Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-15A: Home front

Islamic wars: South Asian front
Pakistan: Rare Christian retaliation against Muslim violence

(Christian Science Monitor) “As violence against religious minorities in Pakistan continues to grow unabated, at least one group of Christians has decided it is finally time to fight back. Earlier this month, in what observers and locals characterize as a very rare occurrence, Christians in the Francisabad neighborhood of Gujranwala stood their ground when a group of Muslims from nearby settlements began attacking their property.” (04/22/13)

Nathan: As Mama Liberty pointed out to Steve T., who wrote the headline, this is self-defense and NOT “retaliation” – and it is a crying shame that too many “christians” and “libertarians” both can’t tell the difference.  You do NOT become a “vigilante” either, just by defending yourself.  God gave ALL His children the right to defend themselves, and the obligation to defend their families, and their communities (“do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”)  Pakistan, Afghanistan, “Iraq,” Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and all the rest are places filled with evil men and controlled by evil forces – too often evil forces allied with the United States and other western powers.  Self-defense is essential, and more and more evil will take place until those who are NOT evil stand up against it.

Home front – Stupid government
Security theater: US to keep restriction on small knives on planes for now
(CNN) “The U.S. government will temporarily delay a controversial rule that would again permit passengers to carry small knives on commercial flights three days before it was due to take effect. The Transportation Security Administration said in a statement on Monday it would consider additional input from a federal advisory committee that includes aviation-related interests, passenger advocates, and law enforcement experts before activating the new regulation.” (04/22/13)

Mama’s Note: Nobody REALLY thought they’d be “allowed” to take a “knife” on an airplane, did they?

Nathan: As usual, one thing (in this case, the ricin mailings and bombing in Boston) is a convenient excuse to crackdown on something totally unrelated, like in the Sandy Hook killings, where (supposedly) pistols were used, but it was an excuse to try and ban rifles (“assault weapons”).  Tyrants (and nannies) use anything as a hook for their exercises in control.

Home front – “Gun-free zones”
15-year-old boy found shot to death blocks from President Obama’s home

(Chicago Sun-Times) When Timika Rutledge didn’t see her son – nicknamed “Cornbread” – waiting for her on the corner Monday night, she immediately got a bad feeling. After the police cars swooped in, she soon learned that her 15-year-old son, Cornelius German, was lying …

Nathan: If the “messiah” had not had a home there, would this not have happened?  Is it all his fault?  And how did the boy get killed?  Chicago is the town with all the tough gun laws!  But his mama said he is NOT a gangbanger, just had friends who were.  She raised her son the way the “messiah” treats this country:  abusive and full of lies.

Mama’s Note: Well, we don’t know really. I’m sure that it is almost impossible for boys raised in Chicago to avoid being involved with gangs to some degree. Obama’s Chicago house had noting to do with it.

Home front – Islamic wars
Saudi Students in U.S. Up More Than 500% Since Sept. 11, 2001

Nathan: We supposedly don’t let pedophiles or Holocaust implementers/apologists or rapists into the nation, but there is no indication that any of these people are screened for such things (which are not, apparently, crimes in Saudi Arabia and therefore would not show up in a records check).  Like everything else the government claims to do, they do NOT do this well – indeed, they make matters worse.

Mama’s Note: With all the money the Saudi rulers have, it’s a little surprising they don’t have plenty of their own universities. But I don’t expect the US gov. or the Saudi state to screen these people, regardless of their criteria. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their legitimate dependents.

Attempted murder, rape or child molestation should be a one way ticket to the morgue – preferably at the hands of the intended victim.

Russian front – Hypocrisy
Putin’s Russia launches ‘unprecedented’ crackdown on activists, rights group warns
(NBC News) It also comes weeks after the State Department cataloged a series of human concerns in Russia, including restrictions to harsh fines for unsanctioned political meetings, electoral fraud and the detention and trial of citizens without due process.

Mama’s Note: The only thing that is “unprecedented” is the level of hypocrisy – both the US and Russia. The US “state department” doesn’t consider the “Patriot Act” atrocities and Gitmo, TSA… etc. as human rights violations? How convenient…

Nathan: You mean like the way they are handling the “Suspect #2” in Boston – or the hundreds of thousands of citizens locked down in panic for almost 24 hours?  These “rights groups” are as biased as the US and UN agencies whose activities they support and validate.

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Muslim Mob Destroys British War Cemetery

Video shows unidenified Libyans (including those in typical Imam-style dress) knocking over grave stones and attempting to tear down the memorial cross in what is clearly a British WW2 War Cemetery.

Nathan: (The caption states this is a cemetery of “British war victims” – a totally different idea than the reality: British war dead: soldiers and sailors and airmen, NOT “victims” but killed in action.) Although I do not understand Arabic, the word “Israeli” was clear at least once, giving the impression that in the eyes of those desecrating the cemetery, the British are somehow equated with the Israelis.  (I could not see if any of the gravestones being broken and toppled had Stars of David or not.) It is unlikely that all the stones knocked down and splintered were of Jewish dead.  And of course, it ignores the fact that the British dead were killed in the process of liberating Libyans from Italian and German conquest and occupation.  But this is typical for the Muslim communities in the world:  making a joke or publishing a cartoon viewed as “desecrating” the memory of Mohammad (peanuss butter und honig) or stating something “disrespectful” about the “Religion of Peace” (TM?) is viewed as an insult punishable only by death.  Graves which have been left in peace for a half-century must be destroyed, apparently not in a fit of violence but in sober determination that anything Western is evil and fair game for any abuse and vandalism wanted.

Quote of the week

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. 

C. S. Lewis
English essayist & juvenile novelist (1898 – 1963)

About TPOL Nathan

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