Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-03E: guns and government – Disarming America has begun in NY State

Hoplophobes and hoploclasts – Stupid government – Our right to self defense
NY: Cuomo signs victim disarmament bill

(New York Daily News) “New York on Tuesday took the lead in the national fight against gun violence [sic] when Gov. Cuomo signed into law a sweeping package of gun-control measures — including a major expansion of the state’s assault weapons [sic] ban. The governor signed the bill just before dinner time, minutes after the Assembly sent it to his desk on a 104-43 vote.” (01/15/13)

Nathan: Reports are this was rammed through the Assembly in the dark of night, and outlaws “assault weapons” (apparently any semi-automatic long-arm), magazines able to hold more than 7 rounds (more about that later), and a whole host of other requirements.  Of course, long lines of felons and other, unindicted criminals formed in front of every police station in New York State immediately (or by the next morning) to surrender their now-illegal weapons; New Yorkers are well-known for their obeying the law.  And in the last forty-eight hours, there has not been a SINGLE HOMICIDE in the whole state!  Amazing.

Mama’s Note: Amazing indeed. The criminals all must have laughed so hard their ribs hurt too bad to do anything but sleep for a while.

Congress in action – Theft by government
Portman: Obama ‘Misleading’ Americans by Saying We Ought to Pay Our Bills


Nathan: The headline comes across a bit weird:  Portman is saying that the “messiah” is hypocritical: claiming we ought to pay our bills, while he can’t and won’t pay his own and makes sure that the nation doesn’t and can’t either.  Unfortunately, even the opposition in Congress still doesn’t understand what is happening.

Home front
L.A. Mayor: Keep ‘Non-Serious Criminal’ Aliens in U.S.–It Will Make Us Safer


Nathan:  Oh, sure.  Set a thief to catch a thief?  Really?  So the taxpayers can continue to support them?  And what constitutes “non-serious?”  Violent crime that doesn’t include killing?  Traffic tickets?  Identify theft?  Why do governments from the FedGov down to local cities and towns give border jumpers a pass when legitimate residents are hit with the full force of the law?

Mama’s Note: A lot of politicians are “non-serious criminals.” They laugh all the way to the bank.

Stupid government – Our northern neighbor|
Canada: Prime Minister Harper, Launches First Nations ‘Termination Plan’ Friday

(RumorMill News)…the Harper government clearly signaled its intention to:1) Focus all its efforts to assimilate First Nations, into the existing federal and provincial orders of government of Canada; 2) Terminate the constitutionally protected and internationally recognized, Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights, of First Nations. Termination in this context means the ending of First Nations pre-existing sovereign status, through federal coercion of First Nations into Land Claims and Self-Government Final Agreements, that convert First Nations into municipalities, their reserves into fee simple lands, and extinguishment of their Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.’ …

Nathan: Sent by a friend who asked to remain totally anonymous.  This is fresh news because the legislation has apparently been brought up in committee in Commons.  This is particularly interesting because a lot of folks I know wax eloquent about how much better it is for AmerInd up in “Grandmother’s Land” (Canada) with no BIA hassles.  Folks, it doesn’t matter whether they claim allegiance to Her Majesty or the Constitution, government is bad for you, your family, friends and neighbors, small children and furry animals.

Should AmerInd (First Nations) nations/tribes be sovereign?  Of course!  As should ANY community which wishes to remain or become independent of any existing human government, right down to those Canadian municipalities and townships, and right down to local neighborhoods and communities in American cities and towns and townships and counties.  What should NOT be is that OTHER people: on a national, state/provincial, or local basis, should be forced to subsidize or pay for these independent (sovereign) communities – nations.  Treaty provisions, even those signed centuries ago, should be honored as much as possible, including purchases (cash or in-kind) of land and travel rights of way and hunting rights and all the rest.  Just because you signed a really stupid contract doesn’t mean you should be able to wiggle out of it.  You can try to renegotiate, but both sides must agree.  But it is wrong to turn treaty rights into welfare, and wrong to expect a free lunch forever.  And wrong, dead wrong, for a trumped-up Parliament OR Congress to ram unilateral and mandatory changes down anyone’s throat: whether your skin is red or white or black or yellow or brown.

Stupid government – theft by government
NASA beams Mona Lisa to Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at the moon

(Eureka Alert) Your Tax Dollars At Work. After 54 years of technology and communications advances, NASA has reached a remarkable milestone: transmitting a 152×200 pixel grayscale low resolution “Mona Lisa” at the blindingly fast rate of 300 bit/sec. NASA scientists achieved unprecedented image quality by developing a bleeding edge error correction algorithm (quite coincidentally known as Reed-Solomon error correction when deployed in common CDs and DVDs) to clean up transmission errors.
When asked if this wasn’t the same data rate produced by the Hayes Smartmodem 300 more than 30 years ago, NASA researcher Sun said, “Sure. But this is _light_; that’s green, you know. We plan to improve the process by inventing something called a Bell Photophone and using completely renewable solar resources to communicate with our space probes. But it’s possible we simply won’t be able to support the bandwidth, so one of our teams is trying to invent a 50 word per minute teletype.”

Officials did not not have figures available regarding the cost of the project, but assured reporters that the expense was unlikely to adversely impact Mrs. Obama’s 2013 vacation plans.

Nathan: Thanks to Bear for this one – Take all of the above with a grain of salt, but it is clear that NASA is desperate to prove their relevance in today’s world.

Africa’s Collapse – Stupid government – Islamic wars
Mali War: Algeria ends desert hostage situation by killing many hostages

(News 24)

Nathan: What is worse than being held hostage by a bunch of crazed Islamist rebels?  Being “freed” from captivity by a bunch of crazed Islamist government troops.  Of course, the reason for being taken captive was in revenge for French military forces coming to the aid of its satellite dictatorship fighting against crazed Islamist rebels (even though the government itself is considered by many to be “tame” Islamists). For more details, see this story.

And on Friday, we have this: Europe’s invisible hand
(La Tribune) A week after launching operations against the Islamists who are in control of the north of Mali, the French are still the only Western forces with boots on the ground. But the bloc, which has renounced a joint military capability, is there on other fronts – just more discreetly.

Nathan: So we have secret Euro operations to support the French Empire, probably with the knowledge, agreement, and support of DC.  What could possibly go wrong?

The “messiah’s” minions-to-be
Obama’s ATF Nominee Criticized for Seeming to Discourage Whistleblowers


Nathan: Sounds like a match made in heaven.  Just the kind of person to preside over the disarming of the American people.

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