Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-27D: SPECIAL – Zimmerman “not guilty”

Zimmerman Not Guilty
(The Blaze) and about every other media outlet in the US.

Nathan:  Sniff, sniff… yeah, sitting here in Cortez, CO, I can smell smoke: not just our ordinary, everyday, forests-are-burning smoke, but an odd tang, like old socks and cigarette butts with wood smoke.  Not quite like burning trash (in a landfill – know what THAT smells like, as recently as last week when some idiot threw away something that set a mattress on fire in the landfill).

I guess it must be America burning, and no doubt mixed with gunsmoke as the rioters in Florida blame the six-woman jury for not sending the “racist” and “baby-killer” Zimmerman to the electric chair – or more preferably to be drawn and quarters and have his head put on a pike in front of the State Capitol.

Justice is done – for once.  But the evil stench of injustice is really probably what I’m smelling, despite the warnings of riots and unrest and all the like spouted the last few days by the media, and taken seriously by a fair number of law-enforcement types in Florida and many inner cities.  “Remember Rodney King,” and “Remember O.J.” and “Remember …”  A seventeen-year-old who died in the act of being abused as a “child?”  Please, people, give me a break.

The stench of that woman on the bench, who apparently thinks her job isn’t to work for the jury but for the prosecution.

The stench of the prosecution who ALL deserve to be sitting at the other table in a court room as soon as possible: they break the law and lie and cheat and are probably mentally deranged to even try the “child abuse” caper.

The stench of the media who started this entire mess, costing Florida taxpayers millions, for the same of a story about a thug attacking a neighborhood protector and getting killed for his trouble.

The stench of all the REAL racists and gangsters and thugs who threatened mayhem for the nation if the women acquitted Zimmerman.

Who will be the next Zimmerman?  That’s actually the wrong question:  there are DOZENS of Zimmermans every day in court, in jail, being pilloried in the media for defending themselves or using the wrong word (at least for people of certain colors) three or four decades ago or any of a thousand crimes that are not really “crimes” except in a corrupt and crooked and wicked court system which serves justice the way a rude and ticked-off waiter serves dessert.  Maybe what I’m smelling is not the nation burning to punish the jury for acquitting Zimmerman: maybe it is the stench of a nation burning for its sins.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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