select areas, and because he supports a transnational agenda which common American values dooms.

    Iran: ‘No Difference’ Between Conn. Shooting Victims and Those in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan

    Nathan: To a degree, they are right: most of the dead in those countries are killed directly and indirectly as the result of government actions – as were the 26 dead of the 28 total at Sandy Hook.  In those countries, many killings are by government agencies; the rest are caused by those fighting against government.  Here, the situation is different: we warehouse children in “gun-free” zones where any evil madman high on prescribed drugs for their mental condition, such disarming demanded and enforced by government.

    Gohmert, Bennett: Ban Guns or Arm School Officials?

    Nathan: Well, it is nice to see that SOME politicians are willing to recommend the obvious.  Several people sent me photos of an Israeli teacher carrying an assault rifle standing behind her students on a field trip.  Good for her!  Of course, getting RID of public schools would also greatly improve the situation.

    Obama: ‘Can We Honestly Say We Are Doing Enough to Keep Our Children, All of Them, Safe from Harm?

    Nathan: Of course we are NOT, as long as we do not allow teachers, staff, administrators, and parents to be armed in order to protect their children.

    About TPOL Nathan

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