Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-08B: Culture wars, gun wars

Congress in action – Culture wars
Pelosi: ‘Enough with the Public Nudity. Please. We Have Our Standards’


Nathan: She supports the San Francisco ban on public nudity, which went into effect on 1 FEB and in the next breath urges people to come see the SF Gay Pride (gag) Parade in June – yes, even gutters have standards, just not very high ones.  But then we’ve known that about her for years, and same for San Francisco.  And frankly, plain old nudity is a BIG step up from what parades up and down the streets on Gay Pride Day in Babylon-by-the-Bay.

First Minion – Hoploclasts
Biden’s Chief of Staff: Gangsters Smuggling Guns from Suburbs into Chicago


Nathan: Sounds like the City of Chicago needs to set up more border-control checkpoints for their Stasi to filter these out, eh?  Frankly, it seems to me not enough guns are getting through; as Debby points out, a LOT of people need guns in Chicago to protect themselves from these criminals that go around breaking the law and killing people.

Congress in action (Sequestration)

Nathan: No, “sequestration” is NOT the same thing as defenestration (which is the legal and medical term for throwing people out windows). The next several stories talk about the vast evils associated with cutting the Federal budget a SHOCKING 1.4%, and show how endangered we all are without the careful oversight and gentle aid of the FedGov.  My stomach twinges at the thought of not having food or a roof over my head because the government is not able to afford that 1.4%.

Kerry Warns About Cost of Sequestration to State Dep’t, Mum on $2.4 Billion For Pakistan

Nathan: Seems to me like the State Department could cut a LOT of money by consolidating and closing consulates and even embassies.  Or automating them: seems like a lot of their work could be done with a good secure, vandal-resistant terminal (or several) and a decent wifi connection to the internet.  I would bet its got to cost a million or more per year for every State Department employee overseas, but I bet that a terminal system would cost under $100 K – that is 90% savings right there – not counting the price the old embassy building and grounds would fetch.  Better yet, privatize the whole thing, country by country.  Let ExxonMobil bid for and pay for getting to have one of their people be the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and staff Saudi Arabia with their own people.  Maybe Gus Hall’s old outfit, the CPUSA, would bid for North Korea and Vietnam!  The possibilities are mind-staggering.

Mama’s Note: I’ve got an idea… forget the whole thing. Aside from government skulduggery, I see no purpose for “embassies” at all.

HUD Chief: Sequester Could Expose Thousands of Children to Lead Poisoning

Nathan: This is even more far-fetched. This lead boondoggle has been going on for more than 20 years – it is more than time to turn it over to local and private firms.

Mama’s Note: Again, I have a better idea. Leave it to the individuals actually involved. The whole “lead poisoning” scare has been as seriously overblown as the one about asbestos.

Duncan: Sequester Could Kick 70,000 Children Out of Head Start Preschool

Nathan: And this would be bad how? Time to let parents once more decide, and have local volunteers and groups provide this sort of thing.  Like all of these, the tall tales are designed to put pressure on political opponents by using special interest groups – I am amazed that the State Department didn’t come up with some justification that their budget is “for the children.”  Meanwhile, in a Federal Reserve near you:

Greenspan: Odds of Sequester ‘Very High’

Nathan: Yeah, right.  Like he can predict when the sun will come up tomorrow! (I’ll admit he might be right once a week or so).

Congress in action – Politics 2013
Sessions: Dems’ Portrayal of GOP is Wrong — and ‘Hurts My Feelings’

Nathan: Fortunately, I know he is being sarcastic.  At the same time, it DOES hurt – to see such idiots in power.

Congress in action – Tyranny – New religions: global warming
Waxman: Obama Should Regulate Oil Refineries, Household Appliances to Stop Global Warming


Nathan: Funny, funny.  Of course, the FedGov DOES already regulate refineries: literally regulates them to death pretty often.  As they do refrigerators and stoves and washing machines and dishwashers and coffeemakers and toasters and …  Waxman has to know this, but that doesn’t keep him from spreading fear in at least two places: one, his district’s voters, just sure that without dear Uncle Henry to protect them, their household appliances would turn on them and fill their houses (apartments) with evil greenhouse gases and they would cook in their own beds; and two, the manufacturer’s and importer’s trade groups who will write big campaign donation checks to help convince him not to make the “new regulations” too much more harsh, and to make sure that the regulations keep competitors from… well, competing!

Culture wars: killing babies
Cardinal Arinze: ‘Personally’ Against Abortion Is Like Saying ‘Personally’ Against Shooting Members of Congress


Nathan: Oops, is he in trouble now: Capitol Police on their way to arrest him now.  I’m sure he won’t go to trial:  “shot while attempting to escape” or “shot while reaching for the assault weapon hidden under his cardinal’s cap” is more likely.

First minion: hoploclasts
Biden: ‘Buy a shotgun’

(Washington Post) In a Facebook town hall meeting hosted by Parents Magazine, Vice President Biden on Tuesday had some advice for Americans who wish to protect themselves with an assault weapon. “Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun,” Biden said.

Nathan: From a technical point of view, the argument over shotguns versus semiautomatic rifles and carbines for home defense is overshadowed by the argument for handguns.  But for this current phase of his massa’s plan, this argument is intended to muddle the entire debate over liberty.  This is obviously a planned follow-up to the picture of the “messiah” trying to shoot skeet.

American front – Hoploclasts
Mexico Asks US for List of Gun Owners

(Prison Planet) The Mexican government is asking the U.S. government to hand over a list of all gun [sic] owned by residents in Border States.

Nathan: IF this is true (you know my opinion of Alex Jones) this is just one more argument – secondary, of course – to why registering weapons is an incredibly stupid idea.  There IS no list of all guns owned by the residents of TX, NM, AZ, and CA.  Fortunately.  But if there were, does anyone doubt that this administration would not find a way to turn it over to Ciudad Mexico where the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and cops would sell it to the highest bidder?

Mama’s Note: I’m still trying to figure out what such a list would do for the Mexicans. Why would they even care?

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