Colorado, the Police State

As readers may recall, Colorado is a second home for me and my family.  We spend a lot of time there, and have close relatives that live in various parts of the state.  We frequently have to travel through all the major urban areas of the state, including the Front Range (Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, Metro Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs), Pueblo, Grand Junction,  and many smaller-population areas of the state, including the Western Slope (Craig, Rifle, Meeker, Cortez, Durango, etc.), the San Luis Valley (Alamosa), North and South Parks, and the Eastern Plains (Sterling, Brush, Limon, La Junta, Lamar, Walsenburg, etc.).  I have many friends and clients throughout the state.

Colorado WAS once a Western State:  where people believed in “live and let live” and going the second mile, where people understood that “my freedom ends at your nose” and where government was limited.

In the past 30 years, that has changed:  the “quasi-full-time” General Assembly (Legislature) has become a cabal of sneak-thieves and elected hegemons, the governor has become an elected dictator, the state’s administrative agencies have become bureaucratic overseers of the slaves of the state: the citizens, residents, and voters of the state including their businesses: farms, ranches, stores, factories, mines, schools and more.

The Colorado State Patrol, once known as the “Courtesy Patrol” and established to help motorists in trouble in Colorado’s mountains and plains, has become as tyrannical and corrupt as all the rest. The first response of most travelers on Colorado roads when seeing a CSP trooper’s car is fear and worry.  Although many sheriffs are honorable and dedicated men and women, training and leading their deputies and posses to keep the peace and help their citizens, some are the corrupt and tyrannical products of elections stolen by political machines.  Sheriff’s officers all too often harass the people that they are “serving” and are often known for their laziness and partiality.  The same is true for police forces: there are many honorable and true men and women in many forces, but other forces (especially but not only in large municipalities) are venal and often brutal enforcers of the law and repress and often kill those they are supposed to be serving.

The state is now dominated by Democrats, their base of power in the large urban areas filled with Tranzis (Trans-national progressives) encouraged by such nexi as Boulder and the University of Colorado, Denver and the various universities there, and even liberal institutions of higher education in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fort Collins, Greeley, Gunnison, Durango, and Grand Junction.  The urban areas are filled with the clients of corrupt politicians: not just the college-propagandized liberals, but the underclasses: ghetto blacks in fatherless families (third- and fourth-generation welfare clients), Hispanic families both native to Colorado and legal immigrants and border-jumpers (again many multi-generational welfare recipients), urban Anglos and AmerInds who find that being parasites is a better living than working, sports “heroes,”  industrial and commercial and intellectual Defense and other government contract welfare bums, and the “trust babies:” those whose parents or grandparents struggled and succeeded and then bequeathed the wealth but not their values to their sons and daughters.  And the Democrats are aided by the GOP establishment in the state, which spends more time browbeating and disenfranchising their “Tea Party” members and conservatives than trying to win elections against Democrats.

Colorado’s contribution to the nation, politically, are now a litany of progressives:  Gary Hart, Frederico Pena, parts of the Udall political dynasty, and of course, the Salazars.  The General Assembly (and not just Democrats, by any means) conspires daily to steal more money and more liberties from every class of people, but especially those who live in the rural and frontier parts of the state, not just with the state’s own agencies but with the federal agencies (many with major presences in Denver, second only to DC as the location of the federal bureaucracy).

Last week, the latest crime and evil was revealed in Colorado. A Colorado State Patrol trainer, in his last days before joining the wonderful folks at the US Department of Homeland Security, told local and state law enforcement officers that a large majority of Coloradoans – including christians and those who believe in human rights and the US Constitution – are threats to the state and the peace, and include in their number terrorists who must be monitored and controlled.  Or so an Undersheriff of Prowers County states:

This has been verified by several sources, but I am still seeking more confirmation.

Colorado State Patrol – Christians Need to be Watched, Treated with Caution

Army training material lists evangelical Christians, Catholics as extremists

Colo. sheriff: CSP should suspend course that calls for monitoring of Christians

Those who have confirmed it are the Examiner, Glenn Beck’s program, and apparently Undersheriff Trowbridge’s boss, Prowers County Sheriff Jim Faull.  Prowers County is in the southeast part of Colorado (county seat Lamar) in the Eastern Plains.  Faull seems to be one of many sheriffs in Colorado who have denounced the recent gun control laws passed by the Colorado General Assembly, together with sheriffs from Weld County (Greeley), Elbert County (Kiowa), Dolores County (Dove Creek), Montezuma County (Cortez) and El Paso County (Colorado Springs).  Apparently at least ONE officer of the Colorado State Patrol has decided to join the tyrants.

How much lower will Colorado fall?  The state steals even from its own jurisdictional governments: counties and cities and special districts.  It destroys businesses and lives daily by obscure and punitive laws and enforcement which is based on constantly changing “interpretations” by unelected boards and political appointees and bureaucrats at all levels.  Its schools are places of brutal hazing and bullying – while children are punished for the most ridiculous of “offenses” like bringing unapproved food to school, playing games on the playground, or drawing pictures that include soldiers and guns.

The major thing left is to take off the masks and the velvet gloves and the hoods to show the naked force of government and that seems now to be happening.  If you can, get out of Colorado, or at least have a place to run to and be prepared in, in Wyoming or Utah or Kansas or even Nebraska or New Mexico.  It is time – and past time.

Mama’s Note: I have no doubt all of this is true, though I think most “christians” have no problem supporting the state for all intents and purposes… But if they are ALSO gun owners, preppers, homeschoolers, individualists of any kind… then they’ve got a potential problem. And folks like that will be in danger no matter what their religion or lack of it. Seems to me that the answer either way is OPSEC, keeping mouths shut and not being an obvious target. Seems to me that the time for evangelization and protests/demonstration is over.

Nathan: Most “christians” and non-christians support the state.  But more and more are significantly cutting back their support, at least in some (even many) areas, just for the reason you point out.  Every time someone like this CSP trooper states something like this, the state loses a few more supporters, and many supporters of the state cut back their support and loyalty to the regimes.

I think that those who claim to be believers/followers of the Christ have MORE reason to re-examine the assumptions that they grew up with or were taught based on hundreds of years of “mainstream” thinking.  The more tyrannical the state becomes, the less they can reconcile the teaching and example of the Christ with government.  And the easier it is to make the arguments that we have been making for decades:

  • no group of people, whether they claim to be a “government” or not, can be allowed to commit acts that are immoral for individuals;
  • in the long run, no government, no matter what they claim, is a friend to ANY religion which puts God ahead of the state;
  • no justification for or support of the state or government can be moral unless that state or government meets the criteria established by the Author of Liberty;
  • that in the long term, any resistance to government will be condemned and attacked by government; and
  • that all who claim to be religious must ultimately either agree with Peter, the apostle, who told his people’s government “We must obey God rather than men,” or reject this AND God for the state.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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