Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-31B: Stupid government and Islamic war and Stupid Americans

Stupid government – Islamic wars: worldwide actions
‘Credible’ Terror Threat: List of US Embassy Closures Now Includes Some in Sub-Saharan Africa


Nathan: Monday was, of course, the day that World War Three started with massive, bloody attacks on two dozen US embassies across the Islamic world, resulting in hundreds of American deaths and tens of thousands of local native deaths, followed on Tuesday by MORE attacks against soft American targets in the Homeland… NOT.  Once more, the net effect of supposed “credible” intelligence about threats to US outposts  seems to have been disruption of daily business and inconvenience and increased oppression of Americans and lots of other people.  The little boy has cried “wolf” once again.  Isn’t it time for a change?

Mama’s Note: Indeed, just like the nationwide bloodbath of racial conflict pushed by the media and threatened by a few others who like to cry “wolf.” Of COURSE there are wolves at the door, but they mostly wear police and SWAT uniforms.

Stupid government – Islamic wars: worldwide actions
Sen. Graham: U.S. Embassy Closures Show ‘We’ve Learned From Benghazi’


Nathan: Yes, it IS time for a change: time to get rid of people like this man and the next one, who rake in money directly and indirectly and dispense favors (power) and money stolen from the taxpayers.  The man (sadly) is not really an idiot, no matter how much he acts like one: his act is very much to his benefit and that of his family and friends.

Mama’s Note: No real difference between these two and all the rest of them. The only real change that would actually benefit the remnant of productive and self governing people in this country would be the elimination of all three branches of “government,” at every level.

Stupid government – Islamic wars: worldwide actions
Sen. Chambliss: ‘Most Serious Threat That I’ve Seen in the Last Several Years’


Nathan: Yeah, sure it is…  if you don’t care to do anything but believe in the garbage that the current administration feeds you.

Politics 2013
Limbaugh’s Favorite Republicans? Those Who Are ‘Fearless’


Nathan: Well, we know that he pretty much HAS NO “Favorite Republicans” as even ones like Rand Paul have shown a wee bit too much fear of the “messiah” and the various agencies of the police state, now and then – even his father has shown that.  I don’t know if I really blame them, but they are NOT our friends or the people who will rescue us.

Stupid US tricks
$71M: Russia Triples Price to Fly U.S. Astronauts to Space Station


Nathan: Hey, when you are the only game in town, you charge what the market will bear: a lot, in this case.  Part of the collapse of the American Empire; the frontier of space has been surrendered to anyone who can.  This frankly stinks.

Mama’s Note: Or at least until there is private competition for the flights… But I suspect that will have to wait until the flights have some actual, practical purpose and some hope of an economic payback. The Russians are really dumb if they’re accepting payment in FRNs, or even worse, regular IOUs. 🙂

ILLINOIS: Woman fires at invader

(WIFR News) “A Rockford woman takes matters into her own hands after police say a burglar tried to break into her home. The incident happened just after 10 p.m. Sunday night …. Detectives say the woman pulled out a gun and shot toward the suspect while he was trying to get into her mobile home. Detectives say the man ended up running from the scene and remains on the loose.” (08/05/13)

Mama’s Note: Definitely a good thing for this lady, and I’m delighted she had a gun. Just sounds like too much lead being sprayed around. Doesn’t say how many shots fired. I suspect there are many more guns in Illinois than we even suspect. 🙂  Those 300+ million firearms have to be somewhere, and I sure don’t have them all. LOL

Nathan: Nor do I!  Or even my family, though we DO try.  The media still is stupid: the crack about “matters into her own hands” makes it sound like she refused police support or something.  The media was stupid, she was at least not stupid, just a bit excited.  Am I the only person who worries about a shot going wild or through someone and breaking something in my house or car?

Mama’s Note: Absolutely, you are not alone. When I talk to women about self defense, we take some real time to discuss the importance of good shot placement – both because it is the best way to stop the threat, and because an innocent bystander is far less apt to be harmed. We discuss the various size guns and ammunition, and how each might relate to those things. The best gun and caliber to carry or use is the largest one the shooter can reliably and consistently CONTROL – including shot placement, especially under stress. We even train under stress, just to make sure.

Opinion: Stupid government
Washington Thinks You Are Stupid

(Personal There’s the old saying that if the government fears the people, there is liberty; but if the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The criminals in Washington not only do not fear us, they do not respect us. Washington looks upon Americans as stupid sheeple.

Nathan: Sadly, too many Americans ARE, which is one big reason that the government doesn’t fear us (in groups or individually) enough to keep a low profile and not do so many stupid things.  Still, this opinion piece has a lot of things to say – things that we should not need to hear and heed IF we got rid of this sick and evil institution called government.  But think how long it took to get rid of kings and how long it took to get rid of slavery (as well as how insidiously they sneak back when we aren’t looking): taxes and government will indeed eventually go away, but we are a long ways from it yet.


The following was received from a good friend, now “retired” and doing fishing and hunting guiding and running his family’s farm in Arkansas.  He makes a good point.

“We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.”


We are encouraged TO judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics”

Nathan: The only people who are consistent in this matter are a very few libertarians who do NOT judge these two groups as groups, but as individuals.  The problem is not just the one Daryl talked about, but those who refuse to believe that a group (like Muslims, or cops, or attorneys) overall may be tainted so that many, most, or even the vast majority of them ARE threats to a larger or smaller degree. And that sometimes, the mere “membership” someone holds is reason to consider them dangerous:  Some members of the KKK may be very nice and loving; some Communists may be really great people who wouldn’t harm a fly or a human (I’ve met one of two of them), but that doesn’t mean it is reasonable to assume they all are.

Mama’s Note: Absolutely, Nathan. I’m careful to judge people as individuals, but part of that judgment is the company they keep and the values or principles their actions demonstrate. That those values or principles may be grounded in the culture or history of certain groups of people and may lead to an unfortunate judgment on my part sometimes, I can’t deny. But the alternative is to trust where no trust is earned, and that is not a good idea at all.

Luke 7:43
“A good tree does not bear rotten fruit, nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit.”

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