Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-37C: Free Will and the Price We Pay

Weeks come and weeks go, and now, welcome to Fall 2013, A.L. (Anno Libertalius 237), and the fifth year of the glorious reign of our evil, scum-sucking “messiah.”  To our everlasting shame.  In Europe, nearly seventy years of history is fading as Germany assumes its “rightful place” as master of the Continent: not much of a challenge since the Brits have abdicated to become Festus to America’s Matt Dillon, and since the French continue to prove that total decadence and corruption do NOT totally destroy a nation and cause it to be barbequed for a quick snack by its neighbors.  At least when you have really stupid and naive people from the other side of the planet to come to your rescue time and again.  Russia continues to demonstrate that a thousand years is not enough time to recover from having invaders eat half your population and rape the other half, so that a strong man at the helm, however he gets there, is essential.  And the Middle East continues to enjoy both the rotted, poisonous fruits of an evil genius 1400 years ago, but also the results of an otherwise pretty wise and smart man who was unable to keep his robe pulled down (equivalent of keeping his pants zipped up today) and certain body parts out of his wife’s servant.  God gave us free will, but He didn’t say we wouldn’t pay a BIG price for it.  This week’s news continues to show that: one BIG price we pay is having to put up with the stupidity of politicians!

This week, and last week, we see more and more instances of true liberty taken away from everyday Americans and Germans and Brits in the cause of “rights” which are anything but:  a right to not be offended (by a decades-old banner in a high school, by someone preaching on the radio that homosexuality is wrong, etc.), a right to serve on juries (which means that people will not be tried by their peers), a right to health care (laws which prohibit you from having the doctor of your choice, which limit what patients a doctor can see, and which limit what a doctor can be paid (doctor = all medical providers)), a right to a “living wage” (requiring employers to pay a minimum whether or not the person can be productive enough to pay that much, and therefore eliminating jobs for marginally productive people), and so on.  The stories below touch on some of these briefly.

Stupid government – Home front – Border jumpers
California leads in expanding non-citizen rights

(New York Times, reported by Godfather Politics) “‘Being a juror really has nothing to do with being a citizen,’ Mr. Wieckowski [sponsor of a bill passed by the Assembly making non-citizens jury members] said. ‘You don’t release your prejudices or histories just because you take an oath of citizenship, and you don’t lose the ability to listen to testimony impartially just because you haven’t taken that oath either.’ He said that roughly 15 percent of people who received a jury duty summons never showed up and that the legislation would make it easier to impanel juries. Mr. Wieckowski said that he expected the governor to sign the bill and that the changes would quickly become accepted. ‘It’s the same thing that happened with gay marriage: people got past their initial prejudices and realized it was just discrimination,’ he said.”

Nathan: I am curious to see how more doctrinaire “Libertarians” respond to this, given significant differences in idea towards citizens and non-citizens within the movement.  I personally see many serious problems with this entire idea that just because someone lives somewhere, they are qualified to be part of a panel of twelve (or even just six) who are empowered to determine guilt or innocence and able to enslave those found guilty by fines, other penalties, and imprisonment, or to decide whether contracts and other agreements are being honored.  This is NOT about government power but about the power of the people to get justice.  I do not believe that Wieckowski is right: it is MORE than just listening to testimony: it is the ability to understand liberty and rights and law and to reason.  Of course, this is FULLY in keeping with allowing judges to become absolute tyrants and puppeteers of the jury.  No doubt, the judges are INFORMED of this measure and will use it to further destroy the JURY system, until we are left, like France and too many other nations, with just more minions of the state treating everyone else like peons or worse. Oh, and a question: will all trials now have to be translated into Spanish and perhaps other languages, since jurors may not now know English?
(Read more here.)

Mama’s Note: As long as the tyrants are in control of the “courts” and the rest of it, this really doesn’t matter much either way. It’s all corrupt, a malignant cancer. There is zero justice available in the jury system as it is now, and the addition of non-citizens won’t make a whole lot of difference. The whole “citizen” thing is an invention and tool of the politicians to start with. Of course they will manipulate it to suit themselves.

I think that a rational jury system for serious matters, along with arbitration for everything else, would be ideal. But it simply isn’t ever going to happen until the politicians, bureaucrats and nazguls are eliminated from the equation.

Stupid government spending – Theft by government
State Dep’t Spending $10M to Prevent ‘Gender-Based Violence’ in War Zones


Nathan: So, someone is getting $10M to talk and write a lot – wonder if they’ve ever been in or will go to a war zone?  Once upon a time, for a very short time in a very few places, war was conducted according to “christian principles” (oxymoron, that) in which all intentional violence was inflected on males BY males and much effort was expended to keep not just women, but ALL civilians out of harm’s way.  There was even a time when the Roman Catholic Church tried to enforce “God’s Truce” – no fighting at all on the Lord’s Day (Sunday), with the idea of expanding that to other days of the week (it didn’t work out, of course).  The entire effort is just another form of welfare and needless spending (don’t tell Old Lady Pelosi that).

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