Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-33D: Sex and children and politicians

The “messiah” – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’


Nathan: I do believe this is the most sex-ridden administration in history. This move seems designed to keep NEA/NTF union support, justifying more staff and positions, as well as the extreme social liberals/libertines who want to encourage pedophilia, as they have homosexuality, as perfectly acceptable and indeed commendable. I understand the importance of this education. The epidemic of pregnant kindergarteners and the even worse epidemic of sexually-transmitted diseases in the 4 to 7-year-old age group MUST be stopped, and who but government can do this!?  And of course, it gives an important opportunity to teach these children both how to fully accept two (or three) mommies and two (or more) daddies, sex with teachers, and especially how to report deviants to the government, and helps inoculate them against perversions like religious and moral teaching by parents or grandparents.  So I am sure he sees this as an important initiative for the rest of his second term.

Stupid government – Culture wars: homosexual “marriage”
IRS Giving Federal Tax Benefits to All Legally Married [sic] Homosexuals, Regardless of State Law


Nathan: The only requirement is that the couple must have been “married” in a state which authorizes those farces, but whether the state in which they live (other than the state of fornication) authorizes them or not, the IRS will allow it.  Once more, the FedGov takes authority which it does not legally have, and implements yet another round of social engineering. As with other actions, this helps to kiss up to the Tranzi, liberal, touchy-feely sort of supporters that the White House risks losing because of Syria and its past drug stand.

War on some drugs
DOJ: Okay for States to Legalize and Tax Marijuana, but Don’t Give It to Kids

Nathan: This, I suspect, is their attempt to convince the rapidly defecting social liberals to again suck up to the “messiah” and whomever his appointed and anointed successor will be (Biden, Clinton, whomever…).  Sex education is okay for kids, but not pot.

Mama’s Note: The real issue is the irrational fear of cannabis and the ongoing prohibition. Children of all ages who experience serious pain are routinely given morphine and other narcotic analgesics, both in a hospital and in home settings. All medicine must be administered very carefully to children, of course, and herbs are no different than chemical medicines.

Sweden: Engineers invent “nano gas” that “instantly neutralizes” carbon pollution

(Raw Story) “The old saying ‘fighting fire with fire’ may be true or not depending upon the situation, but if someone told you the best way to fight (carbon-based) gas is with another gas, you might raise a skeptical eyebrow or two. But that’s exactly what a Swedish engineering company is claiming: successful capture of carbon from carbon-based greenhouse gases via the use of a hydrogen-based gas. Calling their gas a ‘hydro-nano’ gas (or hydrogen-atomic nano gas, HNG), the Sweden-based HydroInfra Technologies claims their technology ‘instantly neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions.'” (08/29/13)

Nathan: Welcome as this would be, I cannot help but think that this is a scam.  The basic facts just don’t add up.  Adding hydrogen, whatever form, to carbon produces hydrocarbons:  gases like methane(itself a greenhouse gas) – and of course of the carbon is carbon dioxide, water.  If the hydrogen is used to reduce carbon dioxide, then you get a bunch of free carbon in some form:  carbon has its uses, but its pollution potential is also quite high.  So this may be more a way to launder money than to clean up “greenhouse” gases.  I’m not rejecting it, just saying to take a very close look at it.

Mama’s Note: I read that earlier and couldn’t make any sense from it at all. Why would one wish to separate out the carbon, except for the idiots who still insist Carbon dioxide is a problem for the climate? I can’t see this as anything but a scam, whether it works or not.

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt, Syrian front
Syria: Locals claim Saudis supplied rebels behind chemical attack

(Mint Press News) “Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.” (08/29/13)

Nathan: Not even the talk shows are reporting this claim.  The entire “HItchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” aspect of the chemical attack in Syria grows more obvious with this.  Of course the Saudis would love to see this: one more Arabic state reduced to utter chaos and stripped of its self-image by the Great Satan is just perfect for the Salafi.

Hoploclasts – the “messiah”
Obama changes new victim disarmament schemes

(Reuters)”The White House announced two changes to federal gun rules on Thursday to help keep weapons from criminals. … The Justice Department will write a regulation requiring background checks for people who register machine guns or short-barreled shotguns through a trust or corporation, closing one loophole on background checks. The administration also will stop allowing imports of surplus military firearms that the government has provided or sold overseas.” [editor’s note: No matter how good these ideas may seem, they are still being imposed by the fiat of the reigning emperor, not being passed into law by Congress – SAT] [additional editor’s note: And even if they were passed by Congress, they would still be completely unconstitutional, not to mention evil and stump stupid – TLK] (08/29/13)

Nathan: The headline is from Freedom Net Daily.  The two decrees (Executive Order doesn’t sound right any more) are concerning matters that (a) don’t make any sense, and (b) are NOT within the powers of the White House, no matter how liberally you interpret both “constitution” and “precedent.”  These are NOT good ideas.  The one is aimed strictly at M-1 Garands WW2 and Korean War vintage) that the US gave to the Republic of Korea and have, of course, since been replaced by more “modern” weapons.  In reality, the FedGov has made it virtually impossible to let these be returned, and their primary interest is to collectors.  As far as I know (and according to researchers) none of these which HAVE been imported have ever been used in crimes, and the claim that these are fully-automatic “military” assault weapons is a joke.  These could be used in self defense, but I figure that most have been shot out, and look best as a wall display.  But even THAT cannot be allowed by the thug in DC.  As for the so-called corporate background check loophole: that is written into statute and he cannot just arbitrarily change it.  And “closing” it accomplishes NOT a single thing:  once more, except when such weapons are stolen, I haven’t been able to find a single case where a crime was committed with such a “corporate weapon” – at least not one considered a crime by the DC criminals:  I am sure that most of the crimes committed with such weapons are in performance of contracts between the corporations and a government.

African collapse – Stupid tranzis
Zimbabwe: Can Mugabe deliver?

(Christian Science Monitor) “That Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party will rule Zimbabwe for an additional five years is a near certainty now. Although the opposition, led by former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, continues to contest the results of the country’s July elections, they have found little international support. Meanwhile President Mugabe is now selecting a cabinet and preparing to assume the top post in a regional trade organization. But now that another Mugabe term seems all but assured, observers are asking if Mugabe and his party will actually confound expectations and at least begin to reform a system that has relied heavily on force to crush dissent, enact anti-democracy laws, and distort fiscal policies along old black-nationalist lines.” (08/29/13)

Nathan: It is safe to say that world – or at least the world’s politicians – care nothing about Zimbabwe or Rhodesia.  Mugabe is as bad or worse than Kim or Baby Doc and seems to be far worse than Assad or any of the Egyptians, but he is no threat to any part of the world order (new or old)and cannot be caught out on WMD or death camps.  Observers who believe that Mugabe and his murderous, thieving, torturing thugs will change should BE on drugs – that might help them face reality.

Mama’s Note: Reform? Why in the world would he even consider changing a system that has done exactly what he wants it to do so far?

Medical technology
Scientists ‘grow’ a brain in a laboratory for the first time

(Independent) Organ created from skin cells is equivalent in development to that of a human foetus at nine weeks

Mama’s Note: Oh wonderful! Now all the politicians and bureaucrats can have a brain. These have to be larger and better than the ones they were born with anyway.

Nathan: Too funny, Susan!  You can start writing for Jay Leno. But how can it be a “human brain” if is equivalent to a nine-week foetus?  After all, that foetus is NOT human, right?

Mama’s Note: Well, it is at least as “human” as what the politicians have now, isn’t it? And why can’t they have it both ways anyhow? They’ve been doing it for centuries.

Nathan: I guess so.  Didn’t the Wizard of Oz give someone a brain once?  Who represented at least some types of politicians?

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