Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-28A: Clothing and global warming, dog food

Stupid government studies – New religions: Manmade global warming
$487K Study of Viking Textiles During Little Ice Age To ‘Mitigate Climate Change’

Nathan: Well, if all it takes to “mitigate” climate change is wearing different clothing, maybe if people all dress a bit more modestly, the planet will stop heating up so much.  Sort of the opposite of common sense, I suppose:  too many bikinis makes the summer season warmer, and too many idiots out in shorts in winters makes them warmer too?  I guess I shouldn’t say too much until another government study or three are able to correlate the popularity of nude and topless sunbathing and swimming with oceanic temperatures and number of degree-days on land.

State Department to Spend $95,000 Teaching Haitian Inmates How to Sew

Nathan: This is obviously part of the US FedGov’s attempt to combat global warming: considering how Haitians normally dress.  If they sew and wear enough clothing, maybe Haiti can go from tropical to, I dunno, equal to New England maybe?

The “messiah’s” minions – Home front
Will DOJ Charge Zimmerman? ‘Not Something the President Involves Himself In’

Nathan: Of course not.  Aren’t the emperor’s new robes VERY tasteful and expensive?

The “messiah’s” minions – Home front
Holder: DOJ ‘Resolved’ to Combat Violence ‘Involving or Directed at Young People’

Nathan: When?  NEXT century maybe?

Home front: stupid politicians
Jesse Jackson Urges U.N. Human Rights Council to Investigate Trayvon Martin Shooting

Nathan: This is the same council that wants to charge the current governor of South Dakota, who has spent most of his adult life running children’s homes and trying to protect children from drunken, drug- and child-abusing parents and families, with genocide for that very work, because he can’t find enough AmerInd families to place abused and special-needs Lakota and Dakota and Nakota children in?  What about Chicago, Jesse?

Home front: stupid politicians
Four Children Gunned Down in Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

Nathan: Along with other big urban centers, Chicago accepts the murder (not just death) of children all the time: it just “happens” – even while they try to force their stupidity (which is what leads to most of these deaths) on the rest of the nation, like the Florida town where the young thug Martin was killed in self-defense.

Mama’s Note: Not to mention the fact that most murders and assaults in the country are perpetrated by young black males, and that blacks of all ages are primarily the victims. If Zimmerman had been black, we’d never have heard a word about it.

Home front: stupid people
L.A. Protesters, Furious About Zimmerman Verdict, Raid Store, Block Freeway


Nathan: I find it interesting that this took several hours if not a whole day or more to happen after the verdict was announced.  Was this due to all these protesters/rioters not getting the word very fast?  Or was it because the instigators believed their own propaganda and really thought the uprising would be “spontaneous” so that when it didn’t happen, they had to go out and cause it to happen?

Congress in action – Crash of 2009
Rep. Wilson: Some Seniors ‘Eat Dog Food When Their Food Stamps Run Out’


Nathan: And whose fault is this?  Government, of course, and NOT because the government doesn’t produce enough food stamps (or food) but because the government has so destroyed the economy.  And some seniors don’t GET food stamps – and don’t NEED food stamps because (a) they prepared for their own retirement, (b) they have families that love them and care for them, (c) they have church families that love them and care for them, or (d) they are too proud to either take food stamps OR eat dog food, and WORK.

Mama’s Note: I suppose there might be one or two incidents of this in a year (used to be “cat food”), but I never saw any signs of it in 30 years of nursing, and I saw a lot of VERY poor seniors over that time. One of the big problems is the fact that most people want the “convenience” type stuff and are either too lazy or don’t really know how to cook real, fresh foods. And yes, there are some seniors who are simply not able to cook much… that’s what family and neighbors are for.

I belonged to a neighborhood group that took food to needy seniors, and most turned down the fresh things that required preparation and cooking. They really wanted frozen dinners and ready made sandwiches the most. Or pudding cups and ice cream. And yes, government “programs” have caused an awful lot of this, along with “public education” and broken homes where children never learn any domestic skills like cooking. It’s a complex problem, and most certainly won’t be solved with more “food stamps.

Many children and adults are seriously malnourished these days, no matter how much money is thrown at it. A diet almost completely lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grain products is the norm, and the “fast food” or white bread sandwiches washed down with 2 liters of soda pop is the cause of a great deal of the illness, obesity and lethargy in this country.

Stupid Tranzi tricks
NAACP, MoveOn: ‘Right to Life’ Violated in Trayvon Martin Killing


Nathan: Obviously younger (but not a “child”) Hispanic males such as Zimmerman are not allowed to enjoy THEIR right to life.  This sort of effort by the Tranzis is so pathetic.  But too many people suck it up.

Culture wars: worldwide
Catholic Bishop in Dominican Republic: Obama’s Gay Ambassadorial Nominee ‘Will Have to Leave’


Nathan: Ugly.  Merging of church and state: the ‘messiah’s” administration will need to immediately cut all funding to the Republic until they make the Catholic bishop leave.  Of course, it is not just Catholic prelates that do this:  I learned that an Anglican bishop in Dominica kicked out an Anglican missionary a few years ago because she supported Episcopalian moves to encourage same-sex “marriages” and ordain homosexual “bishops.”

Home front: New York – Crime
NY data show crime increase last year statewide

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – New York’s violent crimes increased 2.3% statewide to more than 79,000 last year despite a drop in New York City murders. State data on serious property and violent crimes still show an overall 13% decade-long decline to about 450,000 last year. That reflects fewer crimes in all categories, led by a 62% drop in stolen vehicles. While the city’s murders declined almost 19% to 419 in 2012, the fewest recorded in decades, aggravated assaults, robberies and forcible rapes all rose to nearly 53,000 violent crimes, up 3.5% from 2011. For the rest of the state, violent crimes were nearly flat at about 26,000 last year, with declines in forcible rapes and robberies, an uptick in aggravated assaults and 265 murders, a 4% increase.

Mama’s Note: No real surprise here. “Gun control” works so good, don’t you know.

Nathan: This is contrary to the national trend, of course.  But notice that the headline is really bogus: murders are down and except in NYC, other violent crimes are also down.  I am sure that Bloomberg and his ilk are torn, because they want to use increased crime as the excuse for more laws and more tyranny (as if there is a difference) but want to crow about how their tough laws and enforcement “caused” the NYC murder rate to drop.  (Of course, the increase in non-homicide violent crimes in NYC puts the lie to that claim.  We should also remember that aggravated and forcible rapes often do not require the perp to have a gun, but if potential victims are armed, these sorts of crimes usually fail.

Mama’s Note: Yes, armed potential victims do mess up their utopia badly, and don’t get reported either, except when arrested as “gun criminals,” of course.

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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-28A: Clothing and global warming, dog food

  1. I have been researching government for the past 20 years; and in the past 2 years have a real understanding exactly what it is; and how “We the People” can peacefully become solvent from it’s private government systems. I’m in Southern Oregon and trying to get in contact with Carl F. Worden. I’d be grateful if you’d contact him and ask him to contact me. I have a wealth of new information to share with him and his educated contacts. My work is not for beginners.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      [Comment edited to remove personal information.]
      I have not heard from Carl in many years. I’ve sent you an email with a search result that may help you reach him. Good luck!


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