Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-42C: Theft by government and other evils

Theft by government
A Black Box in Your Car?

(Los Angeles Times) As America’s road planners struggle to find the cash to mend a crumbling highway system, many are beginning to see a solution in a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car, says Evan Halper, writing for the L.A. Times…

Nathan: What are really talking about is ANOTHER way to steal money from you.  We pay for roads through our fuel taxes at the federal and state level (and sometimes local), and in some states, like California, they add insult to injury by charging sales taxes as well.  But THOSE revenue streams are routinely tapped (i.e., stolen from) by governments to spend on other things “art on the highway” and “beautification” and “mass transit” (never mind that for 90% of Americans, “mass transit” is getting in a car or truck and going someplace).  Now, thanks to GPS and other tech, they can measure and TRACK every mile you drive, from inside your garage (or three miles down a private road) to EVERYWHERE – and charge you a “nominal” fee to pay for roads:  it might be as “little” as a mil per mile (cute ring).  It is STILL theft, and it adds up quickly.  Today, lets say that fuel taxes (fed/state) are 50 cents a gallon and you get 25 miles to the gallon in your beater:  that is 2 cents per mile.  Add a mil to that, and it doesn’t sound like much, unless you drive the average of 12,000 miles per year they say we do.  Then that is 24 MORE bucks per year, in addition to the 240 you already pay: a 10% increase.  This year.  Next year, they add another mil or two.  Just like they did to the fuel tax, and like they do about every other year.

It isn’t enough for government to steal money from the American people – they must also steal health and hope for the future, as this next story tells us.

Home front: economic collapse – Tranzi evil follies
We Are Heading For The Greatest Doctor Shortage In American History

(Commentary by Michael Snyder, The American Dream) The United States already has an emerging shortage of doctors, and thanks to Obamacare that shortage is about to become much, much worse. Right now, the U.S. has close to a million doctors, and about half of them are over the age of 50.  Many of them are beginning to wonder if practicing medicine is worth it anymore.

Mama’s Note: They have good reason to quit, and d**n little reason not to…

Nathan: One more very large stake in the coffin of the American society and economy.  We have gone from a free market a century ago (which was at the time the healthiest “civilized” nation in the world) to a command economy in medical care which is incapable of doing what it exists to do, because of a government which is so evil that it cannot see the damage it does.  Indeed, it now sees what is really evil as a positive good:  people are treated like incompetent juveniles who are not allowed to make their own decisions, EVEN while the powers that be tout how much they support the “right to choose.”

Some people think that the American desire for “choice” will be the doom of ObummerCare:

Why Obamacare Will Not Conquer American Culture
(Freeman’s Perspective) Obamacare is one of these society-wide European-style solutions, shoved down the throats of American culture. Confused by politics (which is, more or less, the purpose of politics), most Americans haven’t known what to think about it, so they are waiting to see what happens. At the moment, what they see is very bad and while they may hope it works itself out, we know it won’t for one simple reason: Americans expect to choose, and to change their choice whenever they want.

Mama’s Note: Excellent analysis! I hadn’t thought of it quite this way, but it is true. What is the single thing most people, even Obama supporters, are upset about? Choice. The lie that people could continue to choose their insurance carrier, their doctor, their plans… Most people don’t even think about the incredible layers of theft and nonsense… but are zeroing in on the destruction of their ability to choose.

Nathan: Both the original article and Mama make some very good points – and I agree, but there is one factor to consider.  The demonstrated ability of politicians in general and this regime (both branches – executive and legislative) to lie and lie and lie.  They are busy selling “choice” in everything and giving the appearance of “choice” on the failed website, in speeches, in press releases (published without analysis as “news stories”) and in press conferences and other media.  They still have many opportunities to push this false concept that we will have choice, even while more and more quickly we slide into a single-payer system.  Just as the “messiah” lied in 2008 and 2010 and 2012, he and his minions (and his controllers) will CONTINUE to lie about ObummerCare and virtually everything else in 2013 and 2014.  And sadly, most people can see the difference between the truth and lies.  Even now, his lies about “you won’t have to change your health plan or your doctor” are STILL being reported as “true” and as just a “misunderstanding” or a “misstatement” or a “confusion.”  We are bombarded daily, nay, hourly, with so many lies on this and other topics that we are unable to contest even a small part of them.  If the system does not break down soon, we will find ourselves in much the same situation as the German people found themselves in 1938:  a world so totally different from five years earlier as to wonder if some sort of magic has been worked.

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