Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-34A: Syria and the Imperial “messiah”

The nation continues to debate whether or not to invade Syria (yes, even an aerial or naval bombardment is still an invasion) but it seems that the current resident of 1600 PA and his toadies and masters have already decided that Syria must and will be attacked.

Just who is the enemy?  We military types have been told for more than a decade that Al Qaeda is the enemy:  that it was Al Qaeda that worked with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Saddam regime in the former state of Iraq, to attack and kill Americans and allies, that it was Al Qaeda that coordinated the Bloody Tuesday attacks and then the shoe bombers and underwear bombers and subway bombers and more.  And yet – in Libya, it seemed that Al Qaeda was on both sides: that of the evil Gaddafi and the brave resistance against his regime.  And then in Egypt, it was first Al Qaeda and its cousin the Muslim Brotherhood that was the enemy and then the friend and then the enemy again.  Now, suddenly, in Syria, it seems that Al Qaeda, as the enemy of our enemy, is our friend.  Huh?  No wonder even young and poorly educated soldiers and officers are saying that enough is enough, and that they will refuse to fight on the side of Al Qaeda and its various arms and branches.

And just what is the “vital national interest” of America that Assad so threatens?  But that the rebels (Al Qaeda’s forces and allies) do NOT threaten?  If the rebels put Assad up against a wall (well, that is too innocent, today: today, the deposed leader is dragged in the streets and has a pole or a rifle inserted up his rectum and then (sometimes) mercifully fired, or just beaten to death like some street bum arrested by the NYPD)… if the rebels depose Assad, will Syria then no longer threaten Israel?  Will it stop meddling in its “lost province” of Lebanon?  Will it reject Baathism AND Islamicism?  Will it stop persecuting Christians and Druze and those of the wrong sect of Islam?  Don’t hold your breath.

There are NO “vital interests” that Assad and Syria can really threaten.  A fresh attack by Syria on Israel, even without really substantial US support for combat, would likely result in the liberation of Damascus from the Muslims which have illegally occupied the ancient city for nearly 1400 years.  Syria has little oil or gas or for that matter, any other really critical and hard-to-get natural resources.  If it were annexed into an Israeli Imperium, the rest of the Arab and Muslim world would provide mostly lip-service support, just as they provided that support to the “Palestinians” and to the Moros and others over the centuries. Syria has no navy to interdict the seas – not even on the scale of Persia and the oil lanes.  It has no air force to wrest control of the airways from the US and UK and Russia – or even Israel or Egypt!  It has no chokepoints in the sky or sea or land.  Assad may be an evil man, but the world is FILLED with evil national leaders, many who make Assad a benevolent ruler by comparison:  Mugabe in Rhodesia, any of a dozen apparicheks in the former Soviet Northwest Asia, Chavez’s successor in Venezuela, the other Castro in Cuba.  (Not to forget our own in DC and too many state capitals.)

DC has become a scorpion, lashing out unthinkingly in all directions, goaded or believed to be goaded by anything that moves.  Enough is enough:  the petty, pitiful, cruel, lying tyrant in DC (so much like his admired Honest Abe) must go.  And a first step in that direction is refusing to authorize and finance and otherwise support ANY attack on Syria, even that of a single WW2-vintage ground attack fighter or a single SF trooper “advising” a rebel band made up of fanatical Islamicist thugs screaming “God bless” (or so John McCain tells us) as they swarm over women, children, elders and the defenseless.

The imperial “messiah” – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt (Syrian front) (3 stories)
Kerry on Obama Attacking Syria: ‘He Has Right to Do That No Matter What Congress Does’


Nathan: This, of course, is a power that even the pre-Glorious Revolution kings of England and Scotland did not try to claim. But they were just hereditary monarchs: this man is an ELECTED monarch AND “messiah” and he is more powerful than any ten old Brit kings. You know, this and the other statements in the news recently have about led me to the conclusion that John-boy has decided to make a serious challenge to Uncle Joe to become the Chief Jester of the Imperial Court by the Potomac.  The next story is more of the same:

Obama to Congress: I Don’t Need Your Authorization for War, But Give It to Me Anyway

Nathan: Meanwhile the “messiah” is competing with Ringo as he beats the drums of war, and simultaneously pats himself on the back and licks the sandals of the Saudis.  Are you as impressed as I am at the talents offered by the various members of the Imperial Court by the Potomac?

Rangel: ‘I Love Obama’ But Red Line on Syria Is ‘Embarrassing’

Nathan: The mere words, in that strange voice of Charlie Rangel, make my skin crawl and my stomach flip and flop.  If the US DOES attack Syria, even on a shoestring budget, the body count will be 10:1 of the 1400 “civilians” supposedly killed by “pro-Assad forces” which now appear to be a mixture of civilians and Al Queda backed rebel troops (irregulars, to be sure, but shucks, even Arab nations’ REGULAR “elite” troops usually look like irregulars or just plain bandits), killed by their own stupidity in not handling basic chemical agents properly.

The “messiah’s minions”
Kerry: ‘Deeply Committed to Getting’ to ‘Negotiating Table’ With ‘Thug and Murderer’


Nathan: That way, there can be a thug and murderer (or at least a collaborator with murderers and procurer of murders) on BOTH sides of the table.  The only thing LOWER than a politician is a politician moonlighting as a diplomat, as Clinton and Kerry demonstrate tirelessly.

The “messiah” – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt (Syrian front)
4 Petitions on White House Website Oppose U.S. Action in Syria


Nathan: Which just proves the point made in this column (and elsewhere) during the heady days of the secession petitions that the ONLY thing that this WH website does is provide a way to blow off some steam: that it will be ignored and is just there for the entertainment and distraction value.  I am almost embarrassed to comment on this: it really is NOT news.

The “messiah” – New religions: environism
Obama Bypassing Congress on Environmental Regulations

(The Hill) The centerpiece of President Obama’s environment push is a set of regulations to limit greenhouse gas pollution from new and existing power plants; even if the regulations are set as expected, states will not need to submit their implementation plans until 2016 — after Obama is out of the White House…

Nathan: No fooling?  Really?  What next, bypassing Congress to go to war?  Can’t imagine he’d do either of those things, but… the world is a mess, and much of it (including the Syrian Civil War) is HIS fault.  AND Bush’s.

Theft by government  Government-run, tax-funded schools
Tuition Will Keep Increasing as Long as Washington Bases Loans on College Costs

(Washington Examiner) Total student debt nearly doubled from 2007 to 2012 and now exceeds $1 trillion…

Nathan: This system works so well for college professors and staff and such that we ought to convert the K-12 (or PK-12 or even PPK-12) school to this same model.  Parents pay tuition for their children through a combination of direct government (state and federal and maybe even local) grants and loans: the schools charge whatever they want to, and so don’t have to worry about justifying tuition and cost increases.  Everybody wins!  Whee!  It is the worst combination of all worlds:  a faux “free market” and no direct government control but LOTS of strings.

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