Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-43A: Self Defense

Self defense – Stupid government
Maryland:  USAF sergeant charged with murder for shooting home invaders

(Political Outcast) [A USAF technical sergeant has been arrested after shooting and killing a man who broke into his house after being denied access to talk to the sergeant’s wife.

Nathan: Maryland is one of the worst states to have to live in: this man is probably stationed at Andrews AFB, one of the WORST bases at which to be assigned. First, it is in Maryland; second, it hosts not just the Air Force high command BUT has to support the White House; and third, it is in a neighborhood right next to DC that is as bad (or nearly) as East St. Louis (home of Scott AFB) in Illinois. Although the exact sequence of events cannot be proven, the fact that the door was broken in from the outside and the time it took place are fairly good evidence to demand nothing more than a coroner’s jury.  Certainly $1.5 million bail would be “excessive” for a USAF NCO.

Mama’s Note: I’d say that mounting the head of the attacker on a pole at the entrance to the neighborhood would be a good start… The sign below the head should read: He broke the door down…”

Self defense – Stupid people
Pennsylvania: Family of dead criminals want “justice” for their killer

(Eagle Rising)  [Family members of two men killed by a private citizen as he was accosted by them leaving a convenience store they had just robbed are demanding he be charged with murder, saying that he didn’t have to kill them.  Surveillance cameras show him asking them to stop and wait for police to arrive, after which they drew weapons on him, and he shot and killed them, a legal act of self-defense even in Pennsylvania.]

Nathan: Even in the insane Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with the video and sound recording and the Castle Doctrine, this is pretty straight forward.  What?  According to the family, the older of the two dead criminals was NOT a “thug” because he loved his child?

I understand that this was a situation in which a man intervened to help out someone else (the guy in the store) and which he probably COULD have avoided by “crossing to the other side of the path” (As did the priest and the Levite on that road to Jericho).  And that therefore, the man put himself in a position where he HAD to defend himself.  The “prudent” thing would have been to let the robbers get away and report their car and direction of travel to the cops.  But it would not have been (in my opinion) the RIGHT thing to do:  he did the right thing: try and stop the criminals in the act – even if it was just the final phase of escape.  THEY had the option to surrender or even run without attacking him, but THEY chose the way of violence and it led directly to their deaths.

Mama’s Note: You bet… and the only reason I’d caution against doing it is the insane climate of “laws” and public opinion that will place this man in jeopardy of his own life and the peace and security of his family for a long time. He did the right thing, but he and his family will pay for that dearly now.

Self-defense – Stupid company
Georgia store clerk fired for preventing murder

(Last Resistance) Johnny Jarriel, Jr. had worked at a Circle K in Douglasville, Georgia for the past three years. He had a Georgia concealed carry permit, and he said that his manager knew that he carried a gun. There had been incidents in that area, particularly a few years ago when Maryann Humphrey, a clerk at that very store, was murdered by an armed robber. So, his manager didn’t seem to object to his carrying a concealed handgun, even though it was technically against the rules. …  Not long after this incident, Johnny received an official notice of termination of employment, and the notice cited “Possession/Use of a weapon on company property” as the justification.

Nathan: Yes, Johnny was wrong because he was violating his employer’s policies on his employer’s own property – or so many people argue.  I have wavered back and forth on this sort of thing a lot.  Many people argue that the company’s “property rights” in this case trump Johnny’s (or Maryann’s or their customers’) right to life – right of self defense.  I personally, all things given, would not hire on with someone who believed their rights as an owner superseded my own God-given rights.  And Johnny should have found someplace else to work.  But living and working together demands that some of us may at times voluntarily give up our rights – VOLUNTARILY and not under duress.  And making it a condition of employment is very close to that line between voluntary and involuntary.  One size (decision) does not fit all conditions.  In a case like this, there IS no “right” answer.  I personally believe that my property rights are LESS important than the life of an innocent person (but that God gives my property rights priority over the life of an aggressor).  I think this company is WRONG in putting their right to disarm people on their property ahead of those people’s lives.  At the same time, I would, like Johnny, not obey – except to the extent that as a customer, I will NOT patronize a business that denies basic human rights to its employees and customers, anymore than I will knowingly buy from a company that uses slave labor or kills babies.  A cop-out?  Tell me.  (PS: I am glad that Johnny is being put in a situation where he gets to get out from under the company’s thumb, but that is a different issue.)

Self defense not – Good people dealing with Stupid People
Louisiana: Violent Kidnapper Probably Thought This Kind of Thing Only Happens in the Movies
(The Blaze) Police told KLFY-TV that family members searched an abandoned property in Duson, La., and saw Arceneaux inside. When they confronted her kidnapper, 29-year-old Scott Thomas, he reportedly started attacking the woman, who appears to be his child’s mother. Though details are still a little murky, police said a family member defended Arceneaux and shot Thomas. The suspect was later pronounced dead, though it is unclear if the family member delivered the fatal shot.

Mama’s Note: About d***ed time people started taking care of their own. Kudos to this courageous family. And, hopefully, the experience will help the young lady to make better choices in the future.

Nathan: Hopefully, but don’t hold your breath.  Of course, this was NOT self-defense: they went out and started looking, and were clearly prepared to deal with what they might find.  The major difference between this and the convenience store business in Pennsylvania is that the victim was still actually being a victim at the time: the kidnapping was “on-going” – and of course she was related to those that were searching and shot Thomas.

At least THIS family had the guts to help even when she had made such a stupid choice to begin with.  Part of the rapid decline of our civilization/society is the inability of young women to keep their knickers on and to make wise choices regarding their sexual partners.  Indeed, the frequent decisions of young women to “fall in love” with thugs and monsters has created much of the problems of modern society:  and it seems to be even worse in the black communities and AmerInd communities than in Anglo and European communities.  And of course, if the young women had been ARMED herself…

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