Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-21D: Killer cops, stupid government, terrorism

Home front: killer cops – Local tyranny
Texas: Jerry Waller killed by cops in his own home without warning

(CBS) Jerry Waller, 73 years young, and his wife Kathy had gone to bed Monday night like they always did.  Shortly after midnight, they were woken by a neighbor’s burglar alarm and bright light.  Like a good neighbor, Waller grabbed his handgun and went to his garage to investigate the alarm.  Waller lives across the street from the where the alarm was sounding.  He was still behind his own house when the next thing he knew, two rookie police officers had opened fire on him, shooting him 6 times in the chest.  Waller was instantly killed.

Nathan: Thanks to Godfather Politics for this one.  This is more than rogue police, this is direct and unforgivable aggression against a private citizen on his own property with NO excuse.  Indeed, the two murderers were trespassing and Waller could have shot and killed THEM under both God’s law and Texas law.  This is terrorism, pure and simple. These men should be tried, and if convicted, EXECUTED as a warning to others of their types.  And Fort Worth should outlaw every member of this gang. I don’t care if one of the murderers broke down and cried when he realized what he had done.  He and his fellow killer cop, and no one else, is responsible for murdering an innocent, elderly man.  The police have taken over the natural functions of society: of people looking out for each other, and use natural and godly response as excuse to kill, steal, terrorize, and abuse citizens.  It is time to end this evil organization.  And not just in Fort Worth.

Government-run, Tax-funded schools
ACLU and School Wrangle over letting children think for themselves

(Godfather Politics)

Nathan: They are all nuts?

Mama’s Note: We both know this well: Perfect solution, for all those parents and others who truly care about the children: Withdraw from the sick and dying government “school.” Those who want can set up a network of private schools and homeschool support groups.

To all those who continue to think they can and must “reform” the public schools: Why waste time, effort and money fighting for something that can never actually serve the needs of free individuals? A government controlled “education” system will always serve the government first and foremost.

Stupid government – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
State Dep’t.: Al-Qaeda Headed for ‘Defeat’, But Arab Turmoil Helping Other Terrorists


Nathan: This is the same sort of Pollyana thinking that apparently helped cause the Benghazi massacre: incredibly stupid and out of touch with reality.  The more the US and the West fail to deal with the root cause of terrorism in the Muslim world: ISLAM ITSELF, the more terrorists will arise, whether there is “turmoil” or not.  Of course, the turmoil is a result of the evil teaching and practice of a religion which belongs on the ash heap of history along with the Aztec, the Carthaginian, and the Canaanite religions, which it more and more resembles.  Of course, this is NOT a responsibility of governments, but of individuals and churches.  So of course the State Department is incompetent and ineffectual in dealing with it.

Mama’s Note: So, how would that work? I’m just trying to understand how individuals and churches can “deal with” Islam without violating the non aggression principle. Seems to me that leaving them alone, and preparing to defend ourselves at need, is a far better plan.

Islamic wars: Persian front/actions
U.S. Finds ‘Marked Resurgence’ of Iranian Sponsorship of Terrorism

Nathan: The terrorism and turmoil I discussed above is NOT limited just to Arab portions of the Ummah (the Muslim “world”):  the johnny-come-latelies in Persia who want to take over leadership of the Ummah are just one of several groups who are willing to kill and torture and threaten and destroy to force people to follow their way of political and religious thinking.  Of course, in this, they aren’t much different from the western governments they are fighting.

Stupid people – War on some religions
Ohio State President: ‘You Just Can’t Trust Those D**n Catholics’

Nathan: Sounds like the kind of thing said back in the early 1800s, when the Pope was considered an evil foreign potentate.  But you wanna bet that the OSU administration, faculty, and student senate want to get the UK out of Northern Ireland?  And would never ever think of making a comment like this about Muslims?

Culture wars: homosexual activism
ExxonMobil Shareholders Again Refuse Special Protection for Homosexual Employees

Nathan: Oy veh!  What a bunch of redneck haters!  Never mind that these people, as private persons, have a God-given (and constitutionally-recognized) right to associate and NOT associate with whomever.  They are, in the eyes of an unholy alliance of homosexuals, environists, and various socialists, an evil corporation that must be destroyed – or at the least forced to do what others demand.  Funny, I am not aware of ANYone FORCED to buy from ExxonMobil, much less WORK for them or own their shares, but that no longer matters in our decaying society.

Hoploclasts and Hoplophobes
California Senate Approves Background Checks, Permits and Fees for Ammunition Purchases

Nathan: WOW, what a tremendous business opportunity for hundreds or thousands of people:  not just street gangs and biker gangs (though I expect the biker gangs will really profit from this) but for everyday people.  Got relatives in California?  Ask them to work with you to visit back and forth and set up transportation.  I am sure small ads posted on bulletin boards in bars and truckstops will work:  “Hunter?  We can help keep you supplied.  Call (555)555-5555 today.  Best prices for great Wyoming and South Dakota products”  Talk to the folks that do this already with fireworks.

Culture wars: killing babies? – The Nanny State
Sebelius to Class of ’13: Good News, Obamacare Gives You Free Birth Control


Nathan: What a charming thing to tell the graduates.  And how vital!  No jobs – thanks to government.  No freedom of speech or self defense – thanks to government.  No privacy or medical choice – thanks to government.  But free birth control (and free abortion, as soon as they can slide it under the table) – thanks to government.

Our right of self-defense
Veteran charged with unlawful gun use for defending himself

(The Last Resistance) (opinion)

Nathan: A great, sarcastic article worth sharing with folks.

Theft by government
Gov’t Spending $32M on Housing for 1,300 AIDS Patients: Average $24,874 Each


Nathan: A month:  apparently, we DO have more than one kind of nobility in this country.  All you have to do (like about 95% of AIDS victims) is indulge in behaviors that are immoral, that you have been warned about for decades, and that are easily preventable.  Then you come up positive and get all this stuff for the rest of your life (admittedly, a shorter life than otherwise unless you were one of the 40,000 Americans who died on the highways, or the 100,000 or so who die in other kinds of accidents, or the “10 million or so” who are killed by guns each year (exaggeration for effect here, folks)).

Mama’s Note: I put that “ten million or so” into quotes there to keep our readers from going into respiratory or cardiac arrest – just in case they might not make it to your disclaimer!

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