Resisting Tyranny in the Police State of Colorado

Colorado is my birthplace, though my heritage is mixed Scots-Irish-English-Texan-Comanche.  It is also where I completed both high school and college, and I was a citizen there for many years.  So I consider it important to me and my family, even though we are all South Dakotan residents and citizens of the Black Hills.  So I have been saddened significantly by Colorado’s steady march to the drums of tyranny, a nanny state in which the velvet glove covers less and less of the steel fist, and the jackboots are hobnailed and at least symbolically made of human skin.  Year by year, month by month, the growth of tyranny has and is destroying the state.  The entire state is dragged down by a perverted desire on the part of the majority of inhabitants of the large (and many small) metropolitan areas to be more like California and Massachusetts and New York.

But at least SOME people are trying to change that.  Here are two stories to talk about their attempts.

Resisting Tyranny – Home front – Politics 2013
Colorado: Eight Counties Consider Secession from State

(Greeley Tribune)  – Weld and eight other counties in Northeastern Colorado have announced plans to start a petition to separate from Colorado and seek admission as “North Colorado,” the 51st State, citing new gun laws and new oil and gas regulations.

Nathan: About time, but my first thought is why these eight counties didn’t ask about 40 more out of the 62 counties in the state to join them – although “North Colorado” wouldn’t work: perhaps “Outer Colorado” would, since the only counties that seem happy with having their citizens’ rights stolen one by one, and having businesses shut down by the thugs in Denver, are a double-handful mostly along the Front Range:  Denver and Boulder of course, and Broomfield, Larimer, probably Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas, Summit, Gilpin, Clear Creek, and Eagle.  That is a dozen, and most of the Tranzis and fellow-travelers in the state.  Probably an even toss-up for El Paso and Pueblo, and the “hispanic” counties in the San Luis Valley and south.  THIS should be pushed, not because I expect it to happen but because it will create a crisis in the state and MIGHT cause a lot of their thuggish acts to get rolled back.  Keep in mind that 80% of the state’s population is in the Front Range, with more than 3 million in Metro Denver (including Boulder and Douglas Counties.  The entire rest of the state, including chunks of the Front Range, is conservative to libertarian (minarchist, not anarchist), with a few dark spots:  Aspen and Vail and Summit County, Durango, parts of the San Luis Valley and the “old” Democrat/Hispanic areas like Trinidad and Pueblo. (But even a Pueblo senate district was able to get enough signatures to get a recall election against their Democratic senator who voted for all the gun laws.)

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot more than petitions or elections to make any headway. As long as the “majority rules,” and too few make any meaningful moves to take back control of their lives, the tyranny will continue to grow like the malignant cancer it truly is.

Home front: Resisting Tyranny
More Colorado Sheriffs Join Lawsuit Against State

(Liberty Crier)55 of 62 county sheriffs in Colorado have now joined the suit to overturn recently passed “gun control” laws requiring background checks for all transfers and limiting magazine capacity, among others.

Nathan: That is not a bad percentage, especially given that too many of the sheriffs are more interested in their own power than in protecting their citizens (employers).  And given what is happening in Florida, and threats which have been made, directly and indirectly, against sheriffs who do fight against the laws, by the General Assembly and various State Administration officials.  When you add this to the budding secession movement and the turmoil created by the legalization of cannabis, there is excitement indeed in Colorado. Of course, if sheriffs understood their true purpose and reason for existence, predating the Constitution but based on the Magna Carta and the original Bill of Rights, ALL 62 would be on-board (with the possible exception of Bill Masters who agrees with the 55 but says that he has more important uses for the limited funds he has, and won’t enforce the laws that he views as unconstitutional anyway)

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2 Responses to Resisting Tyranny in the Police State of Colorado

  1. Ed Warden says:

    I live in Westminster and alot of the people i meet here hate the way this state is going and want to change it. Westminster should & must join in this movement or i will have to move a few miles North. LIVE FREE OR DIE! TRAITORS MUST BE PUNISHED & HANGED LIKE THEY DID TO TRAITORS IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS IN THE WEST.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Well, it’s not perfect here in Wyoming, but I’ve got to say it’s a whole lot better. I’ll never go back to Denver if I can help it.


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