Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-43B: Stupid people?

Inventions and technology – Stupid people?
This Company Has Developed an Electronic ‘Backpack’ That Installs on a Cockroach Allowing Its Movements to be Controlled With an iPhone
(The Blaze)

Mama’s Note: Falls into the category of: just because we can? Can’t imagine why anyone would want to do this, but oh well. As long as they use their own money. What I’d like to see is someone studying these insects to see if any of their survival mechanisms could be helpful to bees. Why are bees so vulnerable to everything, it seems, but cockroaches can survive almost anything but being stepped on?

Nathan: Actually, I’ve seen a few cockroaches that survived even getting stepped on.  Yes, it is because it is a challenge: like whomever first came up with the idea for a saddle – or even the idea of getting up on top of that horse or ass or camel.  We are human: we can’t leave well enough alone – God made us that way!  I suspect that (as Mama Liberty pointed out later) it is the domestication of bees and all related to that which created the weaknesses; for example, remember the horror of the “Africanized bees” that was predicted a few years ago?  I would not be surprised to find out that I found with a tiny bit of research on-line that many people believe and have found evidence that the swift spread of the Africanized bees (which have killed less than a score of Americans in the 23 years since they first invaded Texas, not the tens of thousands the environists and doomsayers predicted): High Country News: Killer Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder) may help prevent or mitigate colony collapse disorder and “save” agriculture” and honey production.  Whether this is due to hybrid vigor or simply replacing European-origin populations with African-origin colonies, is a moot point.  Of course, I am also sure that people are working on putting little backpacks on both kinds of bees, both to control the bees (as with the roaches) and also so that NSA can mount its cameras and mikes and rf readers on them, as well.  … Come to think of it, I’ve noticed that the wasps around here are a lot bigger this fall, and seem to be… goodness! humpbacked?

Home front – Stupid people
Officials: Nearly 3K NJ fugitives have surrendered

(My Fox, NYC) Hoffman says 13,000 people have surrendered at four previous programs held in New Jersey.

Mama’s Note: You know, I honestly didn’t think this was going to go over. I keep hoping the people of the east coast are not as stupid as we think… and then they do something like this to prove it’s true.

Nathan: This is really bizarre.  It means that AT LEAST one in every 700 people in NJ is a fugitive from justice IN NJ?  (8.8 million people)  Plus 23,000 IN PRISON!! (Which is one in every 400 people.)  They may be stupid, but they are apparently a state of felons, to boot.  Not saying that they deserve to be felons, but they are.

Government-run, tax-funded schools – Stupid educators
Universal Pre-K: No Substitute for a Healthy, Stable Childhood

(Time Magazine)  It is parents, not formal education, that make the difference for young children’s readiness for school and success once they get there…

Nathan: This is “TIME” saying this?  Some alternate universe version or edition, I guess.  It is TRUE, of course, but it applies as much to K-6 as to PK, and even with this attitude, Time won’t go that far.  But WE should, as parents.  Yes, I realize that many of today’s young parents are themselves unlettered, unlearned, and the products of a truly awful system of indoctrination and “education.”  But they STILL will do a better job than the B.A. and M.A. and Ph.D. types that infest the GRTF schools.

Mama’s Note: I’ve been involved with quite a few homeschool families out here, and the thing people tend to ignore is that the best way to LEARN is to teach. The “unlettered” parents who are truly interested in providing education for their children wind up learning right along with them. With the information so readily available now, there is simply no reason any parent can’t teach their children. And no reason they can’t do it well. They just have to want it to happen. And, of course, one can always interact with other parents or even hired tutors.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Stupid government
Obamacare website: Fewer than 50k have actually enrolled

(Time Magazine)  “Fewer than 50,000 people have successfully enrolled for private health insurance using the federal government’s health care website, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the data on Monday. Health officials had told Congress the initial enrollment tally for would be low, but the numbers fall far short of the 500,000 that the Administration had set as a target for the site’s first  month.” (11/12/13)

Nathan: I realized that this is TWICE in a row from Time – so you may not trust me anymore.  But this is a warning: first, the costs are JUST starting to climb, and if they are getting only 1/10 the results they wanted, expect them to spend 10 times as much.  AND expect them to find ways to make it not just “mandatory” (since it is, already) but INvoluntary:  that is why cops (including IRS cops) have guns: to FORCE compliance.  Don’t be surprised to find out that someone was KILLED (oh, accidentally, of course) because they refused to enroll.  And expect more “incentives” and more “disincentives” to be features, all paid for by the taxpayer – now or a few generations into the future.

Mama’s Note: Fear not, this will not drag on for even a few years. The seeds of its destruction were apparent from the beginning. And it will be impossible to enforce much of it without doctors and other health professionals. Atlas is shrugging.

Reformed goverment? – Stupid business no more?
US Snail to make Sunday deliveries for Amazon

(New York Times) “The cash-short United States Postal Service, which has failed to win congressional approval to stop delivering mail on Saturdays to save money, has struck a deal with the online retailer to deliver the company’s packages on Sundays — a first for both, with obvious advantages for each. … The deal, announced on Sunday and taking effect immediately, in time for the holiday shopping season, gives the Postal Service a chance to take some business from United Parcel Service and FedEx, which do not deliver on Sundays.” (11/11/13)

Nathan: More reports from Bizarro World, I guess.  This certainly isn’t OUR “USPS” trying to compete, is it?  Of course, I expect that they’ll charge Amazon a hefty premium for the service – so that Amazon’s customers will pay for it. But still, isn’t this neat?  One more brick of monopoly crumbling!

Mama’s Note: As long as it is a choice, paid for by those who choose it, no skin off my nose. I personally don’t see why everyone is in such a big rush. The USPS could deliver twice a week, and I wouldn’t care because that’s as often as I go to the post box anyway. Not much there but a steadily diminishing amount of junk mail. But each to his/her own.

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