Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-33B: Canaanites and Theft by government

Theft by government – Islamic wars: Canaanite front
U.S. Gov’t Funding $313M in Mortgages—For Palestinians on West Bank


Nathan: It is criminal that the FedGov finances mortgages for Americans, even for poor Americans.  Even, for that matter, for veterans.  How much MORE criminal and insane is it to fund mortgages for people in a society where dominant social themes are “Death to America, the Great Satan” and which hold pep rallies when US citizens and soldiers are killed?  I wonder what the Israel-haters who claim the US is under Jerusalem’s thumb think about this one?

Stupid government – History
FLASHBACK–Joe Biden: ‘Framers Intended to Grant Congress Power to Initiate All Hostilities, Even Limited Wars’


Nathan: Like his former colleague and now “messiah,” anything Biden said before the middle of last week must be ignored and blamed on Bush.  The Founding Fathers (“Framers” as dotty old Uncle Joe calls them) realized the difference between failing to deny power (and funding) and actively voting to approve and fund an effort: whether it is war or moon trips or any other government activity.  Once, it was “only” limited conflicts that had this privilege, as long as the White House could get Congress to continue the insane funding levels for DoD.  Now, as we see in the ObummerCare Defunding mess, Congress apparently has given up its POSITIVE power to do anything concerning budget and spending.  Now, all they apparently can force themselves to do (and not that often) is stop the Executive Branch from spending anything it wants to.  Otherwise, spending is automatic.  Sounds like Louis XIV to me, certainly not even King George III or even Charles II did that sort of thing.

Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent Crime


Mama’s Note: Even the liberal, statist universities and the CDC can’t seem to fudge or refute the absolute facts…

Nathan: No, they can’t. Of course, we expect the worst from them: I first glanced at this headline and saw “no correlation between gun ownership and less violent crime.” You noted last week that the Aussie ex-PM is still whimpering about how Australia supposedly has not had any “mass killings” since they outlawed guns, conveniently ignoring the fact that overall violence and violent crime has gone up a lot. But then, it is far worse to die as one of several victims of a killer than just be the only person killed illicitly by someone.   (Of course, everyone knows that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much to die (and that dying is far less stressful) when it is due to blunt force trauma, instead of a bullet.)

Mama’s Note: Indeed, and one wonders what they consider a “mass killing.” In any case, one by one they are just as dead, regardless of the means or place. And there are always going to be more of them if the victims are helpless. Take a look at the article I just posted. I’m talking to so many women who have or want guns, yet they don’t understand (or have never thought of) much of anything beyond hitting the target. ARGGGH

Stupid people – Home front
New York: Stupid Criminal Alert

(The Blaze) A Brooklyn cellphone crook’s poor wardrobe choices led to his arrest when his saggy jeans tripped him up during his getaway attempt and allowed cops to chase him down, police said.  Joel Donaldson, 21, allegedly punched his victim in the face before snatching her phone at around 2:30 p.m…. A cop who was directing traffic nearby spotted the bungling bad guy’s sorry sartorial situation and hurried after him.  Donaldson made it only about a block before his pants were completely around his ankles, allowing the officer to tackle him …

Mama’s Note: Love it!

Nathan: Amazing, an NYC cop who actually caught a bad guy almost in the act!  I’m surprised that directing traffic wasn’t a higher priority.  But then, maybe he started being a cop before Nanny Bloomberg came to power.  I wonder, though, if the woman was given her cell phone back – or was it seized as evidence?

Congress in action
McCain: If the Administration Doesn’t Enforce Border Security Provisions, ‘We Can Go To Court’


Nathan: Issues of whether border security is proper or not (at least the way the Congress and the man at the other end of PA Avenue do it), we KNOW just how well it works to go to court – just like going to court kept a criminal out of the Senate and prevented him from trying to become President.

Islamic wars: Canaan, Syria, and Egypt
Zawahiri to Syrian Rebels: Damascus First, Then Cairo, Then Jerusalem


Nathan: Ah, yes, the old United Arab Republic ploy, but without the “secularist” Nasser playing the key role.  Funny, huh?  Just a few days ago, a rabidly anti-Israeli claimed that the evil nasty Jew-Israelis are close to executing their plan to create the great Israeli Empire stretching from the Eurphrates to the “River of Egypt” (which the guy claimed, despite strong historical evidences, to be the Nile.  Sounds like there are several groups making that claim.  Arabs have always fared better when united, as Mohammad (peanut butter und honig) knew and showed, but they ALWAYS have a massive falling out sooner, rather than later.  It is just that they cause so much trouble throughout the process.

Stupid minions of the “messiah” – Home front
Napolitano: U.S. Faces ‘A Major Cyber Event’ That Will Have ‘Serious Effect’ on Lives, Economy


Nathan: What?  DHS is going to join with the FBI and NSA to spy on more and more Americans?  I figured that they already were.  Or maybe she is going to do a “China” and cut the US off from the rest of the World via internet?  Or maybe we will ALL have to use government-verified/issued security, like passwords and biometric ID?  Or is she just being stupid and wanting to go out with a bang?

Mama’s Note: I suspect she’s about as competent to discuss this as is the average door knob…

Stupid minions of the “messiah” – Home front
Napolitano’s Farewell: Borders ‘Better Protected Than Any Time in Nation’s History’


Nathan: I am sure that the Texas Rangers and the troops that occupied the Coastal Artillery posts for decades will agree with this worthless minion.

Stupid minions of the “messiah” – Stupid government
Biden: The Nation’s ‘One Truly Sacred Obligation’ Is to Veterans


Nathan: I do think that dotty ol’ Uncle Joe is running scared – scared that they can’t keep on paying off veterans to ignore their sacred duty to liberty and the Constitution.  Of course, this can be thrown into his face (well, at least until next week) because the White House is NOT taking care of veterans any more than it is taking care of soldiers:  it is using them in the cause of tyranny and then throwing them away.

Mama’s Note: One of the things I have wondered for years is why anyone actually joins the “armed service” and becomes a veteran. If they are treated so badly, how is it possible to continue to field a voluntary army? They can’t all be that stupid or uninformed.

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