Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-15B: Baby killers and other criminals

I again return to the new Bergen-Belsen, that hypocritical and evil place called Philadelphia, once again proving its wickedness by not demanding justice be done.

Nazgul – Culture wars: killing babies (2 stories)
Gosnell’s Attorney: ‘Ludicrous’ ‘To Say a Baby is Born Alive Because It Moves One Time’


Nathan: I realize that the attorney has to stand up for his client, no matter what a piece of living garbage that client is, but this is such a ridiculous claim as to make the attorney an accomplice after the fact:  the testimony clearly stated that the baby was moving and alive for more than 20 minutes after being “aborted” before Gosnell “snipped” it – decapitated it and murdered it in cold blood, premeditated.  But apparently the judge does not believe that babies born live – if accidentally alive – are human, as the next story relates.

Judge Throws Out 3 Murder Charges in Gosnell Abortion-Murder Case

Nathan: “There ain’t no justice” – “TANJ” – is a frequent cry throughout human history, and once again this seems to be proven.  The man who killed or directed the killing of TENS of thousands of babies, and who unlike Hitler or Stalin or Mao seems to have done a good deal of it “hands-on” is off the hook for three of the pitifully few (seven) charges of murder he faces, even while his employees turn states’ evidence to get off the hook as well, and the politicians and cops and “welfare workers” and medical inspectors of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania get out of even having their hands slapped.  No reason is given for the dismissals in the story, just as no reasons are given for why he did not face charges of crimes against humanity and mass murder, and even genocide.  Yes, he can only hang or fry or be gassed or injected once, and I know that vengeance is the Lord’s, but all this does is show that children can be killed with virtual impunity, and so the killings elsewhere will continue, and no doubt ARE continuing in Philadelphia right now with someone who at least knows how to keep the vermin down doing the killing.

Mama’s Note: And yet… the death of even one child at Newton or anywhere else – when killed with a gun – is supposed to be sufficient reason to make everyone in the country completely helpless… except police, of course.

Congress in action – American front
Sen. Chuck Schumer on Border Security: ‘We Certainly Need More Drones’


Nathan: What, he and the other 534 members of Congress are not enough?  Seriously, Schumer is a slaver in his heart, and he wants them to keep the people under control – his fear of a real republic and people who stand up for their rights is obvious.  Also seriously, if we NEEDED more drones for border security, we have a fleet of them operating all over the Middle East, and all we need to do is bring them home to protect our borders, which is a MILITARY function and not the proper role for one of the biggest porkbarrel agencies on the planet.  And bring the airmen home to maintain and fly the things too (although I suspect that the pilots are already at home at Groom Lake and telecommuting to kill innocents in rural tribal areas on the other side of the world).

The “messiah’s” consort and minions – Stupid government
First Lady: ‘Federal Workers Are This Invisible Face, No One Knows What They Do’

Nathan: Lady, I don’t know about Chicago, but “federal workers” are in my face almost EVERY day, if not every HOUR of the day, and I know EXACTLY what they do: they steal from me, waste what they steal, and make my life and those of my family and my friends, co-workers, and clients poorer and more miserable than they should be.  They are the evil 1% that lord it over the rest of us and cause untold misery at home and abroad.  And you are one ROYALLY STUPID lawyer (or former lawyer) whose major skill is lying.

Mama’s Note: The utter waste, from any conceivable direction, is really hard to communicate to a lot of people… unless they’ve spent some serious time in the DMV, or being audited by the IRS. Most of those really do “get it.” This “lady” has obviously never been inconvenienced that way… though one does wonder about the “former lawyer” bit.

The “messiah’s” minions – American front/Home front
Napolitano to Cruz on 844-page Immigration Bill: ‘Actually I Have Read the Bill’

Nathan: What?  She can READ?  Her record in Arizona and now in DC seems to make a strong argument for needing to have her aides and others read to her.

Mama’s Note: …if they indeed ever bother.

Napolitano to Sen. Sessions on Poor Morale at ICE: ‘It’s Not Just With ICE – It’s Throughout the Department’

Nathan: Hmmm.  Does she have a mirror in her office or her “executive wash room?”  Perhaps if she uses it, she might understand why the entire department has low morals – excuse me, low morale.  Remember, everyone of their offices and posts has a picture of her and her slick-talking, America- and liberty-hating boss, on their walls: AND they have these really awful uniforms and jobs, and they mostly have families that go around saying their relative works playing piano in a cheap hooker bar or whorehouse so that they are not embarrassed by the truth…

Mama’s Note: Funny, but true… my niece’s X was an “air traffic controller,” and she divorced him when he decided to “move up” to fly helicopters for the DEA. She had enough trouble admitting to the ATC… but the DEA was just much too much.

Congress in action – Good riddance
Officials: Democratic Sen. Max Baucus to Retire

Nathan: One more enemy of liberty retiring to enjoy his stolen wealth – yes, stolen, even if he retiring just on his Senate pension.  Instead, he should be enjoying the rest of his life in SuperMax outside Canon City, paid for by taking every dime he has swindled or invested since he was first elected to ANY public office.  I cannot forgive the people of Montana for foisting this man and his hatred of freedom on the rest of us for all these years.

Bill Clinton Omits ‘Creator’ In Citing Declaration and ‘Endowed With Certain Rights’ at Gay Awards Event


Nathan: Look, folks, we know that Bill Clinton is an amoral opportunist, shyster, con-artist, and big time parasite: of COURSE he is going to conveniently forget God, right up to the moment when he is pulled in front of the Great White Throne (kicking and screaming about “the definition of is,” no doubt) and judged.  Indeed, may the Lord have mercy on his soul.  Let us not get our knickers into a wad about things like this, and concentrate on what is important: he can believe whatever he wants to, as long as he doesn’t aggress against anyone else – and God WILL judge him and deal with him as he deserves.

Congress in action – Theft by government
Rep. Ellison: New Taxes ‘Really Should Be Paid’ to Maintain ‘Liberty and Justice for All’


Nathan: He is Muslim, which means his definition of “liberty” and “justice” is warped by his false religion, but this is extreme even so.  Taxes produce liberty and justice?  In what universe?  Not this one.

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