Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-27C: Exporting government

Don’t you wish, now and then, that you had a teleporter or perhaps one of the Han’s “dis rays” (from the old Buck Rogers stories)?  To conveniently disappear certain relics of the barbarous eras of human history, like the ancient Egyptians, the massive Mongol invasions and empires, and the current (and last three or five) US Administrations?  Let’s look at some stories and see how that would help – and how that wonderful idea is twisted around.

Home front: Chicagoland tyranny plus
Illinois Lawmaker Welcomes Police State


Nathan: This foolish, fearful woman (why on earth would someone elect this woman to be ANYTHING except maybe towel girl for the cheerleading squad) wants to turn Chicago into a fully-militarized occupation zone (Chicago Police are not FULLY militarized, and clearly do not have that good a track record on occupation – since the death count and violence toll is higher than most Afghani cities have).  Isn’t this just bringing MORE guns onto the streets?  And what happens when the Chicago gangs ambush and wipe out a whole fire team of National Guard infantry?  Do you realize how much firepower a modern infantry squad – even dismounted and light – has? The insanity of using combat troops just doesn’t seem to be understandable to your normal “legislator.”  Is this ANOTHER reason to require prior military service to be eligible to run for office?

New Religions: Global warming and more

Nathan: Thanks to Scott for this one.  This lengthy piece of pseudo science tries to reconcile both the Global Freezing Scare of the 1970s and the Global Warming Scare of the last two decades, while coming up with the last digit of PI and explaining where all those socks that disappear from the clothes drier go. (I’m only joking on the last two.  The writer of this tall tale already published the answer to those some time ago, when he was merely human and not a demigod.)  It ALSO tries to explain just why the data for the last decade or so shows no increase in global warming:  it is (again) OUR fault: we pollute the air with contrails and chemtrails and cigarette smoke and cow gas and everything else and we are “masking” the real warming because we are causing cooling – and this, of course, is not seen as a natural balance, but as a DOUBLY-bad thing by the nut jobs that wrote this and all the rest.  The entire argument boils down to this: Technology is evil, people are evil, a decent standard of living is evil, and liberty is evil incarnate. Which is why we have the next nut job introducing his legislation.

Congress in Action – Stupid Congress (1)
Bill in Congress for National Park on Luna

(Raw Story)

Nathan: There is just something about those parts of the Lone Star Republic that elect Democrats to Congress (see the next story, also);  I figure there must be an IQ test for the candidates:  “IF YOUR IQ IS GREATER THAN 90, YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS RIDE.”  Except that being Democrats, someone x’ed out the “0” on the sign.  He wants to make the six landing sites on Luna into a national historic park, under the control of those glorious defenders of nature and history, the National Park Service.  (Perhaps, a little voice who must remain nameless tells me), he considers the NPS of 2013 to be more competent than NASA of 2013.)  Never mind that the surface (and everything else) of Luna is NOT US territory, because the FedGov VOLUNTARILY gave up “right of discovery” – a basic part of international law for a millenium, and deeded the whole ball of dirt to the UN!  Never mind that there is no way those ranger hats are going to fit in a Neil Armstrong style spacesuit helmet.  Never mind that the standard NPS housing will infest the entire surface of Luna with rats, mice, cockroaches and silverfish.  Never mind that they would have to rent a Russian junker to even get part of the way there.  WHAT ABOUT THE STINKING BUDGET?  Do you realize what kind of hazardous duty pay NPS maintenance personnel could get for being assigned up there?

HOWEVER, I do like the idea of requiring Congress to hold a least a week of each session on the Sea of Tranquility (although at a suitably safe and respectful distance from Tranquility Base).  I am sure that they would welcome the excuse not to go back to their home district.

Congress in action – Theft by government
Rep. Jackson Lee: Farm Bill ‘Will Again Put Starving Children in the Abyss’
( “It will again put starving children in the abyss of the uncaring attitude of my friends, who for the first time in decades are separating the heart line of the Farm bill, the nutrition program, the Supplemental nutrition program, the food stamps program.”

Mama’s Note: But I thought all American children were obese, overweight… how can they be starving? And this little lady doesn’t seem to have missed too many meals herself. The “food stamps” won’t be eliminated, by any means of course. But any family feeling a “pinch” might consider canceling the cable TV, not buying cigarettes or booze, and the mommies might forgo their fake fingernails, salon hairdos, bar hopping, or whatever. Could feed a lot of children with that money…

Nathan: Like  Ah said, Texas shore has a lot tae answer fur…  The “heart line?”  Right.  Sounds like my aunt’s renters, who can pay for new vehicles, the cable, and all the liquids from the empty containers that fill my aunt’s trash bin, but can’t afford to pay their rent.  I don’t agree with farm subsidies any more than I do with food subsidies, but this was a good move on the part of Congress to split these:  they were lumped together for 50+ years to get enough votes for both programs.  But we are all getting tired of this.  “Starving Children?”  Ha.  What a joke.  There probably ARE children starving in America but it is more BECAUSE of government action than inaction.  Sheila Jackson Lee is a scummy weasely Tranzi who had her entire political career based on lies and screaming emotion, of which “fa da chilluns” is the greatest part.  Starving children today are a result of the stupidity or evil of the parents and relatives, and sometimes of the children themselves (ever met a 5-2 80-pound 13-year-old girl who thought she was “fat”? I have).  And there is the occasional sex slave, but that is certainly not going to be helped by food stamps.  Never fear, though, we will be inundated by screams of “children are dying in America.”

As for this Congress-cow; well, she could have paid for a FEW children’s meals with that $24,000 around-the-world trip a couple of months ago.  And she sure looks like she could afford to miss a meal or two or ten – and remember, ALL her meals are on the taxpayer, because we pay her salary.

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