Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-12D: Roads and economics and stupid government

We are seeing a lot going on this week.  North Korea has declared war on the Republic of Korea and the United States and said that they will use nuclear weapons to attack both them and Texas; yet no one seems to really be panicking, yet.  (Well, Guam, maybe, and the military forces there, beefed up with more anti-missile defenses, fearful that the island will tilt with the added force (weight) of a nuclear bomb.)  Meanwhile, a lot of folks seem to be blaming the US for escalating tensions.  The US does a lot of stupid things, but it does not seem to me as though that is the case with North Korea:  I suspect that once more the North is starving (well, the working class and what used to be the middle class), and so they are screaming and dancing.  It is the North Korean version of the Cargo Cult.

At the same time, a LOT of folks are really getting hyper about cops and prosecutors getting gunned down in various parts of the country.  This might be tied to the war on Some Drugs (where several folks have declared that the war is over and marijuana won – but the UN is trying to turn both Washington and Colorado into rogue states: worse than North Korea, apparently).  Or it might be tied to the war on guns or the Mexican civil war or… insert your own idea here.  What it does NOT yet seem to be is the beginnings of a general rebellion or reaction against increasing tyranny as shown in the wars on drugs, poverty, guns, or bad words like “illegal immigrant” or “Islamist” that are banned by NBC or AP.    Meanwhile, bad economic indicators are whumping on the stock exchanges, and Bitcoin fever has been waylaid by hacking and some cautious words by some very interested observers.

Last week’s storms are a fading memory (at least in the West) so we are again worried about drought.  And people are worried and frustrated by the confusion between all these sequestration cuts and yet money getting wasted by government on what seems to be a more rapid pace each day.

Some specific news items:

Government lies
America’s Roads Aren’t Crumbling

(Foundation for Economic Education) Urban interstates with “poor” pavement dropped from 6.6 percent to 5.4 percent between 1989 and 2008…

Nathan: What?  Did government lie to us again?  Yes, we all know that there are certain stretches of road with really bad pavement or other problems (drove on a couple of them yesterday!!), and so it is easy to buy propaganda that ALL roads are crumbling to some degree, and that more money is needed to throw at the problem.  But if they are lying…

Economy 2013
Farmland: Yet Another Bubble?

(The American) With prices rising by double-digits in six of the last seven years, farmers are witnessing the value of their farms skyrocket — Iowa land selling for $2,275 per acre in 2003 is now selling for $8,700 per acre…

Nathan: Bubble or inflation or something else?

Our right to self-defense – UN thuggery
Kerry Hails U.N Arms Trade Deal, Which Senate May Not Ratify


Nathan: Look, we know what kind of a piece of work Kerry is – so what else would he do but applaud this evil agreement?  With him out of the Senate, that is at least one less vote it will get.  Meanwhile, shouldn’t he be indicted or impeached for even having ANYthing to do with this deal, which is at best an attack on American liberties protected by the Constitution, and therefore the Constitution itself?  He is an oath-breaker, at best; a traitor most likely.

Mama’s Note: Actually, he’s merely an aggressor… the same as one who would break down your door and attack you. The “constitution” is of far less value as a deterrent than the average city hollow core door – especially when it is left unlocked.

Our right to self-defense – WH thuggery
White House: New Gun Control in 2 States Reflects Capacity for Stricter Federal Laws


Nathan: As expected, these become poster children for the bigger bully-tyrant on the street.

Islamic wars – Internet front
Prodded by Islamists, Bangladeshi Gov’t Targets ‘Atheist Bloggers’


Nathan: I do wonder if it is not true: those religions who try to use government force to protect themselves from ideological/theological attack simply demonstrate that they do not have very much confidence in the viability or truthfulness of their own religion, nor of their own faith in their object of worship.

Mama’s Note: I always said that those who are the most violent in rejection of what others believe probably don’t have a great deal of faith in their own theology or precepts – or much understanding of their own history.

The “messiah” and his consort – fear and hatred
Iowa Fright: Obama Says If Michelle Lived There, She’d ‘Probably Want a Gun, Too’


Nathan: This… words fail me concerning the lack of morality, wisdom, intelligence, common sense, and intensity of hatred in the soul of this man and his consort.  But then, what do I expect?  Their life is so totally foreign to rural America (much less frontier regions of the nation) and they are so typically Chicago political gangsters that I am sure that any length of time in even the relatively densely populated farmlands of Iowa would severely depress them.  The fear and loathing that they show towards general American society and culture, and towards those of other ethnic backgrounds, not just Anglo but most Asian and European and even AmerInd, is significant and forms a basic part of their personality and decision-making process.

Mama’s Note: The real problem is their learned self loathing. They do not truly respect themselves or anything else… so it is no shock that they do not recognize the value of others. They are gossamer parasites, here today and gone tomorrow… not even able to pollinate the flowers of the next generation.

I laugh and shake my head when some folks say that these people will have power over us “forever” if we do not do this or that… Their power is as fleeting as the storm clouds, and their influence is as thin as the gossip going around the square. All we truly need do is ignore them, and cease to empower them with our fear…

East Asian front
North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack; U.S. Sending Missile Defense Shield to Guam


Nathan: More fear of the island tilting over.  Not just Jarheads but anti-missile missiles as well!  I am certain that North Korea is blowing smoke up people’s noses with their bold and rather stupid boasts, and yet…   Still, moving the missiles to Guam has to cost several millions – which could have been used to buy and airdrop rifles and pistols and ammo into North Korea and let the people free themselves.

Home front – The “messiah”
As North Korea Crisis Deepens, Obama Raises Campaign Cash in San Francisco

Nathan: Campaign cash for WHAT?  Is he REALLY planning a third term?  And apparently using the North Korean “threat” to raise the money?

Congress in action – Self defense
NRA tactics erode post-Newtown support for gun-control measures

(Washington Post) Sen Mark Begich declared a “sea change” in the politics of gun control immediately after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., telling his local newspaper that he would not hesitate to buck the powerful National Rifle Association.

Nathan: Obviously, that is NOT what he did, and a lot of other people in DC are finding that the NRA (and a lot of other organizations) have a lot of backing from people.  Doesn’t change my opinion too much of the NRA as being a compromising, state-loving, and often-back-stabbing group, however.

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