Government terrorism: the animal “welfare” excuse

Stupid government – terrorism
Wisconsin: SWAT team gets baby deer

(World Net Daily) “It was like a SWAT team. Nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth,” animal shelter employee Ray Schulze told WISN-TV. Two weeks ago, Schulze was working in the barn at the Society of St. Francis in Kenosha, Wis., when a swarm of squad cars screeched up and officers scrambled onto the property with a search warrant. Were they hunting down an armed robber or escaped prisoner? Conducting a drug raid? Incredibly, they were gunning for a 2-week-old baby fawn.

Nathan: Thanks to Scott for this one; I’d heard the story but hadn’t found a link.  The picture below shows A face of evil in 21st Century America: a callous, powermad woman who KNOWS that she is right and everyone else is wrong, and who will do her “duty” in as thuggish a way as possible.  Unfortunately, she has LOTS of thugs to do her dirty work: state-sponsored terrorism.  Sadly, this is what Claire’s SSS: Shoot, shovel, and shut-up, is all about:  but if you are running an animal shelter, you don’t expect to have to defend yourself against an armed invasion.  One other thought:  vile as this woman and her crew are, there is a special place in Hell for the “do-gooders” who ratted out the shelter.  They apparently have nothing better to do with their time:  may they spend an eternity being tortured by the likes of these thirteen business-invaders!

The woman who ordered the invasion

It is her kind that give a bad name to the 1 to 2 percent of game wardens who do a good job of managing wildlife and protecting the public.  The face of evil all too often has a smile, and loves small children (and sometimes, although not in this case, apparently, small animals). We must not be deceived.  Evil finds a natural home in government, especially in agencies like the “environmental protection” and “wildlife” divisions or operations, where their perversions and sense of power can be easily fed.  It is like the attraction of pyromaniacs to the fire service, except that this is NOT a healthy sublimation of their character “twists” – since fire crews seldom have the opportunity to abuse and tyrannize humans the way wardens and “environmental inspectors” do.  Other forms of this evil can be found in PETA (People for Ethical [sic] Treatment of Animals) and the Dumb Friends League and too much of the ASPCA.

This isn’t about the animal as much as it is about the people:  the animal (and its senseless, brutal killing) was and is an excuse for Niemeyer and the local sheriff to brutalize and tyrannize people: in this case the volunteers and the family that was concerned about an animal.  This incident also shows the “militarization” of the former peace officers of this nation.

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