Home front – killing people in the big urban areas

Home front – Killing people
L.A., Chicago hold nation’s top slots — for murder: Report

(Washington Times)  Los Angeles leads the nation in the number of gun murders, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The overall number of gun murders among the United States’ 50 most-populous metropolitan areas for 2009-2010, the most recent years for available data, are as follows:

1. Los Angeles: 1,141
2. Chicago: 1,139
3. New York: 1,101
4. Philadelphia: 729
5. Houston: 701

Mama’s Note: Typical newspeak. No criminals were involved in the “gun murders,” evidently, or the young folks “killed by guns.” Where do they get all these self shooting guns anyway?

Nathan: The Wizard provides them, I think.  Remember, the CDC (as good minions to the “messiah”) and the mainstream media both promote the idea that guns are inherently deadly, like botulism toxin or hydrogen sulfide. Worse the staffers in both are victims of their own fearmongering.  Of course, since this is the Times and not the Post, there is probably another reason: incompetence and lack of training and experience:  The Times is usually more balanced, but they still use the same journalism schools as the Mainstream Media. In this case, the underperforming writer seems to have taken the CDC press release and didn’t bother to do much with it (as usual).

Mama: Houston being fifth was a little surprise. I figured it would be New Orleans.

Nathan: Of course, after Katrina, a LOT of the thugs which N’Orleans has been inflicted with since Butler ruled the city went to Houston, so maybe that is why.  Of course, Houston is also a LOT bigger than modern N’Oleans.  As you found, the death rate is much lower for Houston.

Mama: What they don’t say in the article is how this was counted. The sheer number is misleading, since these places all have a large population. How many per 100,000? How many criminal on criminal? Are they counting the justifiable self defense homicides? Those are the kind of facts that make the numbers mean something, and I worry that their definition of “murder” is a little too fluid.

Nathan: As are numbers which show deaths other than “gun murders” – like knife stabbings and hit-and-run and such.  But those distract from the message AND would only be done by someone who is NOT incompetent.  And as even old, liberal, press retirees are willing to admit, the current crops of reporters and writers are unbelievably stupid and lacking in many traits normally associated with basic literacy.

The actual report does give the rate per 100,000. Interestingly:
New Orleans – 2009–2010 -449 (total) 19 (rate)
Chicago – 2009 – 2010 – 1,139 (total) 6.0 (rate)
Denver –  2009 – 2010 – 117 (total) 23 (rate)

Mama: The murder RATE is far higher in Denver than in Chicago, but the demographics are totally different too. Correlation is not causation.

Nathan: The major reason is definitely demographic.  Both Chicago and Denver are the core cities and have most (not all) of the inner city zones where murder is common.  But the City of Chicago has 5.2 million of  the 9.5 million people in Chicagoland (Greater Chicago) (60% or so), whereas the City and County of Denver has just 620 thousand of 2.6 million people in Metro Denver (not even 30%).  Looking at it that way, the Denver rate is well under the Chicago rate.

CNS News reports: “The Los Angeles, Chicago and New York metropolitan areas also ranked one, two and three for the number of young people, ages 10-19, who were killed by guns in 2009-2010, with 251 10-19 year olds being gunned down in Los Angeles, 213 in Chicago and 203 in New York.”

Nathan: Again, since these are the three largest cities and metroplexes in the United States, it is natural to have this the case, but note that Chicago is second in dead “children” while it is third in population.  And by a big margin; according to Wikipedia, Greater New York has 20 million, Ellay has 13 million, and Chicagoland has only 9.5 million.  The simple answer (for the media and the establishment, at least) is that New York is “civilized” whereas Chicago is ruled by mobsters, and LA is just psycho.  Of course, maybe it is just that Chicago children can duck more quickly.  Not that an 18 or 19 year old is a “child” anyway.  Again, the CDC picks the stats to push their agenda.

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