Libertarian commentary on the news, #13-27B: Idiots in charge of a decaying regime

Busy week – for me and a lot of other folks.  But apparently the government is incredibly busy destroying everything it can – and itself.  We can see that in the very LOWEST of venue:

Stupid government – Demogogues
Obama: The Government Is Us, And We’re Doing Things Right

(Personal President Barack Obama wants Americans to focus less on government failings and more on where it makes things better. The government is us, according to the President, and we’re doing things right.

Nathan: I am so totally disgusted at this man and his stupid comment that I’ve tried to write commentary on this five or six times and not been able to really start.  I want to pick this to pieces, but at the same time, I want to cover my ears and run screaming from this government and the idiots who claim to be in charge.  We are seeing this nation, and most states of it, deteriorating into stinking slime, in front of us, day-by-day.

Mama’s Note: Of course it’s a silly statement. There is absolutely nothing that can be “done right” with theft, coercion, lies, fraud and murder. Fortunately, more and more people are noticing that very thing.

Home front – War against some religion
Rep. Pitts: ‘First Amendment Does Not Restrict Religion to Places of Worship’

Nathan: And why not?  Why do all the people have to be bothered by these street preachers and people being disgusting by worshipping in parks or stores or wearing crosses or funny hats or all that gross stuff?  Well, because the First Amendment does not CREATE a right to worship God (or gods or elephants or even science): it “merely” recognizes it and supposedly prohibits government from interfering with it.  The right to practice a religion is inherent: built into every human being, whether by nature or by nature’s God.  Too bad MORE politicians and bureaucrats don’t understand this.  Sadly, the FedGov has been attacking SOME religions for 180 years, (as some states have been since the 1600s, just in different ways) and there is little hope that it will do anything but get worse.

Stupid government tricks – Africa’s collapse
New Duties for Holder and Kerry: Combat Wildlife Trafficking in Africa


Nathan: I am SO GLAD that they are finally tackling what tens of millions of Americans view as the most critical issue on which the Federal government must take action today.  Americans have been demanding for decades that hundreds of billions of dollars must be spent to keep this from happening, and that if the choice is between this and letting Mexico take over the US, then Mexico is welcome to it.

Government spying and the end of liberty – Europe’s fall
Belgium:  Government to Spy on Emails “Legally”

(De Standaard via PresEurop) The Belgian government has requested that the country’s parliament hold an urgent vote on a bill presented at the end of June, which will oblige telecoms operators to keep a record of emails that transit their networks for a period of one year, reports De Standaard. The daily points out that in compliance with the European directive of 2006, which is currently being reviewed by the European Commission, state security services and the courts will have access to the records, but that these will not include information about the content of emails.

Nathan: Certainly the Belgian government (or ONE of the Belgian governments, or all of them) has been doing this – perhaps subcontracting to NSA’s contractors to gather them.  But now, suddenly, they want to be legal, fearing the sort of feedback the NSA is getting in the US.  (Which is NOT, after all, the kind of feedback that the NSA needs to get in the US:  large mobs with torches, pitchforks, tar, feathers, rails and hemp nooses, for the NSA and ANYONE who stands up for the NSA doing this.)

World trade
Bern and Beijing sign free-trade deal

(Le Temps, via PressEurop)

Nathan: This could be pretty neat IF either the Swiss or the Chinese really know what constitutes “free trade.”  I’d like to think that the Swiss do understand, but indications are that it is as much a joke as NAFTA.

Self defense
Pennsylvania: Trespass leads to assault, gunfight

(WNEP News) “Robert Drust punched 75-year-old Larry Papach in the face, which lead to a violent shootout. ‘Before the police even got there, that’s when the fight started,’ said Franks. ‘There was an argument, there was a pushing, shoving, fist-fight type thing, and then there was the shooting.’ Detectives said Nicholas Drust fired 14 rounds from a semi-automatic handgun at Papach in the shoulder and hand. The criminal complaint said Papach was able to return fire, shooting six rounds from a pistol. The bullets from Papach’s gun hit Robert Drust in the thigh, as well as the alleged trespasser’s sedan. Franks said both men are expected to recover from their injuries, and that Papach fired in self-defense of the trespassers.” (07/04/13)

Nathan: Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that NONE of these people were armed, but that Robert and Nicholas were intent on beating up or even beating to death Mr. Papach, 75 years old.  WITHOUT a firearm, Mr. Papach would probably be dead, with NO opportunity to defend himself.  Apparently, Papach was more accurate than the teenaged Nicholas Drust.  AND the cops even in PA once in a while recognize self-defense!!

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