Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-42E: Liberty attacked and defended

Stupid government – Theft by government
Feds Spend $1.7 Million To Attract ‘Potential’ Foreign Investment to Ohio


Nathan: Whoops!  Where is THIS authorized by the Federal constitution?  Where is this JUSTIFIED by any sane person or reason?  Honestly, folks, if the FedGov was trying to sell you on investing on ANYthing ANYwhere, what would your response be?  Mine would be to run as far and fast as I could.  That sort of insanity and stupidity is probably contagious.  Government isn’t able to do economic development or do much to encourage anything beyond the most basic response to fear and a tiny little bit of voluntary activity.

Stupid government – Theft by government
Delaware Spends $4M to Enroll 4 People in Obamacare


Nathan: Well, this is an even more impressive waste of money than the Ohio con job.  Imagine how much medical care can be provided for $4 million dollars!  Maybe as many as SIX people could have gotten medical care.  Even in Delaware!  (Sure, a measly $4 million isn’t much, even when added to the $1.7 M above – but I understand it all adds up.)

Islamic wars: Arabian front
Saudi nuclear weapons “on order” from Pakistan

(BBC News) “Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects, and believes it could obtain atomic bombs at will, a variety of sources have told BBC Newsnight. While the kingdom’s quest has often been set in the context of countering Iran’s atomic programme, it is now possible that the Saudis might be able to deploy such devices more quickly than the Islamic republic.” (11/07/13)

Nathan: Well, is it not time to take out this rogue, thuggish, tribal regime?  BEFORE they have nuclear weapons that can destroy Israel and the rest of their enemies in the Middle East?  Before their citizens (and leaders) who are members or allies of Al Qaeda can steal these and use them in the next 9-11 attack against London or New York or Madrid or Buenos Aires?  No, American politicians will continue to bow down to the Saudis…

Space – Future of Freedom
Study: There Are 8.8 Billion Earth-Size, Just-Right Planets

(The Blaze) Astronomers using NASA data have calculated for the first time that in our galaxy alone, there are at least 8.8 billion stars with Earth-size planets in the habitable temperature zone.

Mama’s Note: That’s fantastic. Should be plenty of room for some free societies. Next question: How do we get there?

Nathan: We will find a way, Lord willing.  And freedom is the big motivator, I think, to do so.  If we can leave the Saudis AND the Uncle Sugar types behind, even better!

No self-defense – Home front
George Washington University professor assaulted near Dupont Circle

(My Fox DC)

Mama’s Note: Unarmed (of course), alone, oblivious to surroundings, probably drunk… and in such a nice “safe” neighborhood too. Shocking… I do hope he recovers, and I hope he learns something.

Nathan: You are talking about a college professor – worse, a GWU professor.  Learn something?  He doesn’t have to learn anything since he was awarded his piled higher and deeper.

Mama’s Note: +This is true… what WAS I thinking? 🙂

Liberty and self defense – Mexican civil war
Local fight with Mexican cartel a small victory

(KSWO Via Freedom’s Phoenix) Eight months after locals formed self-defense groups, they say they are free of the cartel in six municipalities of the Tierra Caliente, or “Hot Land,” which earned its moniker for the scorching weather but whose name has also come to signify criminal activity. What’s more, the self-defense group leaders, who are clearly breaking Mexican law by picking up military-style arms to fight criminals, say the federal government is no longer arresting them, but recruiting them to help federal forces identify cartel members….

Nathan: Is it not a shame when it is rural Mexicans that are more willing and able to defend their communities against the triple threat of local non-government gangsters, local police gangsters, and national police gangsters, while millions of Americans are willing to see their friends and families and neighbors gunned down, tased, beaten, wrongly arrested, and property destroyed daily by gangbangers, evil cops, and federal agencies?

What has been happening in Tierra Caliente is much worse than what is happening in all but a few places in America (like Chicago and Detroit and Boston) but it is STILL different only in degree and not in kind.  Perhaps the only reason that we do not have more places as bad as so many places in Mexico is because we still have a tradition of armed citizens and families and neighbors willing to protect themselves and their neighbors.  But we see the federal and local assault on this tradition heating up daily.  May these brave 2,000 or so out of a population of 300,000 be seen as shining examples for hundreds of thousands of Americans who care and desire for peace, prosperity, and liberty!

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