Lego Racist Menace “Defeated”

The Independent (UK): Muslims declare victory in fight over anti-islamic Lego set
Austria’s Turkish community claimed a victory in its fight against Danish toy giant Lego yesterday after the firm agreed to withdraw a Star Wars toy set featuring a mosque-like building inhabited by an obese, hookah–smoking alien, following complaints that it was anti-Muslim.

Nathan: You can’t make this stuff up.  Here are some pictures to spice up this debate.

The first picture is of the $120 Lego model available since early last year.  Neat model, based on the movie sets and the popular scene, including Jabba the Hut, “Slave Leia” (popular icon in SF-fandom), and more. 700+ pieces.  Cost in Euros about the same as in dollars due to the VAT.

This is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey.  This place, by the way, hasn’t been a mosque since 1931 – and has been a museum since 1935.  Before the Turks conquered Constantinople, it was an Orthodox cathedral.  The minarets (which look like ICBMs to me) were added by the Turks.  Yeah, the designers for George Lucas may have designed Jabba’s palace based on this.  OR they may have used another iconic image (images) for their ideas:

This is one of many UFO flying saucer pictures which seem to look a LOT like the dome on Jabba’s palace and den of thieves and pirates – OR Hagia Sophia, a former den of murdering invaders who supported thieves and pirates for about 500 years.

Apparently the Austrian Turks seem to think that Jabba is actually Muslim?  Or maybe just his thieves and thugs and pirates and bounty hunters?  Maybe the Star Wars franchise is a barely-concealed racist attack on Islam?  (Which, I thought, was not a race but a religion?)  Or a racist attack on Turks?  Maybe LEGOs are a racist plot from the same land (Denmark) that gave us the evil cartoons about Mohammad (peanut butter und honig)?

The damage inflicted by associating Jabba the Hutt with Islam has GOT to be worse than this demented idea that this Lego model is an attack on Islam, or a racist attack on any group at all.  The stupidity and arrogance of the Turkish Muslims in Austria (of all places – remember where the Turks were defeated about 400 years ago the last time they seriously tried to conquer Europe) is beyond understanding.

On to other mysteries:

Why is LEGO waiting to withdraw the set until 2014?  Perhaps because they are tired of playing stupid games with uncivilized invaders of Europe who use any excuse to push Islam and worse on the people of Austria and the rest of the continent – when they aren’t killing each other in the name of Allah.  Their normal cycle of products ends in 2014 anyway.  Meanwhile, you can buy this racist toy (limit 5 per customer) on their websites.

Or perhaps because they realize the sales potential caused by the controversy.  A couple of days after this article appeared, the local Wal-Mart toy section was completely sold out of the 777-piece set.

Tempting to buy one or even two for investment purposes, believe me.  Also tempting to pull out the Legos and see if I can make another racist set – a demolished Kaabah diorama, complete with a couple of Israeli Air Force ground-attack aircraft.  Now THAT would tick off the Muslims, wouldn’t it?

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