Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-30E: Scummy government extreme

Once, years ago, I ran into a very obnoxious Sergeant Major (not my own unit’s but another unit which I was working with).  When I addressed him as “Top” (as in “Top Soldier,” a common familiar address by officers to the senior NCO in a unit), he was very upset:  “Scum,” he told me, “rises to the top.  Don’t call me that.”  Of course, I didn’t – he was obnoxious but he was competent and had his act together: if it bothered him, I would certainly be willing to avoid that term of familiarity.  We got along fine after that.

But his statement is true: scum DOES rise to the top of a waste water tank or septic tank or sewage lagoon.  And the world’s biggest and richest sewage lagoon in the second decade of the Twenty-first Century is located in the District of Criminals and (thanks to people like the late Robert KKK Byrd) about 100 miles around it.  And the scum DOES rise to the top, and has for decades.  Elected, appointed, military, civilian: don’t breath too deeply, or you will truly be sick to your stomach.  Maybe today’s stories aren’t the worst smelling, but they show the point.

Abominable Act – Scummy government
Liberal Activist: ‘Thousands of People Will Die Every Year’ Under Obamacare


Nathan: But is that not one of the key objectives of the Abominable Act (I mean, after trashing the economy and giving government almost total power over a major sector of the economy)?  People, there IS an alternative to government paying for or providing health care:  letting people VOLUNTARILY buy and provide health services, in a FREE MARKET.  Even then, guess what – PEOPLE WILL DIE.  We ALL will die, sooner or later.  But by having this kind of evil ObummerCare regime, we will just die poorer, more quickly, and in more misery.

Stupid government – Theft by government
EPA to Spend $6 Million for ‘Sustainable and Healthy Tribes’


Nathan: Never mind that the Indian Health Service, another government agency, has been “responsible” for the health (public and private) of the tribes for a century plus.  Obviously, the EPA doesn’t even consider other federal government agencies to be competent: they want to do it all.  And as you’d expect, they will prove to be as incompetent in this as in other things, and as other agencies are.

Congress in Action – Theft by government
Rubio: If Obama Vetoes CR, Blame Him for Resulting Government Shutdown


Nathan: This is FAR too sensible a thought to have originated with ANY member of Congress, especially with a Republican.  How can they again be the fall guy for the “messiah” if they actually do this?  And will their words of blame be heard over the noise of their kissing his shoes on everything else? Of course, we know this will NOT happen: the GOP will cave as usual, the government will continue to operate illegally, and the money will continue to be stolen and wasted.  No change, right?

The “messiah” – Stupid government
Obama: ‘Economy Would Be Much Better Off’ With More Government Workers


Nathan: Ah, the useful idiot of all the wrong people shoots his mouth off again: getting to be more like his chief minion (you know, Uncle Joe) all the time.  It is so insane that so many people believe this sort of garbage, either because they are too stupid to understand or because they are so enamored of this evil monster.  Anyone recall Jim Jones?  At least he was a private-sector loonie, unlike what we have in DC these days.

War on some drugs – Scummy government
Wildlife Biologists: Illegal Pot Farms Wreaking Havoc on Endangered Species


Nathan: One more reason to end the war on some drugs, is it not?  One more reason to wake up to the fact that government does NOTHING well except tyrannize and terrorize people.  Of course, with the scummy government we have today, this is just an excuse to crank up the war on some drugs even more – it’s for the flora and the fauna, after all.

Islamic wars: Thugocracy – War on religion
Harsh ‘Blasphemy’ Sentence as Saudi Arabia Continues to Evade US Religious Freedom Sanctions


Nathan: when will people understand that the ONLY reason that the FedGov imposes “religious freedom sanction” is when it is an avowed enemy and NOT a false friendly nation like Saudi Arabia, run by a gang of thieves and slavers and religious fanatics, that is doing the “religious abuse.”  The Saudis KNOW that they control enough that the US has to dance to their tune on all but the most critical of matters.  Especially when they have a useful idiot like the “messiah” in office.  There is more similarity between the FedGov and the Saudi regime than most people can imagine or are willing to believe.

Home front – Congress in action
Sen. Cardin: ‘But For Racial Profiling…Trayvon Martin Would Be Alive Today’


Nathan: This democrat from Maryland does not seem to agree with the Martin family attorney or reality.  Betcha he gets brownie points from his black constituents for speaking nonsense?  Martin isn’t dead because he was “racially profiled,” he is dead because he attacked a man who was armed and able to defend himself.  But that doesn’t matter to our Conscript Fathers these days.  Scummy is as scummy does:  any excuse to pander to the extremists and parasites.

War on some drugs
Uruguay: MPs back marijuana legalization bill

(BBC News)”Members of Uruguay’s House of Representatives have passed a bill to legalise marijuana. If it goes on to be approved by the Senate, Uruguay will become the first country to regulate the production, distribution and sale of marijuana. The measure is backed by the government of President Jose Mujica, who says it will remove profits from drug dealers and divert users from harder drugs. Under the bill, only the government would be allowed to sell marijuana.” [FND editor’s note: Half a loaf then; but still a good sign! – SAT] (08/01/13)

Nathan: Good news, sort of, but hardly accurate.  First, if I am recalling correctly, it would be the FOURTH country to do so; the Dutch (Netherlands) did it years ago, and Washington State and Colorado did it last year.  Secondly, even the Tranzi thugs in Colorado’s General Assembly and Washington’s legislature didn’t try and make it a government monopoly.  “Half a loaf,” really?  Maybe a couple of slices.  I wonder just how Uruguay will deal with the UN and the American FedGov if this DOES pass?

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