Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-08C: Tyranny and Nazgul

Tyranny – Hoploclasts
Chicago Police Chief: 2nd Amendment Supportors Guilty of Corruption

(Vision to America)  On a Sunday talk show, as reported by the Illinois State Rifle Association, police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy said that firearm owners who lobby their representatives, or who donate money to political campaigns, for pro-Second Amendment issues are guilty of corruption and of endangering public safety.

Nathan: Inventive, aren’t they?  There is just one step from this to accusations that “Second Amendment supporters” are just terrorists. Of course, the Daily Kos/Huffington Post gang have been saying that already, (for example, the Iowa columnist who labeled the NRA as a terrorist organization) so I assume that they are just waiting for the right time to have officials say it.  Maybe Biden can start the ball rolling?

Nazul – Tyranny
Ohio: Cop home invasion to capture traffic violator okay, court says

(The The Ohio Court of Appeals on Friday upheld the police use of a battering ram on the home of a suspect who failed to properly signal a turn. The court majority also took the unusual step of noting that they disagreed with their own decision and called on the state Supreme Court to overturn the precedent.  On December 12, 2011, Dayton Police Officers Michael Saylors and Randy Beane saw the gold Oldsmobile Intrigue belonging to Jeffrey Lam near the intersection of Hodapp and Lorain Avenues. While the officers were following Lam to his home at 645 Creighton Avenue, they noted he allegedly failed to use his turn signal. Lam had a history of running from police, so the officers waited until he came to a stop before turning on their emergency lights. Lam ran out of his car into his home and locked the door. After failing to kick in the door, the officers used a battering ram and knocked it down. In the course of a search of the house for “officer safety,” drugs were found.

Nathan: This is PRECISELY the sort of police/government abuse that small formal actions like warrants and limits on home invasion, search and seizure, and all the rest of that constitutional claptrap was meant to prevent.  And for this court to take this “we wash our hands” and “Gee, won’t someone save us from ourselves” attitude is dereliction of duty – and one of the reasons for juries to exist.  This sort of criminal behavior is coming to a home near you:  next time it may even be YOU who is the evil perp that “deserves” to be treated like this.

Nazgul – Tyranny
Supreme Court: “Dog Sniffs” are okay

(Reuters) The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that “the sniff is up to snuff” in a Florida case on how police may use dogs to track down illegal drugs. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court gave law enforcement authorities greater authority to use dogs to uncover illegal drugs, upholding a police dog’s search of a truck that uncovered methamphetamine ingredients inside.

Nathan: In other words, the Nazgul say that technology negates personal liberty:  if you can use technology (as dogs are) then it doesn’t matter whether you supposedly have a right to privacy or to be protected from illegal search and seizure.

Mama’s Note: Not to mention that “ingredients” is a seriously flimsy pretense to start with. Even if one thought the “drugs” should be illegal, which I don’t, the idea of this sort of persecution for mere ingredients is insane. What’s next? “We knew he was thinking about making some meth.”

Hoplophobes – Home Front
New Law Would Require Arizona Cities To Become Gun Dealers

(Arizona Daily News) In Arizona, where guns are allowed in bars, and concealed weapons can be carried without a permit, state lawmakers are moving to force police to sell – not destroy – firearms they collect after Tucson scrapped more than 200 last month.

Nathan: An infamous piece of “news” with built-in commentary, thanks to Scott.  Defenders of our right to self-defense, who oppose the various forms of gun control being practiced and rammed down our throats, are evil people who worship guns as sacred objects, and selfless benefactors who pay for gun buyback programs out of their own pockets while serving on city councils are so abused and disrespected that one changed from Republican to Democrat.  At the same time, some libertarians seem to claim that making cities sell guns collected in buyback programs (instead of chopping them up) is encouraging governments to compete with private gun shops.  As if selling scrap metal isn’t competing with scrap dealers?  Perhaps selling abandoned cars collected off the streets is competing with auto dealers?

Home front
Man Accused of Running Over Three, Killing One in Domestic Dispute


This from Darryl; his comment: Cars don’t kill people…people do:

Nathan: Considering how the media and the professional doomsayers howl and screech over death by gun, and given the hatred of the environists and Tranzis, This is simply justification for calling for a ban on privately-owned trucks – only people with CDLs who have valid jobs with REAL trucking companies should be allowed to drive anything with more than four wheels or six cylinders.

Sequestration – Theft by government
Thanks to Steve for this cute letter, which he got from a friend.


Dear Steve:

We recently learned that our disposable income is going to be reduced by eight per cent this year due to the increase in our health insurance premiums.  So we decided to address it exactly the way in which the Administration is going to address “sequestration”.

What we are going to do is to cut everything by eight per cent “across the board”.  In other words, we are going to pay just ninety-two per cent of our scheduled house payments, ninety-two per cent of our utility bills, ninety-two per cent of our satellite TV bill and ninety-two per cent of our phone bills and insurance premiums.  We are also only going to pay ninety-two per cent of our subscriptions to House and Garden and Architectural Digest, ninety-two per cent of our Titans tickets, ninety-two per cent of our subscription to the Nashville Symphony and we are going to order eight per cent fewer pay per views, because we are serious about cutting our budget!

I hope that you realize that while I am serious about our situation, I am not being at all serious about how we’re dealing with it, nor would we actually be allowed to behave in this way if we were actually irresponsible enough to attempt it. Only government could ever attempt anything that stupid with the expectation of being allowed to get away with it. Frankly, in our case the Titans tickets and the Symphony are long gone, and we put a bigger deductible on our homeowners policy.  We never really did take those two magazines, and we generally don’t take any pay per views.  We are eating out even less than we used to.  And of course, we are paying all of our utilities in full and on time, as we did before.  In other words, we knew that some of our expenses were more crucial than others.  So does every other household with common sense when confronted with a situation like this.   And this is what we face as a nation.  If we as a nation truly need to send an aircraft carrier to the Middle East, the constitutional mandate which calls for the Federal Government to engage in  necessary national defense should trump any assumed obligation to pay for a welfare mother’s fifth child by the fourth different man, or translation services into an obscure Guatemalan Indian dialect for some illegal alien who obviously should not even be in the country.  Instead, the government is going to talk about laying off meat inspectors and airport guards, close national parks and monuments, and do other, similarly nonsensical things because this is to demonstrate to us, the “masses”, that it is impossible to cut any aspect of government in any meaningful way and that we just should all quietly acquiesce to the massive tax increases required to provide for whatever our masters in Washington deem it necessary to supply us with.

The majority of American voters have obviously already demonstrated that they do NOT really pay attention to much.  If they consent to this without confronting their elected representatives over it, then it will be very hard to say that the results are undeserved.

Mama’s Note: Sounds good… if you accept the premise that “voters” truly are able to  authorize spending other people’s money, or control of any aspect of other people’s lives. Until individuals take back ownership and responsibility for their lives themselves, and refuse to be robbed or coerced, this will simply go on as before.

When some people are given power over other people, tyranny is the inevitable result.

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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-08C: Tyranny and Nazgul

  1. Bear says:

    What’s next? “We knew he was thinking about making some meth.”

    Next? That was the rationale for limits on cold remedy sales. Not to mention “conspiracy” charges.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Well sure, but the physical action is – so far – still required… to buy the stuff. The next step is the mere thought to buy the “ingredients.” The “conspiracy” crap is obviously part of that evolution.


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