Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-33C: Police State and Politics 2013

Home front: Police state
Wisconsin: Police tackle man for photographing protest

(Raw Story) “A photographer and activist was aggressively arrested at the Wisconsin Capitol on Monday during a daily singalong protest. Video of the incident uploaded to YouTube showed two police officers approaching Damon Terrell, who can be heard saying, ‘This is not illegal.’ As Terrell backed away, one of the officers grabbed him. Terrell ended up on the ground with three officers on top of him. Another video uploaded to YouTube showed four officers carrying Terrell out of the rotunda by his arms and legs.” (08/26/13)

Nathan: Sadly, this sounds pretty typical for Wisconsin and a good many other midwestern and Eastern Seaboard states.

Nazgul: Evil unbounded – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Montana: Former teacher sentenced to 30 days for raping student

(KRTV 3 News)  “Community members are calling for a protest — and for District Court Judge Todd Baugh to resign — after former Senior High School teacher Stacey Rambold was sentenced to 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year old student who later committed suicide. … Organizers of the silent protest have created a Facebook page which states: ‘In the ruling the judge claimed that the victim was ‘older than her chronological age.’ This is victim shaming at its absolute worst and Billings residents are gathering to show that we will not stand for it.'” (08/27/13)

Nathan: Can you picture this:  the girl was committed by her parents to the “care and protection” of this school district and its employees, including this pitiful excuse for a human.  After her death, the parents apparently once more accepted that the government-run court system would see justice done, only to find yet another pitiful excuse for a human, wearing the black robes of a judge.  Is there any reason that protests should be limited to peaceful calls for resignation?  Rape, especially of a child, deserves the death penalty, in particular to prevent the monster from doing it again to some other child.  Since we refuse to allow children to be armed for their own self-defense, too often this death penalty cannot be served by the would-be victim, but only in her memory. If a rapist deserves the death penalty, what punishment should be meted out to one who lets a rapist go all but scot-free?

Mama’s Note: Lots of guilt and blame to go around here. Wonder if the victim’s siblings are still being sent to government schools. If so, I wonder if there are any actual humans left in Montana who could rationally administer the required justice.

Commentary: home front – race
Let’s change perceptions of black men & boys

(Our Future, by Alexis McGill Johnson) “The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington presents a critical opportunity for this nation and the African American community to redefine the 21st Century vision for racial justice and freedom. To succeed, this must be a collective vision focused on changing individual perceptions through united action. The vision that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., set forth 50 years ago has been hijacked on both sides by people who are pushing for a colorblind vision that is simply not possible — socially or physically.” (08/27/13)

Nathan: This is an opportunity for some personal recollection and analysis.  This commentary talks about that:  but for some reason, it is apparently only non-black people that have to “redefine” the vision for “racial justice and freedom.”  Setting aside the fact that King was a Communist and at least a proto-Tranzi, his vision is based on false premises, that “united action” or collectivism is what can and should drive human interaction, rather than God-given individual liberty and morality.  All attempts to establish “racial justice and freedom” are doomed to fail: liberty, justice, and freedom do not belong to groups, but to individuals.  Individual people have the free will to make decisions, which can be moral or immoral, based on love or hate, based on self-interest or an evil altruism that is NOT at the heart of either true religion or liberty.

All King and his successors (real or claimed) have done is take the idea that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights and made it into an excuse for collectivism, group-think, and politics that divides people by race, ethnicity, wealth, income, and even sex.  I have known, admired, and been befriended by many people of many different colors, including black and latino classmates from my earliest years in school.  I have worshipped and worked with, served under and with and over, lived as neighbors, employed and been employed by people of Mediterranean, Arabic, Indian, Russian, Scandinavian, Latin American, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, African, Latin American, AmerInd, and even French and Dutch extraction.  Being of mixed blood myself, I have seen the situation from both sides.  What I see on television, what I hear on the radio and read in the newspapers and magazines, does NOT reflect what I have known, most especially of black people (especially of those whose ancestors came over in slave ship holds).  Yes, I have met the “racial activists” and people with chips on their shoulders: black, red, brown and white of various flavors.  But they account for one in twenty, at worst. I am told that some of my ancestors owned slaves; I’ve been told that some of my ancestors, and more of my relatives WERE slaves.  Just as surely some of my relatives and ancestors were “king’s men” and served tyrants, and others fought for freedom.  Some were rich, and some were poor:  but I am not responsible for what they did and they are not responsible for what I do.

Islamic wars: Home front
Hasan sentenced to death for Fort Hood killings

(Washington Post) “[Former] Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was sentenced to death Wednesday for killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a 2009 shooting spree at Fort Hood, Tex., the worst mass murder at a military installation in U.S. history. Dressed in Army fatigues [sic], Hasan, who turns 43 next month, listened impassively as the death penalty was handed down by a panel of 13 senior military officers in a unanimous decision after less than two hours of deliberations.” (08/28/13)

Nathan: It didn’t take them much time, and I’m sure that most of their time was going over things to make sure that their procedure was precisely correct, because they KNOW the political pressure the convening authority, the Military Court of Appeals, and the idiots in the Pentagon and across the Potomac will face to commute this sentence to some form of life, or perhaps even exile.  The thirteen specifications of killing SHOULD make the dead and wounded eligible for the Purple Heart, and their families for combat death benefits, but that won’t happen until the regime is replaced by something which has liberty at its heart.

Politics 2013
Poll: De Blasio Takes Commanding Lead Among Democrats In NYC Mayoral Race

(CBS, New York) Closes In On 40 Percent Support, Which Would Avoid 9/10 Primary Runoff  –  “Voters are responding to Bill de Blasio because he is the only Democrat who will boldly break from the Bloomberg years by raising taxes on the wealthy to invest in universal pre-K and after-school programs, ending racial profiling, and fighting to save community hospitals,” the de Blasio campaign said in a statement. As CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported, experts also have speculated that de Blasio’s stance against the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk program may be the reason for his jump in the polls. De Blasio received the endorsement of City Councilman Brad Lander (D-39th), one of the key sponsors of the bill to ban racial profiling.

Mama’s Note: While almost anyone (or anything) would be better than Bloomburg, I don’t think NYC will be any better off in the long run. Typical political strategy… both race and economic baiting to keep people fighting for part of the loot.

Nathan: The past few decades of New York City government show that the Dems and GOP are as different as Tweetledee and Tweetledum. The people and businesses of the city (except for the very most elite of both) are simply sheep to be fleeced and ultimately slaughtered: anything done for them is nothing more than keeping the flock happy and dumb, unaware and uncaring of their fate.

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