Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-31A: Politics as usual, stinks

Goodness!  Did I really publish 9 different commentaries last week? My usual goal is to do five:  A through D and one “rant” but I appear to have exceeded my expectations, or my frustration at government.  So this week, I’m slow in posting, but here it is!

Abominable Act – Congress in action
Paul Ryan: ‘There Are More Effective Ways’ to End Obamacare Than Defunding–But Doesn’t Say What


Nathan: Yeah, but not necessarily palatable to most people:  “And it’s up against the wall, scumbag suckers…”  See Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:  “Voted most likely to be the first up against the wall…”

Mama’s Note: Oh, I can think of at least a dozen very effective things congress could do to eliminate Obummercare and so much more. Grow a spine and some balls, pass bills to repeal AND defund immoral and illegal “acts” of both president and congress, impeach the criminal in chief – and put him in a jail cell for life, along with all of his enablers and criminal minions. Of course this will never be “palatable” to most of those empowered to deal with it. There was only one member of the house who even proposed such things, and he never went far enough.

Congress in action
Rep. Holt: Conservatives’ ‘Psychological Disconnect’ Over Being Part of Government is Causing Gridlock


Nathan: Let them believe that; more and more people realize that it is just the opposite: the demand for more and more government, more and more spending, more and more taxes, and more and more control is what causes gridlock because people are getting sick and tired of it.

Mama’s Note: Gridlock is GOOD, especially when the action otherwise is evil. This idiot Holt is singing the same song the rapists and their apologists do… lay back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Islamic war – Stupid government
Carney: ‘No Question’ Al-Qaeda On the Run


Nathan: Consider the source – and ignore it.  The man is as big a crook as his boss.  And that is saying something.  Blame it on a lack of good parenting – good parents would have strangled this guy in his crib.

Theft by government -Stupid government
USDA Paid ‘Improper’ Subsidies to 1,799 Dead Farmers and Proper Ones to 28,613 Dead Farmers


Nathan: As with voting, the dead CAN do well as far as government is concerned. One more handicap being overcome thanks to the FedGov.

Theft by government
USDA Assisting PBS Stations with $2.7 Million for Digital Conversion


Nathan: And speaking of the dead – Public Broadcasting IS dead – as dead as the Constitution.  It just hasn’t stopped moving yet.  Let us see how much more money can be wasted supporting this boondoggle.

The “messiah” – Lies and more lies
Obama Says Immigration Reform Would Boost Home Values


Nathan: And whiten your teeth and freshen your smile!  Liar, liar.  You want to see what immigration – border jumpers who aren’t interested in coming to America to be free – does to home values?  Look at Detroit. folks.  Look at the border cities and look in the barrios and colonia.

Mama’s Note: The immigration status of the people in those areas is not the only problem, by any means. Something about a lack of a free market and freedom in general certainly comes to mind. Without the insane non-voluntary government, those who didn’t want to be free — well, they probably wouldn’t come, or at least they wouldn’t stay.

The nanny state – Stupid government
Gov’t Advisory Group Recommends Community-Level Obesity Watch


Nathan: One more role for your local nanny-police state.  Another excuse for daily surveillance.  “Oh, look, Mrs. Jones must have put on another five pounds, look how she’s waddling across the intersection.  See how much heavier she looks than she did last month on the cameras? Tell Officer Smith he needs to issue her another fat ticket, pronto.  And notify the health care budget boards that she is getting another downcheck.  Someone else can have that liver.”

Crash of 2009 – New technologies and stupid business
Single-Copy Magazine Sales Fall 10 Percent in First Half of 2013


Nathan: Duh.  Look at the store shelves and the internet, and you will know why.  For one thing, the prices of single copies are farther from subscription prices than ever.  For another, there are tens of thousands of magazines competing, each zooming in on narrower and narrower markets.  For a third, the cost of ink and slick paper is astronomical, so despite the high issue prices, they are barely getting by.  More and more supermarkets and big box stores (including the book store chains) are on the edge and cutting back.

Mama’s Note: Outside of sitting in a rare waiting room, I don’t think I’ve picked up a paper magazine in better than 20 years. I have not subscribed to one for at least 40 years. Used to write for a few, long ago, but I’ve had no interest in them since the internet became available. I can see and read just about anything I want, and don’t have to store the paper or figure out how to get rid of it.

Theft by government – Corruption and lies
Competing Tax Groups Praise, Pan Obama’s Corporate Tax Reform Plan


Nathan: If you hear someone praising this piece of garbage, don’t turn your back on them – not if you carry your wallet in your back pocket.  And if you don’t wear some body armor on your back.  Bad enough that they steal from us, but the lies get worse and worse.

Mama’s Note: Just a pack of thugs arguing about who gets to rob the tourists…  But, increasingly, the tourists are getting wise.

Stupid people tricks
Slow-Roasted, Milled Crickets Pitched As ‘First Viable Solution’ to Global Food Crisis


Nathan: This is majoring in minors and mistaking effects for causes.  The major problem that causes the “global food crisis” is government:  we have the ability to produce enough food for all of us, and could if (a) the markets were free, fair, and open, and (b) if taxations, regulations, and wars didn’t prevent farmers from growing and logisticians from transporting the food from willing sellers to willing buyers.

Mama’s Note: If anyone wishes to eat crickets or grasshoppers – slow roasted or otherwise – they are more than welcome to come up to my place and catch every one they can get their hands on. I’d be delighted to be rid of them. But I much prefer to eat beef and antelope myself, thanks.

Culture wars: killing babies – Mainstream media
Late-Term-Abortion Advocate Gets Standing Ovation at National Press Club


Nathan: Of course: it is called preaching to the choir.  These people have been taught that it is evil to bring life into the world, and that an unborn baby is a worthless lump of flesh, or worse, a parasite inside a woman’s body.  They are one step away from Canaanite infant sacrifice and Roman-Greek style exposure of newborns, they are monsters in human form.

Stupid politicians – Home front
National Gang Task Force in the Works

( CHICAGO — The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois raised the specter of Chicago gangster Al Capone on Monday in calling on the federal government to become more involved in fighting modern-day street gangs nationwide. Mark Kirk appeared with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in Chicago, where both men endorsed legislation that would provide $20 million for a national anti-gang task force. The federal government should exert the same focus toward breaking up street gangs that it exerted in helping to bring down Capone nearly a century ago, said Kirk, who is running for President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. Kirk faces Democrat Alexi Giannoulias and other candidates in November.

Mama’s Note: Why, of course. Everyone knows we need another alphabet soup gang of thugs roaming America looking for victims.

Nathan: Gagggghhh!

(1) If the FedGov exercised the “same focus” as they did against Al Capone, they’d cut current manpower and spending on feral “law enforcement” by about 98%.

(2) This NAGTF (Nag-tiff?) would be one more seed pod of a true national police force, or Fe(de)ral Law Enforcement Agency (FLEA) – joking aside, this is just a size-15 boot in the doorway.

(3) This is one more example of how the GOP tries to outdo the Democratic Party in catering to the various lobbies, especially the FOP and all the other cop and bureaucratic unions.

(4)  This man, Kirk, appears to be another liberal in “conservative” or middle-of-the-road sheepskin.

An interesting side note: Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office fired its ONLY “drug cop” for “misconduct” this week; they may or may not replace him.  Among other things, the local DA refused to use the guy’s testimony because he was so much in trouble…

Another interesting side note:  Al Capone may have gotten caught, tried, convicted, and imprisoned, but it was for “tax evasion” – and today, his spiritual successors RULE Chicago and suck the blood of the third largest city in America.  Raum Emmanuel has far more in common with Big Al than with an honest businessman or even a normal, typical, corrupt “civil servant.”

Local Tyranny
NYPD to purge stop-and-frisk database of names

(Chicago Tribune)”The New York City Police Department has agreed to purge a database of names and addresses of people stopped by police under the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program but later cleared of criminal wrongdoing. The department will scrub the information as part of a settlement ending a lawsuit filed in 2010 in state court by the New York Civil Liberties Union, which announced the agreement on Wednesday.” (08/07/13)

Mama’s Note: If you believe that, do you want to buy a bridge?

Nathan: Of course they will purge the database – AFTER they back it up in a half-dozen places.

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