Consent of The Governed

Would you consider it reasonable if one of your neighbors went down to the local car dealer and signed a contract to buy a car, using your credit and name, obligating you to pay for it while he drove it around? Would you think it reasonable if he were able to force you to pay for all of the gas, maintenance, insurance and even repairs when he wrecked it? And, of course, when he wanted another new car, would you cheerfully agree to a repeat performance of the above, again and again, forever? Would it help if he let you drive the car for a block or two now and then?

Furthermore, would you think it acceptable for him to put you in a cage or kill you if you refused to pay for any of this, or even seriously objected to it?

I didn’t think so.

Would it be more reasonable and acceptable if two people did this to you? Ten? A hundred? I can’t imagine it would, and yet that’s exactly what is happening all over the country right now. It’s just set up a little different and called something else.

Every single level of the present non-voluntary government does exactly this. Every penny they spend is stolen from me and you. They steal it from us in a thousand ways, and use our name and credit to sign the bogus contracts that will steal from us and our children for long years to come. They pretend that they have some legitimate “authority” to do this, and that being a “citizen” means that you consent to it all.

Did you consent?

Some people seem to think that you consent to these things by voting, and by being a part of electoral politics in any way. Some people think you consent merely by not objecting, not finding some way to fight them or avoid the theft.

Some people may be right. What do you think? Do you consent?

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2 Responses to Consent of The Governed

  1. JdL says:

    Very well put. Alas, most people would blink in incomprehension if they read it. Hopefully as the government sinks ever lower into depravity, murder, and theft, more citizens will be motivated to consider such words, and such “unthinkable” ideas.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Sadly, many people have no idea at all that they truly do own their lives and bodies. They’ve been conditioned for many centuries to give that natural authority over themselves to some “ruler” or another, at least to some degree.

      When people can recognize the false premise of non-voluntary government, they can truly begin to live free.


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