Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-37B: Europe, Africa, and America collapsing

Europe’s Collapse
Germany: Merkel Wins

(Bild, via Presseurop)
Current Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian-democratic CDU/CSU party swept to victory in theSeptember 22 general election, winning 41.5 per cent of the vote. The social-democratic opposition [SDP] obtained 25.7 per cent, the Greens 8.4 per cent, while the FDP liberals, the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Pirate Party all failed to score above the 5 per cent threshold needed to enter parliament. For Bildzeitung, the result is not only a victory, but “a gigantic triumph for the Chancellor”. At close to 42 per cent, the CDU/CSU has achieved its best score since 1990.

Nathan: The “EuroChancellor” indeed: Europe is at Germany’s feet, and the Iron Chancellor II is in charge. An absolute majority is almost impossible, but the CDU/CSU will dominate German politics, for good AND bad, even more than in the past.

Mama’s Note: I have never even come close to understanding parliamentary government, not that I ever really wanted to, of course… so none of this makes the least bit of sense to me. How anyone can think any form of non-voluntary government is anything but malignant evil is beyond me.

Congress in Action – Stupid is as stupid does
Pelosi: ‘There’s no more cuts to make’

(Washington Post) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that President Obama shouldn’t negotiate over the debt ceiling because there are “no more cuts to make.”  “Because the cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make,” Pelosi said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It’s really important that people understand that. We all want to reduce the deficit.:

Nathan: The woman is even more of an idiot and a liar than usual.  This sort of nonsense is even bad for her own objectives and allies.  The cartoon says it all!  Is not there some garbage you hear now and then about electing the idiots to Congress so that they can make the tough choices for us?  Yeah, right!

Africa’s Fall – Islamic wars: African front
Kenya: Group behind mall attack claims militants still holding out

(Fox News) “The Islamist militant group behind a deadly terror attack on a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi says its fighters were still holding out, despite claims by authorities that Kenyan security forces had regained control of the building. The Al Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group, which has claimed responsibility for the attacks, posted on its Twitter account Tuesday that ‘There are countless number of dead bodies still scattered inside the mall, and the Mujahideen are still holding their ground.’ … Despite Kenya’s government declaring that its ongoing military assault against the Islamists has been a success, another explosion and more gunfire could be heard coming from the mall at around 6:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, Associated Press reporters at the scene said.” (09/24/13)

Nathan: Supposedly, a SAS man illegally carrying his firearm kept the situation from being worse, but the critical thing to remember is that this sort of thing is coming to America:  it will NOT be the drug/psychosis-laden lone-wolf killers, but hit teams trained to at least SOME degree.  The Kenyan reports are vague to say the least, and the indicators are that the Islamists are still holding out.

Mama’s Note: One thing very few ever mention, however, and it is so evident with this Kenyan hostage thing… IF the US were going to intervene anywhere, for something approaching good reason… it would make perfect sense to spend a tiny fraction of the money that has been wasted so far to place a simple gun and some ammunition into the hands of all these potential helpless victims. Send “advisors” to teach them how to use those guns, and how to manufacture more… Real, honest to god “care packages.” REAL “humanitarian” aid.

Then let the best men/women prevail – with a fighting chance to survive. The Kenyan Massacre and all the others have taken place because there was nobody (or far too few) present, able and willing to defend themselves. Same with the Navy shipyard and the rest of such massacres IN the US, of course.

Home front: Stupid people tricks
Pennsylvania: Ambulance Carjacked On Schuylkill Expressway With Patient Inside
(CBS Philadelphia) Pennsylvania State Police say 25-year-old Brian Timothy Kada Jr., of Philadelphia, walked onto the westbound side of the expressway near Girard Avenue while the ambulance was transporting a patient. Police say Kada pointed a gun at the two operators stuck in rush hour traffic and jumped into the passenger side.

Mama’s Note: Brilliant… carjacking in rush hour traffic… an ambulance, even.

Nathan: Now we see this as more and more common:  And note that virtually NO EMS personnel are armed, to protect themselves or others.  This could have turned into a deadly crash and killing spree, because the driver and attendants were not prepared.

Stupid people tricks
Cheney shoots wild again!
(The Hill)  Cheney’s gun malfunctions in charity antelope hunting contest, none hurt

Mama’s Note: Living proof that some people should never handle guns… even if they are from Wyoming. This guy is a menace. Wonder what the REAL story might be here. sigh.

Nathan: He proved himself incompetent by his “service” and his political standing.  How about an ex-congressman disarmament bill?’

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