Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-30F: Government dirty tricks

This week is a nightmare for the formerly united States of America, at least by standards of the last fifty years: by standards of the next fifty, we will no doubt think of these as the good old days.  Government and society and economy are all grinding slower and slower, and much is coming to a halt: except for the power of the courts, the military we jokingly call the police and law enforcement, and the Neronian court at 1600 PA.  Here are some comments on a few of the stories in the last 24 hours or so.

Self-defense – Government-ruined, theft-funded schools
Arkansas school district’s plan to arm teachers ruled illegal

(NBC News) A controversial program to arm teachers and school staff members in an Arkansas town was shot down Thursday as illegal under state law.

Mama’s Note: Wish I could write to these people and remind them of the real and lasting answer to this problem… get the children OUT of the “public schools” altogether.

Nathan: More and more, the various legislatures and courts are hemming in people:  I would fully expect this school to go ahead and violate the law – or (as we both hope) secede from the public school machine and go private.  These people seem to be serious. Serious enough to give up public welfare.

Stupid scientists – New religions: global warming
Rise in violence ‘linked to climate change’

(BBC News)

Mama’s Note: Whatever happened to everything being Bush’s fault? Naturally, the weather affects people… in all sorts of ways. I was out in 100 – 120 degree heat occasionally for many, many years and never once considered doing violence. And I don’t know anyone else there who did.  Violence usually has a personal motive, and environmental factors can influence behavior, but I seriously doubt it’s much more than coincidental.

Nathan: No, of course it couldn’t be coincidental!  We all know that violence is NOT caused by a lack of morality (or moral teaching), is NOT caused by following the example of their “betters” and “peers” and “leaders” who use violence in every possible way, and is NOT caused by years or decades or centuries of being taught hatred and “might makes right.”  Seriously, these people are grabbing at anything to justify global warming as an excuse for tyranny.

Stupid people – Political correctness
WA: Seattle idiot pols call for ban on “potentially offensive” language

(Fox News) “Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms ‘citizen’ and ‘brown bag’ are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions. KOMO-TV reports that the city’s Office of Civil Rights instructed city workers in a recent internal memo to avoid using the words because some may find them offensive. ‘Luckily, we’ve got options,’ Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights wrote in the memo obtained by the station. ‘For ‘citizens,’ how about ‘residents?”” (08/02/13)

Nathan: Now, why would the word “citizen” be offensive?  “Citizen” is and has been a proud title for people to claim, all the way back to Roman times.  Although libertarians may dispute this word, that is clearly not the reason for the Office of Civil Rights to do so.  Is it, just maybe, because border jumpers and even – gasp – legal residents (with green cards, ya know?) are not “Citizens” and so it “demeans” them to be “non-Citizens” in official documents.  Frankly, I find the word “resident” offensive because it disregards the importance and honor of citizenship – why don’t they just go ahead and use more honest terms like “inmate” or “subject” or “slave of the state.”  This applies to anyone stupid enough or unfortunate enough to have to live in Seattle.  As for “brown bag” – the only reason I can think that would be “offensive” is because (“obviously”) only poor people have to bring their lunch to work or school and can’t afford a fancy lunch box.  I wonder what Sonic is going to do (assuming there any in Seattle: they might be too plebian for the elites of that city).

Mama’s Note: I remember going to school in 1955 with my lunch sandwich tied in a large (reusable, washable) handkerchief because both paper bags and lunch boxes were too expensive. Offensive? Why in the world should I have cared? Oh, and we didn’t know we were “poor.”

The Abominable Act – Congress in action
Congress to be exempted from ObamaCare

(Market Watch) The White House has approved a deal that will create a regulatory fix for members of Congress and their staff related to some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, according to media reports. Under the law… lawmakers and their aides were required to source health insurance “created” by the law or offered through one of its exchanges; and without the subsidies they currently have, the members of Congress would have faced thousands of dollars in additional premium payments each year… However, the Office of Personnel Management now plans to rule that the government can continue to make a contribution to the health-care premiums of the lawmakers and their staff, according to unnamed congressional sources and a White House official.

Debby: Well, we knew that was coming.

Nathan: Yes, but so blatantly?  This shows the kind of scum we have serving in Congress, and the incredible lowlifes that work for them.  It is not like Congress’s members don’t get a very handsome salary – one that has no mandatory furloughs and includes exceptionally generous pension and employee expense benefits, while allowing them to rake in money from the outside in stupendous amounts.  But no, they must have their cake and eat it, too, all at the expense of the taxpayers and businesses and customers who support the 1,000-pound albatross hanging around their necks.

Crash of 2009 – Scummy government lies (3 stories)
July: 988,000 ‘Discouraged’ Americans Concluded There Were No Jobs for Them


Nathan: While we are told that the recovery is progressing and jobless rates are down, THIS bit of data explains why: more and more people giving up trying to work, instead staying on the dole or going underground.  Not least of which are the minorities, as the next story relates.

Unemployment Climbs to 9.4% Among Hispanics; Double What It Was 7 Years Ago; Never Below 9.0% Under Obama

Nathan: It isn’t just Hispanics, of course: blacks, AmerInd, and so forth expose the lie that the economy is improving.  Wall Street is up?  Well, look at inflation; even though gold and silver prices are down or stable, try buying what you need at the store or the gas station and compare to 2009 or even 2012.  good luck!  We can find the lies in this next “story” (actually a piece of propaganda published by the FedGov).

(PDF file) In July, 2.4 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force, little changed from a year earlier. (The data are not seasonally adjusted.) These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey. (See table A-16.) Among the marginally attached, there were 988,000 discouraged workers in July, up by 136,000 from a year earlier. (The data are not seasonally adjusted.) Discouraged workers are persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them. The remaining 1.4 million persons marginally attached to the labor force in July had not searched for work for reasons such as school attendance or family responsibilities. (See table A-16.)

Nathan: Don’t you LOVE the way they can tap dance around the truth?  And this doesn’t point out that black youth unemployment is over 40 percent.  Nor that employment on reservations is DROPPING like a stone, as more and more businesses go under.  And it doesn’t take into account dirty tricks like furloughing “civilian” National Guard and Reserve Technicians for 11 weeks – a 20% cut in their pay and benefits (although at least they will still have SOME income, as these technicians are also drill-attending members of the National Guard and various military Reserve, and will get paid for the four-hour drill they will still serve each week they are furloughed).  Meanwhile, the spending by DC keeps going up and up and up.

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