Home Front: Evil Cops in America

A series of articles in the media this week points out what should be an obvious fact:  one of the greatest DIRECT threats to American lives and liberties is an “Institution” that we have created and harbor in our very bosoms. And we continue to support and encourage and make excuses for the actions of many of its members.

Not EVERY cop is evil – there are many good peace officers, and many good men and women who try to be a bulwark against evildoers – criminals – who threaten people and families and communities.  But their efforts are generally undermined by members of their own corps.  At the same time, the entire “Institution” has been corrupted ever more rapidly by the federal meddling which has made it a military occupation force, and lost most of the “peace officer” model which was the heart and soul of the traditional Anglo system of Sheriffs.  Like so many other facets of society (churches and schools come to mind), this rot has gotten to the intolerable point.  Here are some examples of the rot, and the pure evil which we have in our nation.

Home front – Evil cops
US: Police kill 5,000 “innocent civilians” since 9-11

(Mint Press News)

Nathan: I do not know anything about Mint Press News, so take this with an appropriate grain of salt.  Twelve years, 4380 days, so that is more than one a day.  But that does seem to be about the average for the past few years, at least.  This does NOT of course, count incidental woundings, accidental woundings, and the broomstick (or colonoscopy) up the anus now and then, of course: Southern New Mexico has something in common with New York City apparently, a story that is being supported by a wide variety of new sources, together with the other NM man raped for having a bad turn-signal).  We all read of the Russian Foreign Ministry warning to travelers to the US that American cops are rogue and dangerous.  Many of us know of cops, in the past decade or so, who HAVE gone off the deep end, and if not actually killed some innocent, have threatened to do so, and have beaten family members, raped women at traffic stops, and tried to make felons out of people who take their picture or video or audio record their actions.

As the story points out (assuming the numbers are true), Americans are EIGHT times more likely to be killed by a cop – an AMERICAN cop – than by someone labeled by the authorities as a “terrorist.”  Which brings to question exactly WHO is defined as a terrorist.  Cops are SUPPOSED to provide for the public safety and peace but instead are militarized and provide for law enforcement (of the most stupid of laws, many times) and for making arrests and issuing citations – money-making and job-supporting tasks that often have little if anything to do with either public safety or peace.  Indeed, cops seem intent on LESSENING public safety based on how, when, and where they make traffic stops, raid the homes of innocents, and generally terrorize the community they supposedly protect.  Their definition of “serve” seems more akin to that of the aliens harvesting humans for TV dinners on Alpha Centauri IV than the idea of providing services to a community.  For every truly honest and conscientious and law-abiding police officer – peace officer – out there, there seem to be three or four bad apples.  At least overall.  And yes, if one bad apple ruins the whole barrel, what do three or four or ten do?

Home front – Evil cops
Iowa: Another family dispute results in teen death at hands of cops

(AOL/Huffington Post) On Monday, police in Iowa shot dead an unarmed teenager after a family dispute, and his relatives are now demanding answers. According to The Associated Press, Tyler Comstock, 19, of Boone, was fatally shot the morning of Nov. 4 after a car chase with police ended on Iowa State University’s central campus in Ames.

Nathan: The headline is mine.  Again, and for several times in a single week, someone has called the cops as much out of concern for the safety of a family member in an angry dispute and the cops have killed an unarmed young man in cold blood, with the excuse that he refused to turn off the engine.  Parents, do NOT call the cops on your children unless you want them DEAD.  I’m not saying that there are not times and families in which a child has to be killed to prevent them from killing someone else as an act of aggression, but have the common decency to do the killing yourself, and remember that if it is NOT a killing matter, the cops are more and more prone to MAKE it one.  There is NOTHING that cannot be used today as an excuse for a cop to kill someone – NOTHING.  Or if not kill, then rape, beat, torture, or maim.

Home front – Evil cops
NJ to hold fugitive safe surrender

(My 9 NJ) JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) – New Jersey law enforcement authorities are launching a “safe surrender” initiative that allows nonviolent offenders with arrest warrants to have their cases resolved quickly, often without jail time.

Mama’s Note: Hmmm, you think maybe they’re getting desperate or something? Just not raking in enough “fines” and so forth these days. Somehow, I doubt this will go over too well.

Nathan: Can the cops really be trusted – especially in New Jersey – to not go ahead and use violence and even kill – or at least maim, torture, or rape – those who surrender in this program? (After all, if they kill them, they will “keep” their promise of “quick” and without jail time.)  I don’t think that they can, and I expect this program to fail, but to spread just like gun-buyback programs.

Directly related to the evil, killing, militarized cops is the equally evil puppetmasters called prosecutors: usually “state’s attorneys” or “district attorneys.”  This news popped up this week.

Nazgul – Government evil
Ex-Texas prosecutor first in history to be jailed for withholding evidence

(NBC News) “This is the first time in the country’s history that a prosecutor has been found guilty of criminal contempt, will go to jail and be stripped of their law license,” Goldstein told NBC station KXAN of Austin.

Mama’s Note: Too little, too late, but an interesting development.

Nathan: I hope and pray that this is the start of a trend.  But some special punishment is needed for this kind of crime. The prosecutor should be subject to a penalty at least one step up from that the accused faced if “prosecutor misconduct” took place.  I suspect, though, that as the backlash against the court system accelerates, that these will ALL be considered capital crimes.  With an “abbreviated” appeal process and time, generally limited to the amount of time it takes for the lynch mob to gather, organize, and march to the jail or courthouse.

An example of the prosecutorial evil that exists – in conjunction with police – can be found in THIS hideous story:

Ten-year-old girl charged with raping 4-year-old boy
(heraldsun.com.au) “I’ve never dealt with a child this young being accused of a crime,” said Quanell X, who is working with Ashley’s family. “In fact this was nothing more than inappropriate horseplay that has now lead to a child that is ten years old being charged with aggravated rape.”

Nathan: This is so evil.

You know – strange thought here – maybe we need an “ObummerLaw” Act in which legal insurance is a “guaranteed right” and which will have the same effect on lawyers as ObummerCare is having on doctors.  There are only about one million doctors in the US, and many are leaving their profession because of ObummerCare; there are apparently more than 1.2 million attorneys in the US, and they are increasing by about 75,000 PER YEAR.  Of course, THEN we can see about getting a big reduction in the number of members of the gangs often led (or at least facilitated by these attorneys) – the blue gangs: the evil cops.

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